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Jason Lim

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Jason Lim

Jason Lim

CEA Registration Number:P001099I
Agency Licence Number:L3005927H
Phone Number:+659101....

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Total Listing : 10

Properties for Sale by Jason Lim

PreviewStreetEstateDistrictAsking PricePostedType
Modena 35 Simei Street 4 (S)529869 Modena 17$1,900,00027/06/2022Condominium
Woodland Bizhub 190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 (S)757516 Woodland Bizhub 25$3,100,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Mandai Connection  For Sale7 Mandai Link Mandai Connection For Sale26$458,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Northlink Building For SaleAdmiralty Street Northlink Building For Sale27$990,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
E9 Premium For SaleE9 Premium, 61 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 (S)757047E9 Premium For Sale25$1,800,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Jurrng Food Hub15 Jalan Tepong Jurrng Food Hub22$680,00027/06/2022Food & Beverage
Frontier For Sale Frontier, 52 Ubi Avenue 3 (S)408867Frontier For Sale 14$990,00027/06/2022Industrial
Food Xchange For SaleAdmiralty StreetFood Xchange For Sale27$1,580,00027/06/2022Industrial
Third Lok YangThird Lok YangThird Lok Yang22$7,000,00027/06/2022Industrial
Haig LaneHaig LaneHaig Lane15$6,100,00027/06/2022Terrace

Total Listing : 204

Properties for Rent by Jason Lim

PreviewStreetEstateDistrictAsking PricePostedType
BedokCHAI CHEE ROAD Bedok16$95027/06/20225 Rooms HDB Flat
Honeywel Changi Business Park Honeywell, 17 Changi Business Park Central 1 Honeywel @Changi Business Park 17$10,00027/06/2022Business Park
Eightrium  CBP - Office For LeaseEightrium @ Changi Business Park, 15A Changi Business Park Central 1 (S)486035Eightrium @ CBP - Office For Lease17$14,50027/06/2022Business Park
The Signature - Restaurant For lease51 Changi Business Park Central 2The Signature - Restaurant For lease17$35,00027/06/2022Business Park
Nexus One-North For LeaseNexus @ One-North @ 3 Fusionopolis Link (S)138543. Nexus @One-North For Lease05$11,40027/06/2022Business Park
Nordic European Centre IBP For LeaseNordic European Centre @ 3 International Business Park (S)Nordic European Centre @ 3 International BNordic European Centre @IBP For Lease05$4,90027/06/2022Business Park
iQuest  IBP For LeaseiQuest @ IBP, 27 International Business Park (S)609924. iQuest @ IBP For Lease05$7,20027/06/2022Business Park
The Rutherford SPD For LeaseThe Rutherford, 89 Science Park Drive (S)118261The Rutherford @SPD For Lease05$11,50027/06/2022Business Park
Cintech III,  Science Park For LeaseCintech III, 77 Science Park Drive (S)118256Cintech III, Science Park For Lease05$5,40027/06/2022Business Park
Fusionopolis Galaxis For LeaseFusionopolis Galaxis, 1 Fusionopolis Place (S)138522Fusionopolis Galaxis For Lease05$7,00027/06/2022Business Park
Nucleos Bussines Park For LeaseNucleos, 21 Biopolis Road (S)138567Nucleos Bussines Park For Lease05$8,30027/06/2022Business Park
The Galen, Science Park For LeaseThe Galen, 61 Science Park Road (S)117525The Galen, Science Park For Lease05$3,00027/06/2022Business Park
The Alpha, Science Park For LeaseThe Alpha, 10 Science Park Road (S)117684The Alpha, Science Park For Lease05$5,30027/06/2022Business Park
The Cavendish, Science Park For LeaseThe Cavendish, 85 Science Park Drive (S)118259The Cavendish, Science Park For Lease05$20,00027/06/2022Business Park
The Kendall,  Science Park For LeaseThe Kendall, 50 Science Park Road (S)117406The Kendall, @Science Park For Lease05$10,00027/06/2022Business Park
Worker Quarter   Dormitory - Geylang Geylang Road Worker Quarter / Dormitory - Geylang 14$3,90027/06/2022Dormitory
Dormitory Beds For LeaseTanah Merah Coast Road Dormitory Beds For Lease17$3,50027/06/2022Dormitory
