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Week in Review – 28 April 2017
Apr 28, 2017

Local Property NewsConsistent growth in private resale property pricesPhoto creditsFor the fifth consecutive month, resale private home prices have had a good showing. Can we hope for a market recovery? Perhaps not quite yet, but there is no reason n...

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Why Scandinavian home design
Apr 20, 2017

Here’s why you’ll need a Scandinavian home design!Talk about interior design and you probably would have noticed how popular Scandinavian designs are. With their iconic simple design and pale colours, Scandinavian furnishings are also fast becoming a...

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Keeping It Clean
Apr 17, 2017
If you live in a HDB flat with less than 60 years left on its lease, or are looking at one which you really fancy, what can you make of its limited lifespan? HDB flats have life sp...
Should the asking price of between $643 to $653 million for the HUDC estate of Eunosville truly go through, it would be the largest collective sale of late as it surpasses the $638...
Luxury property seekers are coming back into the market as transaction figures show. Robust sales of units at Gramercy Park on Grange Road certainly seems to attest to that. The hi...
A bid $65 million above the expected offer for a land plot is not something to scoff at. It also points to the site as having tremendous potential, are at the very least possesses ...

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