Food Xchange For Sale
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Sale SGD 1,580,000

Admiralty Street, 757437 District 27

  • Built-up : 2768 sq. ft.
  • Land area : -

    Food Xchange For Sale

    (*Photos & Details* are for illustration purpose Only & subject to change)
    Please kindly take note some units maybe Sold or Leased out. 
    And *Subject to Availability*
    All listing: is subject to contract, availability and Landlord’s final approval.
    Food Xchange @ Admiralty, 8A Admiralty Street (S)757437
    Food Factory For Sale
    2768sf @$567psf=$1.58m
    2768sf @$653psf=$1.8m
    2863sf @$499psf=$1.43m
    3810sf @$425psf=$1.62m
    4200sf @$619psf=$2.6m
    5444sf @$440psf=$2.4m
    5560sf @$473psf=$2.65m
    5995sf @$547psf=$3.28m
    6800sf @$588psf=$4m
    Food Factory / Central Kitchen For Lease
    Food Xchange @ Admiralty, 8A Admiralty Street 
    2680sf @$1.94psf=$5600 
    2777sf @$2.50psf=$6500 - Bare Unit 
    2777sf @$2.50psf=$7000 Fully fitted with Exhuast, chiller room cum office
    3780sf @$2.11psf=$8000 
    3886sf @$2.11psf=$8000 
    3780sf @$2.37psf=$9400 
    Factory For Sale
    8B @Admiralty @8B Admiralty Street 
    1688sf @$355psf=$600k
    1851sf @$313psf=$580k
    1861sf @$334psf=$620k
    1722sf @$696psf=$1.2m
    1753sf @$342psf=$600k
    Admirax, 8 Admiralty Street 
    Factory For Sale
    1688sf @$355psf=$600k
    1851sf @$313psf=$580k
    1861sf @$334psf=$620k
    1722sf @$696psf=$1.2m
    1753sf @$342psf=$600k
    ARK @ Gambas, 7 Gambas Crescent (S)757087
    1603sf @$467psf=$750k
    1606sf @$429psf=$680k
    1711sf @$397psf=$680k
    1900sf @$394psf=$750k
    2217sf @$700psf=$1.52m
    2249sf @$550psf=$1.23m
    2766sf @$401psf=$1.1m
    2900f @$344psf=$999k
    3422sf @$400psf=$1.36m
    4500sf @$563psf=$2.53m
    E9 Premium, 61 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 1765sf @$321psf=$568k
    1765sf @$345psf=$610k
    1873sf @$334psf=$627k
    1873sf @$341psf=$640k
    2239sf @$350psf=$785k
    3078sf @$245psf=$756k
    3724sf @$236psf=$882k
    4252sf @$219psf=$932k
    5321sf @$230psf=$1.2m
    ELDIX, 11 Mandai Estate (S)729908
    1410sf @$558psf=$788k
    1561sf @$653psf=$839k
    1561sf @$699psf=$1.09m
    1583sf @$593psf=$940k
    1862sf @$547psf=$1.02m
    3122sf @$566psf=$1.77m
    Harvest @ Woodlands, 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 (S)757322 
    3150sf @$285psf=$899k
    3200sf @$277psf=$888k
    Hiangkie Industrial Building, 27 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 (S)757718
    Factory For Sale
    2304sf @$282psf=$650k
    2799sf @$225psf=$630k
    2831sf @$278psf=$788k
    3013sf @$219psf=$660k
    3430sf @$271psf=$880k
    3437sf @$247psf=$850k
    6000sf @$260psf=$1.56m
    Ispace, 7 Soon Lee Street (S)627608
    Factory / Workshop (B2) For Sale 
    30-year Leasehold 
    7 Soon Lee Street (627608)
    Ground For Sale
    2357 sqft (Negotiable) 
    2045 sqft (Negotiable) 
    1722 sqft @$336psf=$580k
    1938 sqft @$309psf=$600k
    1991 sqft @$326psf=$650k
    2357 sqft @$500psf=$1.17m
    3025 sqft @$313psf=$950k
    3025 sqft @$522psf=$1.57m
    3982 sqft @$313psf=$1.25m
    *** Serious Seller***
    Mandai Foodlink 5 Mandai Link (S)729999
    Food Factory For Sale 
    1851sf @$534psf=$980k