Teck Park CrescentTeck Park CrescentTeck Park Crescent22$24027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Link AMK3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 569139Link @AMK20$15,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Mandai Connection 7 Mandai Link Mandai Connection 24$3,65027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Liner Tuas 1 Tuas Bay Close Liner @Tuas 22$36,80027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
West Park Biz Central 32 Pioner Crescent Singapore West Park Biz Central 22$27,50027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
West Spring61 Tuas Bay Drive West Spring22$25,20027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Penjuru Lane  Penjuru Lane Penjuru Lane 22$76,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Tuas Ave 18Tuas Ave 18Tuas Ave 1822$107,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Marsiling Lane Marsiling Lane Marsiling Lane 25$36,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Sungei kadut Industrial EstateSungei kadut Street 1Sungei kadut Industrial Estate27$12,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Richfield Industrial CentreRichfield Industrial Centre, 120 Eunos Avenue 7 (S) 409574Richfield Industrial Centre14$3,03627/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Cogent 1. Logistics HubCogent 1. Logistics Hub, @ 1 Buroh Crescent (S)627545. Cogent 1. Logistics Hub22$77,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Innovation Place  For LeaseInnovation Place, 25 Mandai Estate (S)729930Innovation Place For Lease26$2,70027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Nordix For LeaseWoodlands Industrial Park E2Nordix For Lease27$13,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
ELDIX For LeaseELDIX, 11 Mandai Estate (S)729908ELDIX For Lease25$3,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Woodlands Bizhub -- For LeaseWoodlands Bizhub, 190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 (S)757516. Woodlands Bizhub -- For Lease25$17,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Woodlands Industrial Xchange For LeaseWoodlands Industrial Xchange, 71 Woodlands Avenue 10 (S)737743 Woodlands Industrial Xchange For Lease25$3,80027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Ispace For LeaseIspace, 7 Soon Lee Street. (S)627608Ispace For Lease22$4,20027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Loyang Offshore Supply Base For leaseLoyang Offshore Supply Base, @ Loyang Crescent (S) 508988. Loyang Offshore Supply Base For lease17$24,70027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Kranji Way - B2 Factory For LeaseKranji CrescentKranji Way - B2 Factory For Lease24$7,50027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Tai Seng Industrial Estate  Tai Seng AvTai Seng Industrial Estate @ Tai Seng Avenue (S)534416 Tai Seng Industrial Estate @ Tai Seng Av14$5,10027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Tuas Connection, - Factory For LeaseTuas Connection, 1 Tuas Loop. (S)637336Tuas Connection, - Factory For Lease22$66,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
Defu LaneDefu LaneDefu Lane14$22,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
38 Woodlands Industrial Park E138 Woodlands Industrial Park E138 Woodlands Industrial Park E125$5,30027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
51 Tuas View Link S63747351 Tuas View Link S63747351 Tuas View Link S63747322$97,00027/06/2022Factory & Workshop (B2)
 Plaza 8  CBPPlaza 8 @ CBP - F&B For Lease Plaza 8 @ CBP17$14,81027/06/2022Food & Beverage
NTUC Income Tampines JunctionTampines Avenue 5NTUC Income Tampines Junction18$11,50027/06/2022Food & Beverage
Junction Nine - Food Cout For LeaseJunction Nine, 18 Yishun Avenue 9 (S)768897Junction Nine - Food Cout For Lease27$43,00027/06/2022Food & Beverage
Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road. SFar East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road. (S)228213Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road. (S)09$17,50027/06/2022Food & Beverage
