Square 2 - Retails & F/B For Lease
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Rent SGD 11,000

Square 2 @ 10 Sinaran Drive (S) 307506., 307506 District 10

  • Built-up : 355 sq. ft.
  • Land area : -

    Square 2 - Retails & F/B For Lease

    (*Photos & Details* are for illustration purpose Only & subject to change)
    Please kindly take note some units maybe Sold or Leased out. 
    And *Subject to Availability*
    All listing: is subject to contract, availability and Landlord’s final approval.
    Square 2 @ 10 Sinaran Drive (S) 307506. 
    Retail Space For Lease. 
    65/75/97/108/118/129/130/151/161/172/236/269/280/291/302/323/409/1916/3846/2000sf to 8000sf at $10.00psf to $35.00psf 
    (Photos are for illustration purpose Only)
    F&B For Lease (subject to change of use) and xx% of GTO
    All listing: is subject to contract, availability and Landlord’s final approval;
    Amara Hotel, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road (S)088539
    F&B For Lease
    Level 2 - 2217sf @$11.00psf=$24k
    Level 2 - 5689sf @$11.00psf=$62k
    Level 3/5 - 300-2000sf – Retails
    Citylink Mall, 1 Raffles Link (S) 039393
    Retails For Lease.
    328sf at $22psf=$7216
    476sq ft at $25.00psf=$11.900 and
    1200sf t $20psf=$24k nego. 
    Very Heavy humans traffic.
    Beside MRT
    City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road (S)208539 
    Retail and F&B For Lease
    239sf at $15psf=$3.8k 
    323sf at $18psf=$6.2k
    570sf at $30psf=$18.2k 
    591sf at $12psf=$7.5k
    667sf at $12psf=$8.5k
    140sf at $30psf=$4.4k 
    1098sf @$15psf=$16k F&B For Lease (Exhaust and with water point)
    Junction Nine, 18 Yishun Avenue 9 (S)768897
    Shop (Kiosk) For Lease
    Level 1 - 624sf @8.50psf=$5.3k
    Junction 10, 1 Woodlands Road (S)677899
    226sf @$15.00psf (F&B Kisok)
    323/463/570sf @$14psf to $18psf (Retail)
    926sf @$12.00psf (F&B)
    1227sf @$11.00psf (F&B - Fitted)
    1733sf @$10.00psf (F&B)
    1195sf @$10.00psf (Beauty Service)
    3996sf @$8.00psf (Enrichment)
    Kinex @11 Tanjong Katong Road (S)437157 
    Retails & F&B For Lease
    129/140/183/194/205/512/237/291/334/431/581/591/614/635/893/926 from $13psf to $24psf
    112 Katong, 112 East Coast Road (S) 428802
    F/B Space For Lease
    700sf and 2643sf at $12.00psf=$31.7k
    275sf at $25.00psf=$6875
    321sf at $20.00psf=$6420
    428sf at $17.00psf=$7.2k
    648sf at $17.00psf=$11K
    3352sf at $13.00psf=$43.5k
    4573sf at $15.00psf=$68.5k
    Marina Bay Link Mall, 8A Marina Boulevard (S)018984
    Retails and F/B Space For Lease.
    215sf @ $29.77psf=$6.4k 
    387sf @ $19.00psf=$7.3k
    460sf @ $18.00psf=$8.3k 
    505sf @ $15.00psf=$7.5k
    1312sf @ $19.00psf=$24.9k 
    1500sf @ $18.00psf=$27k
    1646sf @ $18.00psf=$29k (F&B)
    1970sf @ $18.00psf=$34k (F&B)
    One Raffles Place, 1 Raffles Place (S) 048616
    Retails & F&B For Lease
    Asking $9.00psf to $34psf + 1 % GTO or 15% GTO, whichever higher,
    Paya Lebar Square, 60 Paya Lebar Road (S) 409051
    F&B & Retails For Lease.
    Beside Paya Lebar MRT, Heavy Traffics,
    Level 1 - 1517sf @$19.50psf=$29.5k + 1%GTO
    Level B1 - 1496sf @12psf=$17.9k + 1%GTO
    200sf-1000sf from $20psf - $29psf. Beside MRT
    Plaza 8 @ CBP, 1 Changi Business Park Crescent (S)486025
    F&B For Lease - 761sf @$7.6k plus 1%GTO, 
    1474sf @$14.7k. 1805sf @$15999
    UE BizHub East, 2 Changi Business Park Avenue 1 486015
    Level 1 - F&B 
    1450sf @$13psf=$18k
    (Floor Trap/Water/With Exhaust)
    Enrichment Class, Gym etc
    2300sf @$psf=$18k nego
    Rochester Mall - 33 Rochester Drive 
    Level 1 - 3173sf @$7.00psf=$22k
    (Floor Trap/Water/Gas/No Exhaust)
    Level 2 - (Hotel Blk)
    1631sf @$8.00psf=$13k
    (Floor Trap/Water/Gas/Exhaust)
    1200sf @$10psf=$12k
    (Floor Trap/Water/No Gas/No Exhaust)
    331sf @$10psf=$3.3k
    (Floor Trap/Water)
    368sf @$10psf=$3.6k
    Water Only
    Level 3
    331sf @$10psf=$3.3k
    2148sf @$10psf=$21.4k
    The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road (S) 287994
    F&B and Shop space for lease
    Retails and F&B For Lease
