Westgate Tower, 3 Gateway Drive
  • 9
Rent SGD 34,000

3 Gateway Drive, 608532 District 22

  • Built-up : 5300 sq. ft.
  • Land area : -

    Westgate Tower, 3 Gateway Drive

    (*Photos & Details* are for illustration purpose Only & subject to change)
    Please kindly take note some units maybe Sold or Leased out. 
    And *Subject to Availability*
    All listing: is subject to contract, availability and Landlord’s final approval.
    Westgate Tower, 1 Gateway Drive (S)608531
    871/1400/1800/2000/3000/4000/5300 to 20,000sf @$6.50psf nego
    Beside Shopping and MRT
    Vision Exchange, 2 Venture Drive Singapore (S)608526
    Office For Lease
    517sf @$4.44psf=$2.3k
    1098sf @$3.46psf=$3.8k
    1313sf @$4psf=$5.3k
    1389sf @$3.42psf=$4.7k
    1690sf @$4.14psf=$7k
    1539sf @$3.38psf=$5.2k
    1690sf @$4.14psf=$7k
    2378sf @$5.00psf=$12k
    2702sf @$5.50psf=$14k
    3143sf @$5.50psf=$17k
    4930sf @$6.20psf=$30k
    6146f @$6.20psf=$38k
    7868f @$6.20psf=$48k
    24789sf @$5.20psf=$128k
    Amara Hotel, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road (S)088539
    Level 9 – 753sf
    Leve; 13 – 4090
    Level 18 – 1600sf 
    Alexandra Point, 438 Alexandra Road (S)119958
    1625sf @7.00psf – Fitted 
    Alexandra Technopark Tower A, 438A Alexandra Road (S)119967
    2099/3444/4618/5533/8611/9526/13003/18288/23401/25403/41215/31861/69288sf @$4.30psf-$4.50psf
    Alexandra Technopark Tower B, 438B Alexandra Road. (S)119968
    13789/15651/25640/29224/30947sf @$4.30psf-$4.50psf
    Asia Square Tower 2, 12 Marina View (S)018961
    4224/5543/11168/12400/25150/11168sf – View to Offer
    AXA Life Building, 150 Cecil Street (S)069543
    Office For Lease. 
    393/680/1044/1443/6641/10320sf from $6.30psf to $6.50psf. 
    Near Telok Ayer / Shenton Way MRT 
    Bank of Singapore Centre, 63 Market Street (S)048942
    Office For Lease. 
    807/1500/2001/2250/sf at $9.50psf nego. 
    325 Boon Lay Place (S)649886
    UOB Branch - Boon Lay
    Level 3 – 4000sf 
    Six Battery Road, 6 Battery Road. (S)049909
    334/1733/1808/4833sf – View to offer
    Bugis Village, 156 Rochor Road (S)188431. 
    Office For Lease. Various Unit Available. 
    1044 / 1066 /1464/1485/ 1851 / 2056 / 2088sf at $4.50psf nego. Opp MRT
    CapitaGreen, 138 Market Street. (S)048946
    Office For Lease. Various units For Lease. 
    4400/5000/6000/8000/16000sf (Sub-divide). 
    Approx. $10psf to $11psf
    Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road (S)068912
    Office For Lease. 
    4000/5000/6000/8000/21656 / 21539 / 21819sf $9.00-$11psf nego. Beside MRT.
    Capital Square 3, 25 Church Street (S)049482
    Level 2 – 1798sf – Fitted 
    Cecil Court, 138 Cecil Street (S)069538
    Office For Lease
    792/810/1133/1200/1428/1575/1602/3300sf @$5.80psf nego 
    Central Mall, 1 Magazine Road (S)059567
    Office For Lease. Various Units Available.
    1249/2346/3155/3843/3940sf @$6.50psf nego.
    Central Mall, 5 Magazine Road (S)059571
    Office For Lease.
    2561sf @$5.89psf=$15k nego.
    Central Square, 20 Havelock Road. (S)059765
    1196sf @$6.80psf=$8.1k
    China Square Central, 18 Cross Street. (S)048423
    1461/1718/1743/3000/5393/5705/7533sf @8.50psf
    City House, 36 Robinson Road (S)068877
    Office For Lease. Various Units Available.