Rochester Mall - FB  Retail For LeaseRochester Mall - 33 Rochester Drive (S)138639Rochester Mall - F&B / Retail For Lease05$33,00027/06/2022Food & Beverage
UE Bizhub East CBP FB  Reatils For LeaseUE Bizhub East @2 Changi Business Park Avenue 1 (S)486014UE Bizhub East @CBP F&B / Reatils For Lease17$15,90027/06/2022Food & Beverage
Mandai Foodlink Mandai Foodlink 5 Mandai Link (S)729999Mandai Foodlink 27$8,90027/06/2022Food & Beverage
Holland Village - FB For Lease Lorong MambongHolland Village - F&B For Lease10$25,00027/06/2022Food & Beverage
Horsecity - The Grandstand 100 Turf Club Road (S) 287992Horsecity - The Grandstand11$15,00027/06/2022Food & Beverage
Food Axis  SenokoSenoko AvenueFood Axis @ Senoko27$28,00027/06/2022Food & Beverage
Jurong Food HubJurong Food Hub, 15 Jalan Tepong (S) 619336Jurong Food Hub22$8,45027/06/2022Food & Beverage
One Raffles Place - Office For Lease Near MRTOne Raffles Place, 1 Raffles Place 048616One Raffles Place - Office For Lease (Near MRT)01$17,00027/06/2022Food & Beverage
ESR BizPark Changi 8 Changi Business ParkESR BizPark @Changi 17$9,90027/06/2022Food & Beverage
Woodlands Sq SMRT-FB, Medical, Retails For Lease11 Woodlands Square Woodlands Sq SMRT-F&B, Medical, Retails For Lease25$6,02327/06/2022Food & Beverage
Plaza 8  CBP - Food Court For LeaseChangi Business Park CrescentPlaza 8 @ CBP - Food Court For Lease16$27,00027/06/2022Food & Beverage
The Signature - Restaurant For lease 51 Changi Business Park Central 2 The Signature - Restaurant For lease 18$36,00027/06/2022Food & Beverage
The Amara Hotel - FB For LeaseTanjong Pagar RoadThe Amara Hotel - F&B For Lease02$62,00027/06/2022Food & Beverage
Balestier Regency For LeaseBalestier Regency, 4 Jalan Ampas (S)329505Balestier Regency For Lease12$4,50027/06/2022Hi-Rise Apartment
Ampas Apartment FOr LeaseAmpas Apartment, 5 Jalan Ampas (S)329506Ampas Apartment FOr Lease12$4,70027/06/2022Hi-Rise Apartment
Upper Dickson Road, SingaporeUpper Dickson RoadUpper Dickson Road, Singapore08$70027/06/2022Hotel & Resort
Upper Dickson Road, SingaporeUpper Dickson RoadUpper Dickson Road, Singapore08$70027/06/2022Hotel & Resort
Horsecity 100 Turf Club RdHorsecity 100 Turf Club RdHorsecity 100 Turf Club Rd10$60,00027/06/2022Hotel & Resort
20 Lor 18 Geyalng Lor 18 Geyalng 20 Lor 18 Geyalng 14$55027/06/2022Hotel & Resort
Horsecity - For fencing or dance studio 100 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287992Horsecity - For fencing or dance studio 10$10,00027/06/2022Hotel & Resort
Mega  Woodlands39 Woodlands CloseMega @ Woodlands25$3,50027/06/2022Industrial
Carros Centre60 Jalan Lam Huat Carros Centre26$3,00027/06/2022Industrial
The Westcom, 1 Tuas South Avenue 6 6370211 Tuas South Avenue 6 637021The Westcom, 1 Tuas South Avenue 6 63702122$3,00027/06/2022Industrial
The Index, 110 Tuas South Avenue 3 63736110 Tuas South Avenue 3 637369The Index, 110 Tuas South Avenue 3 6373622$5,10027/06/2022Industrial
Food Xchange For Lease8A Admiralty Street Food Xchange For Lease27$15,00027/06/2022Industrial
Harvest  Woodlands For LeaseWoodlands Industrial Park E5Harvest @ Woodlands For Lease27$3,50027/06/2022Industrial
Woodlands Spectrum IIWoodlands Avenue 9Woodlands Spectrum II25$31,00027/06/2022Industrial
Tuas ConnectionTuas LoopTuas Connection22$66,00027/06/2022Industrial
E9 PREMIUM - For LeaseWOODLANDS INDUSTRIAL PARK E9E9 PREMIUM - For Lease27$7,64127/06/2022Industrial
Primz BizHub For LeasePrimz BizHub, 21 Woodlands Close (S)737854 Primz BizHub For Lease25$2,40027/06/2022Industrial Land
Benoi Crescent 21 Benoi CrescentBenoi Crescent 22$179,00027/06/2022Industrial Land
Gallop Kranji Farm Resort10 Neo Tiew Lane 2 Gallop Kranji Farm ResortGallop Kranji Farm Resort24$100,00027/06/2022Land
2 Irving Road 2 Irving Road 2 Irving Road 13$4,20027/06/2022Land
