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    Rent SGD 22,000

    Defu Lane, 539424 District 14

    • Built-up : 20000 sq. ft.
    • Land area : -

      Defu Lane

      (*Photos & Details* are for illustration purpose Only)
      Please kindly take note some units maybe Sold or Leased out. 
      And *Subject to Availability*
      Defu Lane 
      Ground Floor 20000sf @$1.10psf=$22k nego
      Cover 8000sf and Open space 12000sf 
      1600sf @$2.8k
      (Photos are for illustration purpose Only)
      ABV Industrial Building, 29 Changi South Avenue 2. (S)486444. 
      Fully Fitted Office For Lease. 2800sf at $2.48psf=$6.9k
      AGVA Building at 63 Kaki Bukit Place (S)416234
      Warehse For Lease
      3595sf at $1.70psf=$6.2k
      Aljunied Industrial Complex, 625 Aljunied Road (S)389836
      1313sq ft @@1.90psf=$2500. 3 partition rooms with aircon
      Fully Fitted and renovated, Two Entrance, Two free parking lot,
      560sf at $1000 / 960sf $1.8k / 
      1150sf /1615sf / 1790sf / 2637sf. Near Bus Stop and MRT
      AIS Industrial Building, 103 Kallang Avenue (S)339504
      Warehse For Lease
      4019sf at $2.00psf=$8000
      Alps Ave, 70/71 Alps Avenue (S)498801 
      Warehouse For Lease
      1779/9000/13999/14058/16383/20000/37000/40000/64000sf at $1.90psf nego. With air con
      A-Reit, 50 Kallang Avenue (S)339505 
      Various Units For Lease. 
      2518sf/4259sf/6137sf/8245sf/9127sf at $3.20psf to $3.50psf negotiable.
      Aperia, 8 Kallang Avenue (S)339509
      Twr 1 – 2467sf @$6.91psf / 4747sf @$6.70psf / 5579sf @$6.00psf
      Aperia, 10 Kallang Avenue (S)339510
      Twr 2 – 2346sf @$6.70psf
      Opposite Lavendar MRT
      Aperia, 12 Kallang Avenue. (S)339511
      2064/2095/3051sf @$6.80psf
      1637/2737/1763/1968sf @$5.90psf
      Opposite Lavendar MRT
      Atrix, 82 Lorong 23 Geylang. (S)388409
      1377sf @$2.40psf=$3300 Fitted
      1356sf @$2.95psf=$4000 Fitted
      1453sf @$2.06psf=$3000 Fitted
      1453sf @$2.75psf=$4000 Fitted
      1636sf @$2.63psf=$4300 Fitted
      1756sf @$2.03psf=$3.6k Fitted
      Aztech Building, 31 Ubi Road 1 (S)408694
      853/1207/1723/2531/2739/2929/4040sf /4354/4823/5014/5382/5784/7805/14400sf
      From $3.00psf to $3.50psf nego Fitted Units
      AZ @ Paya Lebar, 140 Paya Lebar Road (S)409015
      Various Units For Lease 
      1098/1184/1195/1216/1238/1300/1399/1636/2239 sq ft
      Rental $2.80psf to $4.00psf nego
      B Central @ 994/996 Bendemeer Road (S)339944. 
      Flatted Factory For Lease.
      Varous Units
      #01-xx 4768sf at $2.40psf=$ 11443 / 
      #02-xx 4768sf at $1.90psf=$9059 / 
      #03-xx 2992sf at $1.90psf=$5684 / 
      #04-xx 4768sf at $1.90psf=$9059 nego
      Biztech Centre, 627A Aljunied Road (S)389842
      947, 958, 1001sf at $2.50psf to $2.90psf neg. 2 bus stop to Aljunied MRT, 
      Boustead Hse @ 63 Ubi VAve 1 (S)408937.
      Warehouse cum office for Lease
      2250sf at $2.00psf=$4.5k
      2637sf at $2.00psf=$5.2k
      Brightway Building, 3 Lorong Bakar Batu (S)348741 
      Grd Floor 1604sf @$2.40psf=$3849. Hgt 5.5m. *(Free Parking)*
      1130sf @$1.85psf=$2090 
      1184sf @$1.85psf=$2190 
      1271sf @$1.85psf=$2351
      1819sf @$1.85psf=$3365
      2271sf @$1.85psf=$4200
      Boon Siew Building, 75 Bukit Timah Road (S)229833
      Ground Shown room For Lease
      5043sf @$7.00psf=$35k
      Full glass frontage facing main road.
