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Lyn Kwan

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Lyn Kwan

Lyn Kwan

CEA Registration Number:R021149H
Agency Licence Number:L3008430D
Phone Number:+659018....

It is not a coincidence that you have chanced upon this web-site. This is the start of your journey to realise the experience of living in your DREAM HOME in SINGAPORE!! Whether it is a RENTAL property or otherwise, what really matters is that you and your family get to enjoy the experience of locating, securing and eventually moving into that "DREAM HOME".

"The journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step." All journeys naturally begin with the first step. It begins with a thought, then a choice whether or not to put the thought into action. Slowly, one event after another gradually gathers momentum and propels a person headlong into a series of actions which culminate in him or her achieving a worthwhile accomplishment. Yes, to make any journey and certainly a journey into the real estate world, it definitely takes a conscious and collective decision by you and your loved ones to realize your wish of finding your ideal home!

Carpe Diem! Seize the Day! Start your journeyTODAY!! Check out the Premium Listings here and give me a CALL!!


I am a specialist in Singapore real estate, and I can help you to choose the "right" property in Singapore - whether you are an experienced investor, a first time buyer or a foreigner looking to move into Singapore.

My services cover you through the whole process:

- finding the property,
- negotiating the best price,
- making an offer and
- closing the deal.

I am here to help you in everything to make the best real estate decision in your life.

I have established a strong network with developers/ homeowners/ investors and the expatriate community.

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Total Listing : 24

Properties for Sale by Lyn Kwan

PreviewStreetEstateDistrictAsking PricePostedType
Lakeshore ViewLakeshore ViewLakeshore View04$18,800,00023/02/2019Bungalow
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$15,500,00023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$6,500,00023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$9,000,00023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$6,377,00023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$6,430,00023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$23,800,00023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$9,180,00023/02/2019Condominium
The Marq On Paterson HillPaterson HillThe Marq On Paterson Hill09$12,980,00023/02/2019Condominium
The LevelzFarrer RoadThe Levelz10$1,525,00023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$14,500,00023/02/2019Condominium
Waterfall GardensFarrer RoadWaterfall Gardens10$8,950,00023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$10,500,00023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$6,880,00023/02/2019Condominium
The Coast at Sentosa CoveOcean DriveThe Coast at Sentosa Cove04$4,450,00023/02/2019Condominium
Sentosa CoveOcean DriveSentosa Cove04$23,000,00023/02/2019Detached
Sentosa CoveOcean DriveSentosa Cove04$23,000,00023/02/2019Detached
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$2,622,57023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$4,239,26023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$4,272,00023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$2,582,40023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$4,031,77223/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$4,019,28223/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$2,602,00023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment

Total Listing : 35

Properties for Rent by Lyn Kwan

PreviewStreetEstateDistrictAsking PricePostedType
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$21,00023/02/2019Condominium
Cuscaden ResidencesCuscaden RoadCuscaden Residences10$6,80023/02/2019Condominium
Cuscaden ResidencesCuscaden RoadCuscaden Residences10$6,70023/02/2019Condominium
Nouvel 18Anderson RoadNouvel 1810$8,00023/02/2019Condominium
Nouvel 18Anderson RoadNouvel 1810$8,10023/02/2019Condominium
The Marq On Paterson HillPaterson HillThe Marq On Paterson Hill09$19,50023/02/2019Condominium
The Marq On Paterson HillPaterson HillThe Marq On Paterson Hill09$18,50023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$18,50023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$36,00023/02/2019Condominium
Nouvel 18Anderson RoadNouvel 1810$30,00023/02/2019Condominium
Nouvel 18Anderson RoadNouvel 1810$12,00023/02/2019Condominium
Nouvel 18Anderson RoadNouvel 1810$14,00023/02/2019Condominium
Nouvel 18Anderson RoadNouvel 1810$9,60023/02/2019Condominium
Nouvel 18Anderson RoadNouvel 1810$8,60023/02/2019Condominium
The LevelzFarrer RoadThe Levelz10$4,10023/02/2019Condominium
Sage  NassimNassim RoadSage @ Nassim10$18,00023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$16,00023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier 8 Napier Road8 Napier 10$18,00023/02/2019Condominium
One North ResidencesOne-North GatewayOne North Residences05$3,30023/02/2019Condominium
8 Napier8 Napier Road 8 Napier10$22,00023/02/2019Condominium
Martin No 38Martin RoadMartin No 3809$8,40023/02/2019Hi-Rise Apartment
38 Draycott DriveDraycott Drive38 Draycott Drive10$5,50023/02/2019Hi-Rise Apartment
The Lincoln ModernLincoln RoadThe Lincoln Modern11$5,30023/02/2019Hi-Rise Apartment
Martin No 38Martin RoadMartin No 3809$7,60023/02/2019Hi-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$8,20023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$12,00023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$9,00023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$7,00023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$6,30023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$6,20023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$8,80023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$8,00023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$8,60023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$5,90023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment
HilltopsCairnhill CircleHilltops09$10,00023/02/2019Low-Rise Apartment

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