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Colin Ee

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Colin Ee

Colin Ee

CEA Registration Number:R051292G
Agency Licence Number:L3008022J
Phone Number:+659329....
Dear friends,

If you are looking for a property agent just to help you buy / sell / rent a property, you can easily look for anyone because it doesn’t take much to perform these tasks.

However, if you are looking for a property wealth creator who can show you how to achieve the following, then you are looking at the right person.

- Use the most advanced tool to find undervalued properties that could save you $50,000 to $250,000. I will show you why this tool is so powerful that will allow you to find all the undervalued properties in Singapore.

- Identify new launches selling at rock bottom prices that can immediately translate into potential profits of at least $200,000 upon purchase. I have actual new launches to show this.

- 10 extremely powerful “Techniques” that will allow you to turbo-charge your wealth creation by buying into high quality, high yield properties, even if you have no money or income.

- Learn how to read the various master plans and reap massive profits of $750,000 in 1 year. One investor has done this.

- Learn how to invest in commercial and industrial properties that allow you to convert $100,000 into $500,000 in the next 5 years. I have actual properties to show this.

- Apply various strategies to start becoming an owner of multiple properties within the next 6 months. A HDB owner earning $3,500 / month owns 3 properties after 6 months by applying such strategies.

- 3 “little-known” reasons why today is a good time to invest in Singapore properties. Once you know the reasons, it will open up a sea of opportunities to buy properties that will TRIPLE your wealth in the next 5 years.

- An “Insider Secret” on how successful property investors play the game. You will be amazed at how simple this rule is yet most people choose to do the exact opposite.

- One potent wealth creation method to help HDB owners turn $200,000 cash into $1,000,000 in the next 5 years. (Warning : This will blow your mind away).

- Even if the property market were to decline, as what all the “gurus” are saying, how you can follow one simple rule to achieve 10% return on your properties for the next 10 years. This is the foundation 101 of property investing which many people miss out.

- Many investors are fearful of not being able to find a tenant and the high mortgage they have to repay every month. I will show you how to overcome these fear such that you will never lose money again in properties, and you will never again be fearful of high monthly mortgage.

- The 4 components of PRICE Framework - “Property Investment Capabilities Evaluation” that every property investor needs to know. (Otherwise you are just gambling on your next purchase).

- How you will lose money in your HDB even though the price has appreciated, and what you should do to stop throwing money away.

- Understand how you can overcome the current cooling measures legally and still invest profitably while others are taking no action and missing out on golden opportunities.

- Hear information and insights that are never told by the media, property agents, seminar gurus and developers because it may not be in their best interest for them to do so, but such insights are critical to your investment success.

- Be a savvy property investor who can always find good deals to invest in, regardless of the market conditions or timing.

- Real life case studies of how I have helped turn 1 property into 3 properties, earning passive income of $5,000/mth… in only 1 year. You can be like one of them.

I am the director of PSF Real Estate Academy, Singapore's ONLY investor-centric real estate investment strategist who helps individuals create wealth in the fastest and safest way through investing in Singapore properties. My strength lies in the application of creative financing techniques and wealth creation strategies to allow almost anyone own their first private property within 6 months. My private consultation is highly sought after and due to the high demand, I am extremely selective in taking on deals. Till date, more than 200 property owners have consulted with me and I have given them their roadmap to own multiple properties with little risk, in the next 1 year.

I conduct the 4-day Property Wealth Creation program, 4 times a year to impart real estate knowledge and investment skill to my students. Here are some of the testimonials from my students :

“It’s very insightful. I have learnt a lot about real estate and realised that anyone can own multiple properties if they have the resources and knowledge. Colin is very good and is passionate about his work. He has shared a lot and I am grateful to him.”
- Selena Ang (Manager, hospitality industry)

“Colin helped me turned 1 property into 3 properties in 6 months.”
- Cheong K. F. (Technician, water treatment plant)

“Very detailed and insightful information is shared in this course, which may not be available elsewhere.”
- Ang K. Y. (Researcher, Civil Service)

“General characteristics, structuring and financing options all covered in one snap shot. Great for awareness of all my current possibilities towards owning multiple properties.”
- Derek King (Civil Engineer)

“I think this is the most important course to attend before any property investment. You invest thousands and you make hopefully millions of dollars or you save lots from not making any mistakes.”
- Thong S. H. (Commercial pilot)

“I think I will never contact property agents but I will ask Colin about property investment opportunities before buying.”
- Matteo C. (Offshore supervisor in Oil and Gas industry)

“Many practical case studies / scenarios to help me understand how to multiply my properties.”
- May Lee (Property agent)

Besides the 4-day program, I regularly conduct 2 hour workshops to share certain insights to property investing.

I am an adventurer, entrepreneur and real estate investor. After my graduation from the National University of Singapore, my passion for mountaineering saw me appointed expedition leader of the team that successfully scaled Mount Everest in 2005. Subsequently I joined a global bank under its prestigious Management Development Program and spent 8 years in the banking industry, specialising in corporate credit and debt restructuring. I bought my HDB 10 years ago and to date, I still has a HDB and owns 3 private properties.

I have been invited as guest speaker to share real estate insights at EPIC (Event for Property Investing and Crowdfunding), NTU Alumni Club and Civil Service College.

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