      Opp Tekka MRT
      Office For Lease 
      1000/1500,/2500sf at $5.50psf
      Boustead House @Ubi, 63 Ubi Avenue 1 (S)408937
      Warehouse cum office for Lease
      2250sf at $2.00psf=$4.5k
      Chai Chee Lane, - Blk 502/506/512/514 
      B1 Flatted Factory For Lease. 
      Chai Chee Lane
      Level 1 – 5561/ 5197sf @$1.90psf=$9.8k
      Upper Level - 5561sf at $1.60psf=$8.8k, 
      CES Building, 69 Ubi Crescent (S) 408561
      B1 Factory For Lease 
      1044/1238/1625/1862sf @$2.10psf nego.
      Ample Parking. 2 Mins to Ubi MRT
      Opp Maha Bodhi Schoo
      CES Centre, 171 Chin Swee Road (S) 169877
      Office Space For Lease
      450/580/590/600/760/800/950/1010/1250/1330/1820sf @$5.50psf.
      Fitted unit $6.50psf, Centre aircon, light,
      Cityneon Design Centre, 84 Genting Lane (S)349584 
      Light Industry For Lease. 
      1099/325/5415/11731sf at @$2.20psf nego.
      Clementi Loop 1 (S)129808
      Level 1 – 7136sf @$1.90psf
      Upper Level – 1507/2045/3573/57830/5963sf @$1.65psf 
      Corporation Place, 2 Corporation Road (S)618494
      1485/3153/3754/4517/5064/5727/6880/7939/8427/9493/12023sf – Rentral Nego
      FNA Group Building, 103 Defu Lane 10 (S)539223
      Level 5 – 14381sf
      Da Jin Factory Building, 362 Upper Paya Lebar Road. (S)534963. 
      B2 Factory For Lease. 
      Ground Floor - 2761sf at $2.46psf-$6800. 
      Hgt 7.5m. 
      Ample parking.
      138 Depot Road (S)109683
      42399/42399/42444sf – Rental nego
      Eastech, 3016/3017 Bedok North Avenue 4 (S)489947. 
      Factory For Lease. 
      900sf at $2.11psf=$1.9k
      Also for Takeover at Eastech - 
      Enterprise One, 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 (S)415934. 
      Factory For Lease. 
      Ground Floor 2260sf at $4.00psf=$9000 / 
      2250sf at $2.90psf=$6500 with aircon and lighting. 
      Also For Sale -Various Units 
      2142/2153/2164/2250/2228/2271sq ft at $642psf to $805psf nego
      Excalibur Centre, 71 Ubi Crescent (S)408571
      1600sf @$3.2k / 2600sf @$1.65psf=$4.3k / 2400sf @$4.5k
      2partiton rooms. Ample Parking. 2 Mins to Ubi MRT. Opp Maha Bodhi School
      First Ctr @ Kaki Bt Rd 2 (S)417868
      B2 Factory For Lease 
      Ground floor 2300sf at $2.30psf=$5.3k
      1300/1668/1984/2500/2625/3283/4025sf at $1.50psf to $1.80psf nego
      Frontier, 52 Ubi Avenue 3 (S)408867
      Ramp-Up factory For Lease. 
      Grd Floor. 2110sf @$2.13psf=$4.5k
      2110sf @$1.84psf=$3.9k
      3200sf @$1.87psf=$6k. (Fitted Unit).
      3649sf @$1.32psf=$4.8k. High ceiling
      [email protected]$1.35psf=$5.3k.
      Frontier, 52 Ubi Avenue 3 (S)408867
      Ramp-Up factory For Sale. 
      2163sf @$386psf=$850k
      2206sf @$500psf=$1.1m
      2209sf @$430psf=$950m
      3143sf @$334psf=$1.05m
      3649sf @$369psf=$1.35m
      3649sf @$379psf=$1.8m
      3778sf @$420psf=$1.58m
      4036sf @$319psf=$1.28m
      6352sf @$425psf=$2.7m.
      9194sf @$423psf=$3.8m.
      Geylang Shop Houses, 737 Geylang Road (S)389648 
      Office For Lease. 
      180sf at $688 / 210sf at $722 / 243sf at $958 / 285sf at $10488 / 310sf at $1488 / 380sf at $1588
      405sf at $1788 rental nego. Near MRT.