Mega Woodlands39 Woodlands Close Mega @Woodlands25$3,50027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Tat Ann Building40 Jalan Pemimpin Tat Ann Building20$4,90027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Ubi Techpark For LeaseUbi Techpark, 10 Ubi Crescent (S)408564Ubi Techpark For Lease14$3,20027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Northlink Building For Lease   Northlink Building, 10 Admiralty Street (S)757695Northlink Building For Lease 25$6,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Wave9 - Factory For Lease, 71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 (S)757048Wave9 - Factory For Lease25$5,10027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Woodlands 11 - For LeaseWoodlands 11, 11 Woodlands Close (S)737853Woodlands 11 - For Lease25$4,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Kallang Way Blk155161 - For Lease155 Kallang Way (S)349244 Kallang Way Blk155/161 - For Lease13$1,95027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Hiangkie Indl Bldg For LeaseWoodlands Industrial Park E1Hiangkie Indl Bldg For Lease27$4,50027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
One Sims Lane - Near MRTOne Sims Lane, 1 Sims Lane (S)387355One Sims Lane - Near MRT14$3,70027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Woodlands Horizon For LeaseWoodlands Horizon, 31 Woodlands Close (S)737855 Woodlands Horizon For Lease25$3,40027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
8B Admiralty  - For Lease8B Admiralty Street (S)7574408B @Admiralty - For Lease25$3,50027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Admirax  8 Admiralty StreetAdmirax @ 8 Admiralty Street (S)757438.Admirax @ 8 Admiralty Street25$6,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
ARK Gambas For LeaseARK @Gambas, 7 Gambas Crescent (S)757087ARK @Gambas For Lease25$2,90027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Atrix - Opp Aljunied MRTAtrix, 82 Lorong 23 Geylang. (S)388409Atrix - Opp Aljunied MRT14$3,30027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
The Siemens Centre, 60 Macpherson Road The Siemens Centre, 60 Macpherson Road (S)348615 The Siemens Centre, 60 Macpherson Road 13$5,20027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Ruby Industrial ComplexGenting LaneRuby Industrial Complex13$3,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Tampines Biz Hub, 11 Tampines Street 92 Tampines Biz Hub, 11 Tampines Street 92 (S) 528872 Tampines Biz Hub, 11 Tampines Street 92 18$3,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
CES Building - 2mims Ubi MRTUbi CrescentCES Building - 2mims Ubi MRT14$2,90027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Biztech CentreAljunied RoadBiztech Centre14$2,71327/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Alps Avenue Alps Avenue (S) 498801 Alps Avenue 18$24,80027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
AZ Paya Lebar - Opp MRTAZ @Paya Lebar Road (S)409015AZ @Paya Lebar - Opp MRT14$8,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Aztech BuildingUbi Road 1Aztech Building14$6,90027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Excalibur Centre - 2mins to MRTUbi CrescentExcalibur Centre - 2mins to MRT14$5,50027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Changi Districentre Changi South Lane (S) 486045Changi Districentre 17$44,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Frontier For LeaseFrontier, 52 Ubi Avenue 3 408867Frontier For Lease14$5,90027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Jurong Logistics HubJurong Port RoadJurong Logistics Hub22$20,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Oxley BizHub, 61 Ubi Road 1Oxley BizHub, 61 Ubi Road 1 (S)408727Oxley BizHub, 61 Ubi Road 114$4,20027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Mayfair Ind Bldg For LeaseJalan PemimpinMayfair Ind Bldg For Lease20$2,70027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Nordcom One - For LeaseNordcom One @3 Gambas Crescent (S) 757088Nordcom One - For Lease25$2,60027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Proxima Gambas For LeaseProxima @Gambas 50 Gambas Crescent Proxima @Gambas For Lease25$3,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Viva Business Park750 Chai Chee Road 469000Viva Business Park14$16,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
