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Raj Bhandari

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Raj Bhandari

Raj Bhandari

CEA Registration Number:R014296H
Agency Licence Number:L3010489G
Phone Number:+659660....
I think it is better to highlight my core skills then touch individually on the industries with which I was involved, during the last 20 years. My core skills have been: 1. Strategic Services Marketing - segmenting the market and creating solutions to fit that market - primarily service industry verticals; 2. Needs based Sales - transactional and complex multi-million dollar deals. Real Estate Business: I have been involved in the real estate business, buying and selling for the last 10 years. The countries where I practised were - New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. I have been involved in different kind of real estate buying/selling platforms viz., private sale, sale by auction and sell by certain date. Telecommunications Business: I have been involved in the high-value solutions selling in the telecommunications infrastructure domain where deals range between - SGD 500k to SGD 500 Million. Why you choose me? It is simple as saying: What you see, you will get. Straight talks, no going around in circles, sheer professionalism and integrity. Aboveall, I do not negotiate on my services commission as I believe the results that I provide will speak for themselves. However, I only negotiate on my commission if there is a genuine financial problem and seller cannot pay. I have come across this situation few times and to be honest, there were certain ocassions, where I brokered the deal with "$1" commission. What is the best way to market the property? To have a exclusive selling partnership with the seller as it preserves the credibility of both the property and the property consultant. If the property is open-listed every consultant markets it differently with no rules. Example: Seller opts for open listing, in the impression to maximize the property awareness and attract all the relevant buyers. Let us say the seller $1 for the property and gets 3 different agents to market his/her property. Consultant 1 markets for 90cents, Consultant 2 markets for 98 cents and Consultant 3 markets for 1.05 cents. The relevant BUYER will call of course the consultant marketing the lowest. Buyer will view and if he likes will submit an offer. But as expected the offer will be rejected by the seller. The same BUYER calls the second consultant, again offering less than what Seller wants. Again he submits the offer and again it gets declined. The third consultant the buyer targets tells the right price but by that time, the buyer has lost faith in the clear intention of the seller to sell. Result - property stays on the market and sellers keep on showing the property with no or pathetic results. IN SHORT - "Too many viewings is not directly proportional to win-win sale conversions". If you want to read more about me, please visit the following link: Real estate business is only about the following: 1. Understanding the buyers and sellers needs; 2. Finding appropriate buyers and sellers to meet those needs; 3. Negotiating a win-win situation. Please call me and I assure you complete satisfaction. If not satisfied, do not pay me. Let us do business in the manner it is done in a realistic and candid manner with respect and courtesy.

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