      Gold Pine Industrial Building, 126 Joo Seng Road (S)368355
      500sf @$2.5psf=$1250
      650sf @$2.31psf=$1500
      700sf @$2.71psf=$1900
      1250f @$1.60psf=$2000
      1700sf @$1.25psf=$2140
      3402sf @$2.20psf=$7400
      Golden Wheel Ind Building @ 50 Kallang Pudding Road (S)349326
      Ground Floor 5554sf at $1.810psf=$9.9k
      Harbour Link Complex, 63 Alexandra Terrace (S)119937
      3000/10000sf @$3.50psf
      Warehouse – Level 1 – 9676/2700/59977sf @$1.50psf
      HB @ 119 Genting, 119 Genting Lane (S)349570
      Warehse For Lease
      Level 3, 1050sf at $1.80psf=$1944
      Level 6, 4350sf at $1.80psf+7830
      Hyflux Innovation Centre, @ 80 Bendemeer Road (S)339949. 
      B1 Factory For Lease. 
      2088/6198/6847/16931/21850sq ft at $5.10psf nego
      1 Kallang Way 2A (S)347495
      2nd 11513sf / 6th flr 10332sf at $2.00psf
      Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate, 155 Kallang Way (S)349244 
      Blk155/166/ 164/171 Kolam Ayer 
      Factory For Lease 
      976/1320/1800/2500/3000/4846 to 12000sf at $1.75psf to $2.30psf
      KA Centre, 150 Kampong Ampat (S)368324 and 
      KA Place, 159 Kampong Ampat (S)368328 
      Office For Lease. 
      1207sf / 1723sf / 2204 / 2730 / 4040sf / 4354sf at $3.20-$3.50psf. 
      Near MRT and Amenities.
      Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road (S)437844 
      Office For Lease. 
      484/517/571/1044/1055/1259sf at $4.82psf nego
      Kallang Avenue 21 (S)339412
      3853/5100sf @$1.90psf
      Kallang Avenue 25 (S)339416
      7050/8212sf @$1.90psf
      Kallang Bahru Industrial Estate, 7/11 Kallang Place (S)339155 
      Beside PICO Art Centre near Lavender MRT. 
      Various Units For Lease. 
      1276sf / 1378sf / 1790sf / 3300sf @$1.90psf 
      Kallang Place, Kallang Sector, Kallang Way, Lor Bakar Batu,
      Ubi Rd 1 - Various units
      1100sf to 10,000sf @$1.90psf to $2.20psf
      Kallang Sector. Block 1,3,5 (S)349276
      Kallang Palce 7/9/11/16/26/28
      Various Units For Lease.
      1046/1276/1369/1607/1790/1802/2034/3113/3391/5113/6189/7309/10678sf at $1.75-1.90psf negotiable.
      Kallang Way @155/166/ 164/171 Kolam Ayer 4 (S)349248 
      B1 Factory For Lease 
      969//1003/1320/1800/1952/2500/3000/4846 to 12000sf at $1.80psf to $2.30psf nego. 
      Floor loading 7.5KN/m to 15KN/m, Hgt 3.6m.
      Kallang Place 30 (S)339159
      976/1380/1983/2357sf @1.90psf
      Kallang Place 30A (S)339213
      TOP Feb 2018
      Level 1 – Showroom - 4882sf 
      Upper 19634/25/25295sf
      KB Warehouse @41 Kaki Bukit Road 2 (S)417858 
      Ground Floor 3000sf at $2.30psf= $7k. 
      High Ceiling. Ample parking.
      Leong Huat Building, 6 Harper Road (S)369674
      B1 Factory For Lease. Beside MRT
      1711psf at $2.80psf=$4790
      1950psf at $2.50psf=$4875
      1981psf at $2.50psf=$4952
      2562psf at $4.00psf=$10248
      5096psf at $2.50psf=$12740
      Lion Industrial Building A, 10 Arumugam Rd (S)409957
      234/500/700/1000/1227/1765/800/500/12636sf nego
      Lorong Bakar Batu Block 8, 10, 12 (S)348743 
      Various Units For Lease.
      1067sf / 3075sf / 3113sf at $1.80psf negotiable.
      Logis Tech @ 3 Changi North Street 2 (S)498827
      B1 Factory For Lease – 
      Ground Floor 
      648sf at $2k and 1675sf at $2.80psf=$4.6k. 