APS Industrial Building49 Jalan Pemimpin APS Industrial Building20$11,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Cideco Industrial Complex 50 Genting Lane Cideco Industrial Complex 14$5,90027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
DLithium, 82 Playfair Road 82 Playfair Road 3680D'Lithium, 82 Playfair Road 13$7,20027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Progen Building, 28 Riverside Road. 28 Riverside Road. (S)739085Progen Building, 28 Riverside Road. 25$71027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Viva Business Park 750 Chai Chee RoadViva Business Park 16$5,60027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
TechPoint AMK For LeaseTechPoint, 10 Ang Mo Kio Street 65 (S)569059TechPoint @AMK For Lease20$2,89027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Vertex 33 Ubi Ave 3 Vertex @33 Ubi Ave 3 (S) 408868 Vertex @33 Ubi Ave 3 14$3,50027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
UB Point  61 Ubi Avenue 1UB Point @ 61 Ubi Avenue 1 (S) 408941. UB Point @ 61 Ubi Avenue 114$2,95027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Mandai Connection,Mandai Connection, 7 Mandai Link (S) 728653Mandai Connection,26$3,50027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Sindo Building, 66 Tannery LaneSindo Building, 66 Tannery Lane (S)347805Sindo Building, 66 Tannery Lane13$1,55027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Loyang Way Ind Estate Factory For LeaseLoyang Way Ind Estate at @ Loyang Way (S)508769 Loyang Way Ind Estate Factory For Lease17$3,90027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Zervex, 8 Ubi Road 2Zervex, 8 Ubi Road 2. (S)408538 Zervex, 8 Ubi Road 214$3,20027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
B Central  994996 Bendemeer B Central @ 994/996 Bendemeer Road (S)339944. B Central @ 994/996 Bendemeer 08$5,30027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Square 2 - Retails  FB For LeaseSquare 2 @ 10 Sinaran Drive (S) 307506. Square 2 - Retails & F/B For Lease10$11,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Techplace 1 - Factory For LeaseTechplace 1, 4008 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 (S)569625Techplace 1 - Factory For Lease20$3,50027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Techquest, IBP For LeaseTechquest, 7 International Business Park (S)609919Techquest, IBP For Lease05$2,44827/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Greenwich Drive - Warehouse For Lease15 Greenwich Drive (S)534022Greenwich Drive - Warehouse For Lease17$221,00027/06/2022Light Industrial (B1)
Guillemard Road Guillemard Road Guillemard Road 14$1,450,00027/06/2022Low-Rise Apartment
Royal Square Medical Ctr264 Thomson Road (S)307643Royal Square Medical Ctr11$5,10027/06/2022Medical
Novena Medical Center For LeaseNovena Medical Center, 10 Sinaran Drive (S)307506Novena Medical Center For Lease11$8,30027/06/2022Medical
Scotts Medical Centre, For LeaseScotts Medical Centre, 9 Scotts Road (S)228210Scotts Medical Centre, For Lease09$13,00027/06/2022Medical
Gateway East - Office For LeaseGateway East, 152 Beach Road (S)189721Gateway East - Office For Lease07$8,90027/06/2022Office
Clifford Centre - Office For LeaseClifford Centre, 24 Raffles Place (S)048621Clifford Centre - Office For Lease01$10,70027/06/2022Office
Collyer Quay - Office For LeaseCollyer Quay, 20 Collyer Quay (S)049319Collyer Quay - Office For Lease01$10,70027/06/2022Office
OCBC Centre - Office For LeaseOCBC Centre, 65 Chulia Street (S)049513OCBC Centre - Office For Lease01$16,00027/06/2022Office