    2530sf @$466psf=$1.18m
    2626sf @$418psf=$1.1m
    2700sf @$425sf=$1.15m
    3597sf @$411psf=$1.4m
    6800sf @$411psf=$2.8m
    7340sf @$475psf=$3.48m
    Sale or Rent
    Unit comes with Mezzanine except stack 08
    High ceiling height @ 7m
    Ramp-up access for light vehicles and lorries only (10KN/m2)
    Suitable for Coldroom, Food Processing, Packaging Service
    Mandai Foodlink 5 Mandai Link (S)729999
    Food Factory For Lease 
    1851sf @$2.16psf=$4k
    2530sf @$1.98psf=$5k
    2605sf @$1.80psf=$4.6k
    2756sf @$2.50psf=$6.8k
    2874sf @$2.26psf=$6.5k
    3423sf @$1.40psf=$4.8k
    3597sf @$2.11psf=$7.6k
    5326sf @$2.04psf=$10.9k
    Nordix, 1 Woodlands Industrial Park E2 (S)757447
    4628sf @$432psf=$2m
    7320sf @$383psf=$2.8m
    Northlink Building, 10 Admiralty Street (S)757695
    Ramp-Up B2 factory For Sale
    Level 1 – 5188sf @$212psf=$1.1m
    Level 5 – 1173sf @$298psf=$350k
    Level 6 – 6360sf @$220psf=$1.39n
    Primz BizHub, 21 Woodlands Close (S)737854 
    947sf @$454psf=$430k
    950sf @$526psf=$500k
    1119sf @$436psf=$488k 
    1184sf @$416psf=$480k
    1184sf @$520psf=$520k 
    1205sf @$398psf=$480k 
    1205sf @$481psf=$580k 
    1830sf @$354psf=$648k 
    2293sf @$601psf=$1.38m 
    2659sf @$564psf=$1.5m 
    4553sf @$571psf=$2.6m 
    Wave9, 71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 (S)757048
    2433sf @$484psf=$1.17m
    2949sf @$466psf=$1.37m
    4370sf @$466psf=$2m
    4542sf @$466psf=$2.1m
    11345sf @$272psf=$3m
    12335sf @$280psf=$3.45m
    35069sf @$287psf=$10m
    Woodlands 11, 11 Woodlands Close (S)737853,
    1830sf @$382sf=$700k
    1938sf @$361psf=$700k
    2863sf @$599psf=$1.7m
    5382sf @$599psf=$3.2m
    7556sf @$566psf=$4.2m
    Woodlands Industrial Xchange, 71 Woodlands Avenue (S)10 737743 
    1722sf @$342psf=$590k
    1722sf @$551psf=$950k
    1722sf @$696psf=$1.2m
    1755sf @$364psf=$640k
    1938sf @$359psf=$697k
    3821sf @$431psf=$1.65m
    Woodlands 11, 11 Woodlands Close (S)737853,
    Factory For Sale
    1830sf @$382sf=$700k
    1938sf @$361psf=$700k
    2863sf @$599psf=$1.7m
    5382sf @$599psf=$3.2m
    7556sf @$566psf=$4.2m
    Nordix, 1 Woodlands Industrial Park E2 (S)757447
    3 Sty Terrace B2 Factory For Lease
    6000sf @$1.83psf=$11k with 17pax 
    7300sf @$1.71psf=$12.5k with 29pax
    ***Worker Quarter/ Dormitory For Lease***
    Geylang Road / Guillemard Road - 1000sf @$2.5k to $3k with air-con 
    Toh Guan Rd - $260/pax at 12pax per rooms
    Tuas area - $175/pax at 16pax per rooms
    Woodland 12000pax each @$306 per pax Can Cook. Wifi including beds, Utilities and cooking gas, wifi, free worker uniform laundry per sett s per day.
    Amiraltly near Sembawang Shipyard Dormitory For lease.
    Accommodation capacity 100paxs to 12000paxs
    Various Locations.
    Sale/Rental negotiable
    Various unit and others location also available. $$$ neg.
    Interested party, please kindly contact Jason Lim, 
    Senior Director: Hp: +65 91010 559 or 
    emails:- [email protected]
    Royalland Real Estate (Since 1994)

    Property Details

    Building Name:
    Food Xchange For Sale
    QuickPro No:
    Property Type:
    District 27
    60 Years
    2768 sq. ft.
    Asking Price (PSF):
    SGD 570.81