      Warehouse For Lease 
      12670/16000/32000sf at $1.70psf nego
      Loyang Offshore Supply Base, @ Loyang Crescent (S)508988. 
      4 Sty Ramp-up B2 Factory Fo Lease.
      12000sf at $1.80psf=$21.6k + Office 2300sf at $4.00psf=$9.2k. 
      Hgt 8m 
      For oil and gas company related trade .
      Ancillary Office For Lease
      1000sf to 20000sf @$3.70psf
      Loyang Industrial Estate, 2/4 Loyang Lane (S)508913
      4402/5113/10387/19924/19860sf @$1.40psf
      Loyang Way Ind Estate @ 30 Loyang Way (S)508769 
      B2 Factory For Lease. Various units. 
      2605/3218/2982/5909/8353/8891/9472/1859sf at @$1.50psf nego. 
      Ample loading bays and parking.
      Loyang Way 72 (S)508762
      Offshore Supply Base with Jetty & Shipway 
      Approx. 312,000sq ft – Rental nego
      Immediate occupation 
      Easy access to TPE, PIE and ECP
      Two blocks of 3-storey and 4-storey ancillary office
      Two high ceiling single-storey production facility
      Blasting and spray painting chamber
      160 capacity workers' dormitory
      Jetty with 142 m of sea frontage
      Electrical supply 2 nos. of 1,500 A SPPG L.T incoming
      at approved load of 2,000 kVA
      Metal House @ 38 Genting Lane (S)348553
      B1 Factory For Lease
      Various Units
      Ground loor 1398.80sf at $2.30psf = $3.2k
      Upper Floor 1337/1827/1953/2380sq ft at $1.80psf
      Media Centre, 82 Genting Lane. (S)349567
      Fully Fitted Office with aircon, carpet
      1820/1700/7653sf at $2.00psf.
      Metal House @ 38 Genting Lane (S)348553
      B1 Factory For Lease
      Various Units
      Ground loor 1398.80sf at $2.30psf = $3.2k
      Upper Floor 1337/1827/1953/2380sq ft at $1.80psf
      Minwa Industrial Building @ Genting Lane (S)349554 
      Space For Lease. 
      1200sf at $1.50psf=$1.8k with partition room
      3873sf at $1.34psf=$5200
      MSL Building, 27 Ubi Road 4 (S)408618
      Various Units For Lease.
      1872sf / 2152sf at $1.90psf to $2.30psf. 
      Ample parking and loading bays.
      Nam Wah Building @ Changi South Lane
      Ancillary Office For Lease
      Showroom and Warehouse / Office for Lease
      Ground floor 6047sf at $2.80psf=$16.9k
      3518/3939/6253sf at $2.30psf.
      Warehouse For Lease
      7610/9063sf at $1.65psf. 
      Hgt 8m
      New Industrial Rd @ 18 New Industrial Rd (S)536205
      B1 Warehouse/Ancillary Office For Lease
      610/772/893/2626sf at $2.20psf 
      Novelty Bizcentre, @ 18 Howard Road (S)369585. 
      Brand New, Near Tai Seng MRT 
      1378sf at $3.50psf=$4823 
      1389sf at $3.50psf=$4861 nego. Bare units.
      One Sims Lane, 1 Sims Lane. (S)387355
      1076sf @$2.04psf=$2.2k
      1862sf @$2.95psf=$5.5k Fitted
      2360sf @ $3.30psf=$7.9k Fitted
      2459sf @$4.50psf=$11k Beautifully Fully Fitted
      Opposite Aljunied MRT and Aljuined Food Centre
      Ossia Building @ 10 Changi South Lane (S) 486162. 
      Factory For Lease. 
      2530sf at $2.50psf=$6325 
      6500sf at $2.30psf=$14.9k 
      13000sf at $2.20psf=$28.6k
      Oxley BizHub, 61 Ubi Road 1 (S)408727
      Grd Flr 1916sf @$2.19psf=$4.2k. Hgt 7m
      1600sf @$2.50psf=$4k. / 2390sf @$4.5k.Fitted
      3800sf @$2.19psf=$13k.