Bank of Singapore Centre - Office For LeaseBank of Singapore Centre, 63 Market Street (S)048942Bank of Singapore Centre - Office For Lease01$10,00027/06/2022Office
Boon Siew Building 75 Bukit Timah RoadBoon Siew Building 10$8,25027/06/2022Office
Rex House73 Bukit Timah RoadRex House10$13,40027/06/2022Office
Palais Renaissance, Office For LeasePalais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road (S)238871 Palais Renaissance, Office For Lease09$8,10027/06/2022Office
Republic Plaza- Office For LeaseRepublic Plaza, 9 Raffles Place. (S)048619Republic Plaza- Office For Lease01$37,00027/06/2022Office
Rigel Innovation Centre20 Changi Business Park Central 2 Rigel Innovation Centre17$15,00027/06/2022Office
Vision Exchange 2 Venture DriveVision Exchange 22$5,50027/06/2022Office
Westgate Tower, 3 Gateway Drive 3 Gateway Drive Westgate Tower, 3 Gateway Drive 22$34,00027/06/2022Office
Woods Square 6 Woodlands Square Woods Square 25$10,30027/06/2022Office
Singapore Post Centre10 Eunos Road 8Singapore Post Centre14$6,30027/06/2022Office
Novena Square - Office For LeaseNovena Square (Tower A), 238 Thomson Road (S) 307683Novena Square - Office For Lease10$8,30027/06/2022Office
Plaza 8  CBP - FB For LeaseChangi Business Park CrescentPlaza 8 @ CBP - F&B For Lease16$6,30027/06/2022Office
Suntec Tower Suntec Tower Five, 5 Temasek Boulevard (S) 038985Suntec Tower 01$32,40027/06/2022Office
Battery Rd Standard CharteredSix Battery Road (Standard Chartered), (S) 049909Battery Rd (Standard Chartered)01$29,00027/06/2022Office
Capital Tower Office For LeaseRobinson RoadCapital Tower Office For Lease01$40,00027/06/2022Office
Abacus PlazaTampines Central 1Abacus Plaza18$4,40027/06/2022Office
Acer Building 29 International Business Park (S)609923Acer Building 22$4,30027/06/2022Office
Tampines Grande - Office For Lease9 Tampines Grande (S) 528735Tampines Grande - Office For Lease18$33,60027/06/2022Office
Springleaf Tower - Office For Lease - Opp. MRTSpringleaf Tower, 3 Anson Road (S)079909Springleaf Tower - Office For Lease - Opp. MRT01$8,47827/06/2022Office
The Synergy  1 International Business The Synergy @ 1 International Business Park (S)609917The Synergy @ 1 International Business 22$5,30027/06/2022Office
UOB Plaza 12 - Near MRTUOB Plaza I (UOB Plaza), 80 Raffles Place (S)048624UOB Plaza 1&2 - Near MRT01$9,60027/06/2022Office
The CentralEu Tong Sen StreetThe Central01$4,70027/06/2022Office
North Spring BizhubYishun Industrial Street 1North Spring Bizhub27$4,00027/06/2022Office
North Spring BizhubYishun Industrial Street 1North Spring Bizhub27$19,00027/06/2022Office
Parkway Parade 80 Marine Parade RoadParkway Parade 15$6,20027/06/2022Office
One  Changi City CBP For Lease. Nr MRTOne @ Changi City, 1 Changi Business Park Central 1. (S)486036One @ Changi City (CBP) For Lease. Nr MRT17$37,00027/06/2022Office in Building
63 Ubi 63 Ubi Avenue 1 40893763 @Ubi 14$10,00027/06/2022Office in Building
PAYA LEBAR SQUARE Retail For LeasePAYA LEBAR ROADPAYA LEBAR SQUARE Retail For Lease14$14,00027/06/2022Retail
The Plaza - Retail and Office For LeaseThe Plaza, 7500A Beach Road (S)199591The Plaza - Retail and Office For Lease07$2,03127/06/2022Retail
Citylink MallRaffles LinkCitylink Mall01$11,60027/06/2022Retail
City Square MallKitchener RoadCity Square Mall08$6,20027/06/2022Retail
Clarke Quay The Central Beside MRT6 Eu Tong Sen St (S) 059817 Clarke Quay The Central (Beside MRT)01$3,30027/06/2022Retail
Kinex, 11 Tanjong Katong RoadKinex, 11 Tanjong Katong Road (S) 437157 Kinex, 11 Tanjong Katong Road15$9,60027/06/2022Retail
Katong Shopping CentreMountbatten RoadKatong Shopping Centre15$4,50027/06/2022Retail
Marina SMRT - FB, Medical, Retails For Lease11 Marina Mall Marina SMRT - F&B, Medical, Retails For Lease0127/06/2022Retail
Maxwell SMRT - FB, Medical, Retails For lease50 Neil RoadMaxwell SMRT - F&B, Medical, Retails For lease02$5,37027/06/2022Retail
Mayflower SMRT - FB, Medical, Retails For Lease91 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 Mayflower SMRT - F&B, Medical, Retails For Lease20$5,20627/06/2022Retail