    Shop 300/350/418/2100/2239sf @$4-$4.50psf nego
    Retails, F&B and Restaurant For Lease
    ***Holland Village*** @Lorong Mambong / Lor Liput / Holland Ave
    1300sf @$9.5k - Takover fee apply
    1400-2300sf @$14k
    1500sf @$23k
    2500sf @$14.40psf=$36k 
    2 storey shop house at highly crowded human traffic location.
    Viva Business Park, 750 Chai Chee Road (S)469000
    Retails, F&B and Restaurant For Lease
    Level 1 - 1550sf @$10psf=$15k
    Level 1 - 1679sf @$10psf=$16k
    Fitted with Exhaust, grease tap and water point
    23 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069703
    3 levels / partially furnished for F&B use / One set of main staircase and a separate set for staff use / Toilet facilities in excellent condition on all levels /
    Separate back door access via level 2.
    3111sf @$10psf=$31k nego
    4 Jalan Mat Jambol Singapore 119555 (Pasir Panjang)
    F&B For Lease
    Level 1 - 506sf (Indoor) @$13psf=$6.5k nego
    334sf (ORA) @$4psf=$1336 nego 
    Level 1 - 1420sf (Indoor) @$11.50psf=$4.8k nego
    344sf (ORA) @$4psf=$1376 nego 
    20 Havelock Road, Singapore 059765
    Retail / Services / F&B (subject to change of use) 
    Level 1 - 2616sf @$7.50psf=$19.6k
    Retail / Services / F&B
    (no exhaust and gas provisions and
    subject to change of use)
    Level 1 - 689sf @$10psf=$6.8k nego
    Retail / Services / F&B
    (subject to change of use)
    Level 1 - 689sf @$10psf=$6.8k nego
    Retail / Services / F&B
    (subject to change of use)
    Level 1 - 560sf @$10psf=$5.6k nego
    Retail / Services / F&B
    (subject to change of use)
    Level 1 - 431sf @$9psf=$3.8k nego
    Riverhub Pte Ltd
    6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059817
    Retail / F&B For Lease
    Level 1 - 366sf @$35psf=$12.8k nego 
    Level 1 - 1216sf @$17psf=$20.6k nego
    Level 2 - 2207sf @$15psf=$33k nego 
    Level 2 - 1765sf (Indoor) @$15psf=$26.4 nego 
    366sf (ORA) @$6.50psf=$2.3k nego
    Level 3 - 1453sf @$12psf=$17.4k nego
    Level 3 - 3154sf @$11psf=$34k nego 
    1 Seletar Road Singapore 807011
    Retail/ Takeaway F&B (without exhaust)
    Level 1 - 108sf @$25psf=$2.7k nego 
    Level 1 - 388sf @$22psf=$8.5k nego 
    Level 2 - 1313sf @$11psf=$14.4k nego 
    Level 2 - 1787sf @$11psf=$19.6k nego 
    F&B / Education / Services For Lease
    Level 2 - 1421sf @$11psf=$15.6k nego 
    4 Hillview Rise Singapore 667979
    F&B/Retail For Lease
    Level 2 - 302sf @$18psf=$5.4k nego 
    1 Hougang Street 91 Singapore 538692
    Takeaway F&B Kiosk
    Level 1 - 172sf @$29psf=$4.9k nego
    10/12 Gopeng Street Singapore 078877
    F&B For Lease
    Level 1 - 990sf @$9psf=$8.9k nego 
    Level 1 - 130sf @$18psf=$2.3k nego 
    1 Woodlands Road Singapore 677899
    F&B For Lease
    Level 1 - 3724sf @$10psf=$37k nego 
    Level 1 - 1733sf @$10psf=$17k nego 
    Level 2 - 2626sf @$10psf=$26k nego 
    30 East Coast Road Singapore 428751
    F&B For Lease
    Level 1 - 942sf @$11psf=$10.3k nego 
    Takeaway For Lease
    Level 1 - 487sf @$13psf=$6.3k nego 
    Takeaway For Lease
    Level 1 - 368sf @$13psf=$4.7k nego 
    8 Sinaran Drive Singapore 307470
    F&B For Lease
    Level 1 - 1184sf @$12psf=$14.2k nego 
    Retail/Service/Café (without exhaust)
    Level 2 - 646sf @$12psf=$7.1k nego 
    1 Tanglin Road Singapore 247905
    F&B For Lease
    Level 1 - 5529sf @$18psf=$99k nego 
    9 Scotts Road Singapore 228210
    F&B For Lease
    Level 1 - 1970sf @$25psf=$49k nego 
    86sf (Licence Area) @$5psf=$430
    F&B For Lease
    Level 2 - 3122sf @$12psf=$37k nego 
    9, Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189559
    F&B For Lease
    Level 1 - 2982sf @$7psf=$20.8k nego 
    Level 2 - 1938sf @$12psf=$23k nego 
    Level 2 - 1819sf @$12psf=$21.8k nego 
    30 Robertson Quay Singapore 238251
    F&B For Lease
    Level 1 - 2088sf (Indoor) @$16psf=$33k nego 
    501sf (TOL) @$7psf=$3.5k nego
    SQUARE 2
    10 Sinaran Drive Singapore 307506
    F&B Takeaway
    Level B1 -129sf @$35psf=$4.5k nego
    Level 1 - 355sf @$23psf=$8k nego
    Level 3 - 2831sf @$12psf=$33k nego
    Retail/F&B Takeaway (No Exhaust)