      Pacific Tech Centre, 1 Jalan Kilang Timor (S)159303
      3778/3853/4056/4120/5274/5338/6307/6361sf – Rental nego
      Paya Lebar 178, 178 Paya Lebar Road. (S)409030 
      Ground Floor 3197sf @$11k
      1980sf @$5000 / $5.5k 
      2360sf @$7900
      Fully renovated / Near MRT
      Paya Lebar Square, 60 Paya Lebar Road (S)409051
      548sf at $4.5psf=$2.5k
      560sf at $7psf=$3.5k
      947sf at $6psf=$5.6k
      1100sf at $5psf=$5.5k
      Performance Building, 158 Kallang Way (S)349245
      B1 Factory For Lease, 1400sf to 10000sf at $2.40psf 
      Pei Fu Ind Bldg @ New Ind Rd (S)536210 
      Factory For Lease. 
      1800sf @$1.17psf $2100 for carpentry work only
      5400sf @$1.60psf=$8.6k
      PM Industrial Building, 135 Joo Seng Road (S)368363 
      Level 3 – 1900sf @$1.80psf
      Level 5 – 4203sf
      Level 7 – 2000sf 
      Level 8 – 15948sf
      Redhill Industrial Estate, 1001 Jalan Bukit Merah. (S)159455
      Level 1 – 1254/1599/1829/3082sf @$2-$2.30psf
      Upper Floor – 903/914/946/1254/1979/3363/3809sf @$1.95psf
      1003 Jalan Bukit Merah (S)159472
      486/515/558//598/663/688/710/753/968/1052/1377sf @3.30psf
      Rex House, 73 Bukit Timah Road (S)229832
      Office For Lease 
      2800sf @$4.80psf=$13.4k
      Opp Tekka MRT
      Richfield Industrial Centre, 120 Eunos Avenue 7 (S)409574
      Factory For Lease. Many units avaiable.
      1518sq ft at $1.90psf=$2884.
      3036sf at $1.90psf=$5700
      For metal and wood work
      Ruby Industrial Complex (Genting Block) 
      80 Genting Lane (S)349565
      B1 Factory For Lease
      @$1.65psf to $2.20psf nego.
      Fitted or bare units available
      Easy access. Loading for 40ft container. 
      Hgt 3.8m to 6.10m
      SCN Industrial Building, 11 Sims Drive (S)387385
      1250/1280/1500sf @$2.50psf=$3750 nego. 
      Fully Fitted, Near MRT
      Sindo Building, 66 Tannery Lane (S)347805
      Ground floor: Fitted Factory cum office cum showroom
      297sf @ $965 ($3.25psf)
      490sf @ $1450 ($2.95psf)
      609sf @ $1735 ($2.85psf)
      710sf @ $1950 ($2.75psf)
      812sf @ $2155 ($2.65psf))
      1150sf @ $2700 ($2.35psf)
      2nd floor: Fitted Office
      480sf @ $1128 ($2.35psf)
      Office + warehouse
      907sf @ $1770 (1.95psf)
      Senang Crescent 
      B2 Factory For Lease 
      Various Units
      Grd flr 2000sf at $4.5k
      Grd flr 2000sf + outside 2000sf at $5k
      Grd flr 3520s with 2 chiller each 150sf Level 2 office at $8k.
      Land 5348sf, grd flr 3437sf 2nd flr 2634sf at $9.8k
      Grd flr 3520s with 2 chiller each 150sf Level 2 office at $8k.
      Singapore Handicrafts Building @72 Eunos Ave 7 (S)409570 . 
      Warehouse cum office For Lease
      431/549/646/818/872/1055/1800sq ft at $2.35psf to $2.60psf neg. 
      Shun Li Industrial Park, 73 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 (S)417949 
      Factory For Lease.
      160sq ft at $700 / 400sq ft at $1.5k including PUB / 2000sf at $4.2k
      SM Summit Building, 45 Ubi Road 1 (S)408696 
      Various Units For Lease.
      13407sf at $1.90psf negotiable. 
      Ample parking and loading bays.
      Sale/Rental negotiable
      Various unit and others location also available. $$$ neg.
      Interested party, please kindly contact Jason Lim, 
      Senior Director: Hp: +65 91010 559 or 
      emails:- [email protected]
      Royalland Real Estate (Since 1994)

      Property Details

      Building Name:
      Defu Lane
      QuickPro No:
      Property Type:
      Factory & Workshop (B2)
      District 14
      Low Floor
      20000 sq. ft.
      Asking Price (PSF):
      SGD 1.1