    1755/2282/3401/7307/7974/11462sf @$7.00-$7.50psf nego
    City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road (S)208539
    Office For lease.
    8891sf at $8.03psf=$71.3k nego.
    Clifford Centre, 24 Raffles Place (S)048621
    @$7.50psf – Fitted/Bare Units
    Collyer Quay, 20 Collyer Quay (S)049319
    Office For Lease
    700/916/1001/1217/1227/1808/1839/2670 from $8.80psf to $14.00psf
    51 Cuppage Road, 51 Cuppage Road (S)229469
    Retail For Lease
    829/958/1055sf @$10psf
    Office For Lease
    732/1033/1249/1370/1346/1410/1647/1819/1959/2540sf @$17.50psf
    Faber House, 230 Orchard Road (S)238854
    1800sf @$7.80psf
    Far East Finance Building, 14 Robinson Road (S)048545.
    Office For Lease. Various Unit Available. 
    688/ 1368 / 2056sf at $6.00psf. Near MRT. 
    Fuji Xerox Towers, 80 Anson Road (S) 079907
    Office For Lease. Various Units Available.
    347/947/1066/1394/1744/3800/9649sf at $6-$8psf nego.
    169 Geylang Road (S)389243
    4-Storey Conservation Shop House
    850sf @$3.00psf
    1280sf @$2.50psf
    Gateway East, 152 Beach Road (S)189721
    Gateway West, 150 Beach Road (S)189720
    Various Fitted units for Lease 
    629/741/944/989/1070/1250/1446/1697/2388/2475/2661/3331/3432/5201/11/418/11665/12110sf @$7.50psf
    Harbour Link Complex, 63 Alexandra Terrace (S)119937
    3000/10000sf @$3.50psf
    Warehouse – Level 1 – 9676/2700/59977sf @$1.50psf
    Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road (S)437844
    Office For Lease. Various Units Available.
    484/517/571/904/1044//1259/1432/4833/6394sf at $3.80psf nego.
    Keck Seng Tower, 133 Cecil Street (S)069535, 
    Office For Lease. Various Unit Available. 
    990sf at $7.00psf=$6.9k, 1787 / 2593sf at $7.50psf nego. Near MRT.
    King's Centre, 390 Havelock Road (S)169662
    Office For Lease
    1184/1335/1539/1561/2637sf @$6.20psf
    388/1249/1335/1421/2046sf at $7.49psf to 8.35psf nego.
    Manulife Centre, 51 Bras Basah Road (S)189554
    Office For Lease.
    1808sf at $9.42psf=$17k nego.
    904/1808/4145/5608sf @$7.80psf
    55 Market Street. (S)048941
    1496/1873/2120/2357/2734sf @$8.80psf
    Nankin Row, 3 Pickering Street (S)048660
    Office For Lease
    371/526/541/660/707/717/797/805/902/1001/1104/1031/1108/1284/1401/1552/4066sf @$6-$6.50psf
    Novena Medical Center, 10 Sinaran Drive (S)307506
    1012sf @$9.80psf=$9.9k
    Novena Square, 238A Thomson Road (S)307684
    3042/4350/5964/6092/11582sf @$8.00psf nego
    Beside Novena MRT
    Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Road (S)188720
    751sf @$8.00psf
    One George Street, 1 George Street (S)049145
    2702/3649/7018/7395/8385sf @$10.00psf nego
    One Raffles Place, 1 Raffles Place (S)048616
    Tower 1 & 2 - Office For Lease 
    2906/8873sf at $9.00psf.
    291/1500/2928/4392/4467/5102/7800sf at $9.00-$10.50psf.
    OCBC Centre, 65 Chulia Street (S)049513, 
    Office For Lease. Various Unit Available. 
    1619sf @$9.50psf=$15.3k Fully Fitted
    1690sf @$9.50psf=$18.6k Fully Fitted
    2626sf @$9.50psf=$24.9k Fully Fitted
    253/334/689/807/911/948/119/1410/1500/1636/1715/1841/2002/2250/9429sf @$9.00psf to @$9.50psf nego. Near MRT. 
