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Paul Wong

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Paul Wong

Paul Wong

CEA Registration Number:R043826C
Agency Licence Number:L3008022J
Phone Number:+659698....
Who am I? Grew up in the West side of Singapore and have been residing in Bukit Panjang for more than 15 years. Paul Wong has been working in the service industry for 18 years and last parted Singapore Airlines after 7 years of service as a cabin crew. He had also attained a 2nd Class Honors Degree in Finance in year 2011. Looking for greater challenges and a change of work environment, Paul decided to start his “business” in Real Estate with Propnex Realty. In his very first year, he has already achieved the position of Associate Team Director. With his expertise in property market analysis, using Macro and Micro comparison of different properties, he has guide his clients to transact their properties at the best possible price! In 2013, Paul started Bukit Panjang Team and also pioneered BPG website to help their clients in their Real Estate transition. He has also came up with the unique BPG METRIC SYSTEM to help expedite his HDB client's search of their dream home according to their individual needs! VISIT WWW.BUKITPANJANGGURU.COM AND LIKE OUR BPG FACEBOOK PAGE!! My simple belief >> Work with the RIGHT person, you will achieve the RIGHT results. HDB < < Transaction of Bukit Panjang Team for Year 2012 > > (3 room flat) Blk 221 Pending Road 3rm (4 Room flat) Blk 631 Senja Road 4rm Blk 627 Senja Road 4rm Blk 631 Senja Road 4rm Blk 218 Petir Road 4rm Blk 164 Gangsa Road 4rm Blk 539 Bukit Panjang Ring Road 4rm Blk 276 Bangkit Road 4rm Blk 510 Jelapang road 4rm Blk 509 Jelapang road 4rm Blk 416 Saujana Road 4rm Blk 447 Fajar Road 4rm Blk 516 Jelapang Road 4rm Blk 104 Gangsa Road 4rm (5 Room Flat) Blk 177 Lompang Road 5rm Blk 248 Bangkit road 5rm Blk 631 Senja Road 5rm Blk 178 Lompang Road 5rm Blk 631 Senja Road 5rm Blk 474 Segar road 5rm Blk 630 senja road 5rm Blk 631 senja road 5rm Blk 609 bukit panjang ring rd 5rm Blk 449 bukit panjang ring rd 5rm Blk 627 senja rd 5rm (EA/EM) Blk 181 Jelebu Road EA VISIT WWW.BUKITPANJANGGURU.COM AND LIKE OUR BPG FACEBOOK PAGE!! *************************************************************************************************************************************************** PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL Moving on, Paul is NOT just a HDB savvy consultant. Paul have grown rapidly with his knowledge of Real Estate and already helped numerous clients to realize their dreams of growing their asset portfolio and increase their cash flow and pool of capital, Paul is still reaching out to all investors (New or experienced), to assist them in making a more informed decision, growing their wealth for them. < Common Questions Raised > How can we spot "Below Market Price" properties? What is it that makes commercial properties so attractive? Why is it that even after the 7th round of cooling measure with the SSD on Industrial property sector, it is still a worthwhile segment? What draws the investors to Malaysia - Iskandar, what are the risks involved and why is there still such high interest in this area of investment? Regardless if you are a Agent or an Investor, these are the common question raised. Paul is more than willing to share With all the cooling measures, how can you use REAL ESTATE to create a SAVING PLAN for your future! You will be AMAZED and be thinking to yourself why didn't you know this information EARLIER!! *************************************************************************************************************************************************** Paul's Team Building At Powerful Negotiators, we impart important knowledge to our associates. Making sure that they are ready to embark on a journey to meet investors, new or experienced, to help them plan their investment portfolio, stretching their potential so that they will gain the maximum possible profits and the lowest risk possible. With a fast growing team of associates, he also makes sure that his associates are well trained with the Team's training, imparting them skills and knowledge based on the current market situation. For example, how can you help your clients to secure more profitable properties with the latest cooling measures in place? The "know-how" that is essential to all salesperson, experienced or new, we NEVER stop learning. With a structured training, we aim to educate our associates with R. E. I. T. S.. Recruitment: To help experienced agents to build their team with our programs Education: To educate agents with the right knowledge which is current in the market Investment: Making sure that our associates will have their money working hard for them, sharing investment opportunities with them. Training: Training our associates to be sharp with figures, able to spot a good investment with the knowledge the gained. System: Our result-proven system which has shaped today's industry has now taken a new look, with our latest iOS system, we are able to not just carry out what we could do before, but now directly benefit our clients with state-of-the-art mobile apps for our associates and clients! If you are looking for a breakthrough in your real estate career, or you simply want to know more about our Team in Propnex "Powerful Negotaitors", just drop Paul an SMS at 86680900, and you can just have a casual coffee session and sharing. Working together with a team of more than 1400+ active agents and still growing, I strive to serve all my clients with great efficiency and provide a service that other salesperson talk about! I am please to answer any of your queries, so feel free to call me for a non-obligatory discussion. :) Paul Wong Associate Team Director HP: 86680900 - Powerful Negotiators - The Number 1 Team in Propnex Realty Pte Ltd

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