Orchard SMRT - FB, Medical, Retails For Lease20 Orchard Boulevard Orchard SMRT - F&B, Medical, Retails For Lease09$5,29527/06/2022Retail
Shenton Way SMRT - FB, Medical, Retails For Lease2 Park StreetShenton Way SMRT - F&B, Medical, Retails For Lease01$3,99027/06/2022Retail
Springleaf SMRT - FB, Medical, Retails For Lease825 Upper Thomson Road Springleaf SMRT - F&B, Medical, Retails For Lease20$4,92027/06/2022Retail
Thomson SMRT-FB, Medical, Retails Lease1 Jalan Keli Thomson SMRT-F&B, Medical, Retails Lease26$7,60827/06/2022Retail
Beauty World CentreUpper Bukit Timah RoadBeauty World Centre21$2,20027/06/2022Retail
TE09 Caldecott 38 Toa Payoh Rise TE09 Caldecott 12$16,59027/06/2022Shop / Shop Space
West Coast Plaza - Retails  FB For LeaseWest Coast Plaza @ 154 West Coast Road (S) 127371. West Coast Plaza - Retails & F/B For Lease05$2,60027/06/2022Shop / Shop Space
The Grandstand -- Retail and FB For LeaseThe Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road (S) 287994The Grandstand -- Retail and F/B For Lease21$3,97027/06/2022Shop / Shop Space
Pacific Plaza  9 Scotts Road Retail For LeasePacific Plaza @ 9 Scotts Road Singapore 228210Pacific Plaza @ 9 Scotts Road Retail For Lease10$11,60027/06/2022Shop / Shop Space
Lucky Plaza304 Orchard Road Lucky Plaza09$15,00027/06/2022Shop / Shop Space
Fuji Xerox Towers - Office FOr LeaseFuji Xerox Towers, 80 Anson Road 079907Fuji Xerox Towers - Office FOr Lease01$13,00027/06/2022Shophouse
Lorong Mambong - Retail  FB For LeaseLorong Mambong Lorong Mambong - Retail & F/B For Lease10$24,00027/06/2022Shophouse
Little India  Area Rooms For Lease383 Jalan Besar Little India Area Rooms For Lease07$70027/06/2022Shophouse
Toa Payoh Central Blk 183Toa Payoh CentralToa Payoh Central Blk 18312$7,50027/06/2022Shophouse
Bukit Timah Plaza1 Jalan Anak Bukit, Singapore 588996Bukit Timah Plaza21$2,20027/06/2022Shophouse
Velocity  Novena Square, Retails  FB For LeaseVelocity @ Novena Square, 238 Thomson Road (S)307683Velocity @ Novena Square, Retails & F/B For Lease11$15,00027/06/2022Shopping Mall
Marina Bay Link Mall Retail  FB For LeaseMarina Bay Link Mall, 8A Marina Boulevard (S) 018984Marina Bay Link Mall Retail & F&B For Lease01$64,00027/06/2022Shopping Mall
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road (S)588179Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, 21$4,30027/06/2022Shopping Mall
Holland Piazza 3 Lorong Liput (S)277725Holland Piazza 10$4,30027/06/2022Shopping Mall
Horsecity - Car Wash  Grooming For Lease100 Turf Club Road Singapore 287922Horsecity - Car Wash & Grooming For Lease10$6,00027/06/2022Take Over
Cogent Logistic Warehouse For Lease1 Buroh Crescent Cogent Logistic Warehouse For Lease22$189,00027/06/2022Warehouse
26 Changi North Way26 Changi North Way26 Changi North Way17$88,88827/06/2022Warehouse
Balestier Warehouse12A Jalan Ampas 329516Balestier Warehouse12$6,70027/06/2022Warehouse
 Boon Lay Way Boon Lay Way Boon Lay Way22$57,00027/06/2022Warehouse
Enterprise Logistics Centre Warehse For LeaseEnterprise Logistics Centre, 2 Tuas View Place (S)637431 Enterprise Logistics Centre Warehse For Lease22$37,70027/06/2022Warehouse
Gold Pine Ind Bldg For LeaseGold Pine Industrial Building, 126 Joo Seng Road (S)368355Gold Pine Ind Bldg For Lease13$1,90027/06/2022Warehouse
Depot Lane - Warehouse For LeaseDepot Lane @ 25 Depot Lane (S)109764Depot Lane - Warehouse For Lease04$3,97727/06/2022Warehouse
Clementi Loop Mammoet, 7 Clementi Loop 129811Clementi Loop 05$22,50027/06/2022Warehouse
Bulim Ave SCC - Space For Lease Supply Chain City SCC), 8 Bulim Avenue (S) 648166Bulim Ave (SCC) - Space For Lease22$255,00027/06/2022Warehouse
Tuas Avenue 13 - Open Yard28 Tuas Avenue 13 (S) 638994Tuas Avenue 13 - Open Yard22$60,00027/06/2022Warehouse
Benoi SectorBenoi Sector (S) 629853Benoi Sector22$68,00027/06/2022Warehouse

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