    Orchard Gateway @ Emerald, 218 Orchard Road (S)238851
    Robinson Point, 39 Robinson Road (S)068911, 
    Office For Lease. Various Unit Available. 
    Restaurant For Lease 1848sf @$11psf=$20.3k nego (Fitted)
    6195sf @$8.90psf=$55k (Fitted)
    455 /1848/2133/6195sf at $8.50psf nego
    Orchard Parade Hotel, 1 Tanglin Road (S)247905
    409sf @$8psf=$3.2k
    431sf @$7.70psf=$3.3k
    463sf @$8.20psf=$3.7k
    1001sf @$8.20psf=$8.2k
    1119sf @$8.20psf=$9.1k
    2692sf @$7.70psf=$20k
    Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road (S)238871 
    Office For Lease. Various Units Available.
    936/969/1023/1259/1917/2142/2282/4510/5404sf @$8.30psf-$8.50psf nego.
    Raffles City Tower, 250 North Bridge Road (S)179101
    1023/1475/2056/10710sf, rental nego 
    Regency House, 121 Penang Road (S)238464
    1539sf @$7.60pss=$11.6k
    3509sf @$7.60pss=$26.6k
    Republic Plaza (Tower 1) & (Tower 2)
    Republic Plaza, 9 Raffles Place. (S)048619
    3724/4467/4424/5122/5688/6738/11657/11830/14284sf @$9psf-$11psf nego
    Riverside Point @30 Merchant Road (S)058282
    Retail / Office For Lease
    280/312/312/366/377/441/592/689/710/2067/8254/12475sf @$6.00psf to $9.50psf nego
    Robinson Road, 110 Robinson Road (S)068901. 
    1176sf at $6.50psf=$7761. 
    SBF Center, 160 Robinson Road (S)068914
    Office For Lease
    5221sf @7.80psf=$40.7k 
    Scotts Medical Centre, 9 Scotts Road (S)228210
    496sf @$14.50psf=$7.1k
    SGX Centre 1, 2 Shenton Way (S)068804
    Office For Lease. Various Units Available.
    323sf at $7.50psf $2422.
    5010sf at $9.00psf – Fitted Out 
    10215sf at $9.00psf
    9698sf at $9.00psf
    Shaw Towers @ 100 Beach Road (S)189702 
    Office for lease 
    792/1155/2301/4800sf at $5.90psf. negotiable.
    Also Shophse for Lease 
    172/1863/194/377sq ft at $5.00psf to $10.00psf negotiable.
    Shenton House, 3 Shenton Way (S)068805. 
    Fully Fitted Office For Lease 
    563 / 1000/ 1356 / 1797 / 2174 / 2356sf @$4.50psf to $5.30psf. 
    SLF Building (Singapore Labour Foundation), 510 Thomson Road (S)298135
    Office For Lease
    861/1027/2045/2540/3067/4133/5166sf @$4.00psf to $4.50psf. Rental nego
    Sime Darby Centre, 896 Dunearn Road (S)589472
    6079sf @4.80psf=$29k 
    Singapore Land Tower, 50 Raffles Place (S)048623
    Office For Lease. Various Unit Available. 
    752/1145/1213/1606/1770/3994/4004/4391sf at $9.50-$11.00psf. Near MRT. 
    Six Battery Road (Standard Chartered), 6 Battery Road (S)049909
    Office For Lease. 
    334/1729/2411sf at $14-$15psf. 
    Springleaf Tower, 3 Anson Road (S)079909
    1087/1486/1254/3439sf @$7.80psf nego
    Opp MRT
    Stamford Court, 61 Stamford Road (S)178892
    Level 4 – 1345/1820sf – Fitted
    Starhub Centre, 51 Cuppage Road (229469) 
    Office For Lease. Various Units Available.
    450/630/1270/1345/1851/1959/2562/2831/6501/16920/37911sq ft at $7.40psf to $8.50psf nego. 
    Nr MRT and amenities. 
    Sunshine Plaza, 91 Bencoolen Street. (S)189652
    Office For Lease. Various Units Available.