    Level 4 - 237sf @$16psf=$3.7k nego
    1 Netheravon Road Singapore 508502
    F&B For Lease
    Level 8 - 2616sf @$8psf=$20.9k nego
    154 West Coast Road Singapore 127371
    F&B For Lease
    Level B1 - 1733sf (Indoor) @$12psf=$20.7k nego
    538sf (Outdoor)
    Level B1 - 990sf @$14psf=$13.8k nego
    Level B1 - 527sf @$15psf=$7.9k nego
    Level B1 - 1700.71sf (Indoor) + 452.09sf (Outdoor) 
    Total 2152.80sf @$13psf=$27.9k nego
    Level B1 - 850.36sf (Indoor) + 947.23sf (Outdoor) 
    Total 1797.59sf @$13psf=$23.3k nego
    6 Woodlands Square Singapore 737713
    F&B For Lease
    Level B2 - 775sf (Indoor) @$25psf=$19.3k nego
    452sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$3.6k nego
    Total 1227sf
    Level B2 - 614sf (Indoor) @$25psf=$15.3k nego
    312 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$2.4k nego
    Total 926sf
    Level B2 - 1421sf (Indoor) @$22psf=$31k nego
    484 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$3.8k nego
    Total 1905sf
    Level B2 - 969sf (Indoor) @$25psf=$24k nego
    420 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$3.3k nego
    Total 1389sf
    Level B2 - 463sf @$25psf=$11k nego
    Level B2 - 1464sf @$22psf=$32k nego
    Level B2 - 323sf @$25psf=$8k nego
    Level B2 - 527sf @$25psf=$13k nego
    Level 1 - 581sf @$30psf=$17k nego
    Level 1 - 560sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$16.8k nego
    129 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$1032 nego
    Total 689sf
    Level 1 - 850sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$25.5k nego
    172 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$1376 nego
    Total 1022sf
    Level 1 - 280sf @$30psf=$8.4k nego
    Level 1 - 280sf @$30psf=$8.4k nego
    Level 1 - 463sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$13.8k nego
    291 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$2328 nego
    Total 754sf
    Level 1 - 581sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$17.4k nego
    161 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$1288 nego
    Total 742sf
    Level 1 - 678sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$20.3k nego
    172sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$1376 nego
    Total 850sf
    Level 1 - 1238sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$37k nego
    334sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$2672 nego
    Total 1572sf 
    Level 1 - 829sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$24.8k nego
    431sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$3448 nego
    Total 1260sf
    Level 1 - 635sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$19k nego
    323sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$2584 nego
    Total 958sf
    Level 1 - 538sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$16k nego
    355sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$2840 nego
    Total 893sf
    Level 1 - 484sf @$30psf=$14.5k nego
    Level 1 - 883sf @$30psf=$26.4k nego
    Level 1 - 969sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$29k nego
    280sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$22400 nego
    Total 1249sf
    Westway @27 West Coast Highway (S)117867
    605sf @$4.00psf=$2900 (With waterpoint and floor trap)
    1999sf @$4.80psf=$9500 (With grease trap, waterpoint and floor trap)
    1200sf (Recreational)
    Pop-Up Booth $50 per day
    One Shenton /The Arcade / International Plaza / Chevron Bldg
    Retails / F&B For Lease
    Ground Floor 301sf at $29.00psf=$29k nego
    (Grease trap, Gas pipe, Sprinklers)
    For viewing and enquiries, please kindly contact:- Jason Lim Hp: 91010-559
    Hear from you soon.
    Thank you
    With Best Regards
    Jason Lim
    Senior Director
    Royalland Real Estate (Since 1994)
    Agency Licence No. L3005927H
    CEA Reg. No. P001099I
    Hp: 91010-559
    Email: [email protected]

    Property Details

    Building Name:
    Square 2 - Retails & F/B For Lease
    QuickPro No:
    Property Type:
    Light Industrial (B1)
    District 10
    355 sq. ft.
    Asking Price (PSF):
    SGD 30.99