    850/1001/1141/1238sf @$6.00psf 
    Tampines Grande 9 Tampines Grande (S)528735
    Office For Lease
    4951sf/16548sf @$5.80psf – Fitted
    28772sf at $5.50psf=$158,246 neg – Fitted
    Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road (S)247909
    Office For Lease.
    861sf /877sf @$6.20psf nego.
    The Arcade, 11 Collyer Quay (S)049317, 
    603/635/1604/2121sf @$6.20-$6.80psf nego.
    Near MRT. 
    The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street (S)059817
    3520sf @$9.20psf=$32k 
    MBS View
    The Plaza, 7500A Beach Road (S)199591
    Shop cum office For Lease
    334/593/668/688/1001sf @$5.00psf to $6.00psf 
    The Octagon, 105 Cecil Street (S)069534
    1109/1292/1798/3090sf @$5.50psf to $7psf
    Tung Ann Association Building, 141 Cecil Street (S)069541
    710/750/883/2562/4166sf @$4.50psf
    Tung Centre, 20 Collyer Quay (S)049319. 
    1001sf at $10.00psf=$10k and 1744sf at $10psf=$17k nego. 
    Twenty Anson, 20 Anson Road (S)079912
    1238/1711/3595/3950/6555/6824sf (Fitted or bare can sub-divisible
    @$8.00psf to $8.50psf
    UIC Building, 5 Shenton Way (S)068808
    2346/5181/6519/20225sf – Bare Units
    Opp Shenton Way MRT
    United Square, 101 Thomson Road (S)307591
    Office For Lease
    734/746/1605/1826/228/2336/2476/2957sf @$7.00psf to $7.50psf nego
    Opp Novena MRT
    UOB Plaza I (UOB Plaza), 80 Raffles Place (S)048624
    Office For Lease. Various Units Available.
    936/5286/5317sf at $13.00psf (Can subdivide)
    UOB Plaza II (UOB Plaza), 80 Raffles Place (S)048624
    Office For Lease
    5640sf at $12.00psf=$67k Pre-Term. Fitted Out
    Valley Point Office Tower For Lease , 491 River Valley Road (S)248371- 1389/1539/2540/2616/3649/4403/5877/10344sfq ft at $6.80psf nego. 
    Also Shop space for lease - 904/980/1130sq ft at $10.90psf nego.
    Vision Exchange, 2 Venture Drive Singapore (S)608526
    Office For Lease
    517sf @$4.44psf=$2.3k
    1098sf @$3.46psf=$3.8k
    1313sf @$4psf=$5.3k
    1389sf @$3.42psf=$4.7k
    1539sf @$3.38psf=$5.2k
    1690sf @$4.14psf=$7k
    1539sf @$3.38psf=$5.2k
    1690sf @$4.14psf=$7k
    2378sf @$5.00psf=$12k
    3143sf @$4.00psf=$12.6k
    3907sf @$4.10psf=$16k
    24789sf @$5.20psf=$128k
    Westgate, 1 Gateway Drive (S)608531
    871/1400/1800/2000/3000/4000 to 20,000sf @$6.50psf nego
    ***Worker Quarter/ Dormitory For Lease***
    Geylang Road / Guillemard Road - 1000sf @$2.5k to $3k with air-con 
    Toh Guan Rd - $260/pax at 12pax per rooms
    Tuas area - $175/pax at 16pax per rooms
    Woodland 12000pax each @$306 per pax Can Cook. Wifi including beds, Utilities and cooking gas, wifi, free worker uniform laundry per sett s per day.
    Amiraltly near Sembawang Shipyard Dormitory For lease.
    Accommodation capacity 100paxs to 12000paxs
    Various Locations.
    Sale/Rental negotiable
    Various unit and others location also available. $$$ neg.
    Interested party, please kindly contact Jason Lim, 
    Senior Director: Hp: +65 91010 559 or 
    emails:- [email protected]
    Royalland Real Estate (Since 1994)

    Property Details

    Building Name:
    Westgate Tower, 3 Gateway Drive
    QuickPro No:
    Property Type:
    District 22
    High Floor
    5300 sq. ft.
    Asking Price (PSF):
    SGD 6.42