38 Woodlands Industrial Park E1
  • 15
Rent SGD 3,900

38 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 District 25

  • Built-up : 2009 sq. ft.
  • Land area : -
  • Ample CarPark

38 Woodlands Industrial Park E1

(*Photos & Details* are for illustration purpose Only & subject to change)
Please kindly take note some units maybe Sold or Leased out. 
And *Subject to Availability*

All listing: is subject to contract, availability and Landlord’s final approval.

38 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 (S)757700
B2 Factory For Lease 
2900sf @$3.9k
3000sf @$$4.5k - Corner Unit
3200sf @$4.9k - (Fully Fitted Car Workshop)
4476sf @$6.5k - Corner Unit
Fully Fitted with Mezz office

1. Ground Warehouse @ Clementi Loop
- Approx 34k sqft
- 30m Clear Height
- Columnfree Layout
- 6 Dedicated Loading Bays
- 40 Footer Accessible
- $1.50psf nego

2. Ramp Up Warehouse @ Pandan Ave
- Approx 24k sqft
- 7m clear height 
- 7 Dedicated Loading Bays 
- 40 Footer Accessible
- Ask $1.20psf

3. Ramp Up Warehouse @ Jalan Buroh
- Approx 32k sqft
- 8.5m clear height 
- 6 dedicated loading bays 
- 40 footer accessible
- Ask $1.20psf 

4. ramp Up Warehouse @ tanjong Penjuru
- Approx 33,888 sqft
- 8m clear height 
- 7 dedicated loading bays 
- 40 footer accessible
- Ask $1.25psf

(Photos are for illustration purpose)

ARK @ Gambas, 7 Gambas Crescent (S)757087
Ramp-Up B1 Factory For Lease - Leasehold 60-years
250sf @$3.00psf=$750
650sf @$1.54psf=$1000
1603sf @$1.19psf=$1900
1636sf @$1.34psf=$2200
1711sf @$1.29psf=$2200
2250sf @$1.80psf=$3900
2250sf @$1.71psf=$3850
2259sf @$2.20psf=$4950
3000sf @$1.50psf=$4500
6750sf @$1.70psf=$11000
Property Info Description
***D27: [email protected] unit for sales ****
- B1 Light Industrial 60 years LH from Feb 2012
- 9-storeys Factory with ramp up to level #07

E9 Premium, 61 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 (S)757047
Ramp-Up B2 Factory For Lease - 30 years Leasehold
1701sf @$1.09psf=$1855
1701sf @$1.65psf=$2800
1916sf @$1.98psf=$3800
2223sf @$1.35psf=$3400
2261sf @$1.59psf=$3600
2279sf @$1.32psf=$3000
2292sf @$1.38psf=$4488 
2600sf @$1.80psf=$4680 
3481sf @$1.58psf=$5500
3563sf @$1.60psf=$5700
4000sf @$2.20psf=$8800 

Carros Centre, 60 Jalan Lam Huat (S)737869
Ramp-Up B2 Car Factory For Lease
1658sf @$2.67psf=$4427
1679sf @$1.54psf=$2588
1690sf @$2.07psf=$3500
1690sf @$2.66psf=$4500
1690sf @$3.08psf=$5200
1808sf @$1.66psf=$3000
1970sf @$2.44psf=$4800
2088sf @$2.39psf=$5000
2206sf @$1.81psf=$4000
2669sf @$1.70psf=$4500
3358sf @$1.52psf=$5800
6254sf @$2.67psf=$16.6k

Preferable Trades
*Car Storage
*Car Rental
*Car Repair
*Car Spare Tyres
*Car Spray-painting
*Car Accessories

*High flr to flr ceiling of 6m
*Heavy floor loading from 12.5kn/m2 to 15kn/m2
*Full usable Space (no void)
*Can adjoined up to 20,000sf or more !!!
*20 ft container accessible to all unit and 40 ft loading bay !!!
*63A 3phrase

ELDIX, 11 Mandai Estate (S)729908
Ramp-Up B2 Factory For Lee - Freehold
900sf @$1.78psf=$1600 
1389sf @ $1.51psf=$2100 
1410sf @ $1.42psf=$2000 
1500sf @ $1.34psf=$2100 
1800sf @$2.50psf=$4500 
1841sf @$1.36psf=$2500 
1841sf @$1.79psf=$3300 
1860sf @$1.61psf=$3000 

Harvest @ Woodlands, 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 (S)757322 
Ramp-Up B2 Factory For Lease - 60-year Leasehold 
285sf @$2.85psf=$8960
480sf @$2.08psf=$1000
1000sf @$1.25psf=$1250
1050sf @$2.38psf=$2500
1066sf @$1.69psf=$1800 
1658sf @$1.33psf=$2200
1690sf @$1.15psf=$1950
1906sf @$1.50psf=$2859 
1906sf @$1.78psf=$3400 
1906sf @$2.31psf=$4400
2146sf @$1.33psf=$2850
2312sf @$1.56psf=$3600
2315sf @$1.64psf=$3800 
3000sf @$1.42psf=$4250
3980sf @$2.15psf=$8550 
5718sf @$1.57psf=$9000
5720sf @$1.40psf=$8000

Hiangkie Industrial Building, 27 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 (S)757718
B1 Factory For Lease
1400sf @$1.45psf=$200
2831sf @$1.45psf=$4100
3423sf @$1.17psf=$4000

Ispace @ 7 Soon Lee Street
Ramp-Up B2 Factory For Lease
Ground Floor 2357sf at $1.90psf=$4500
1668sf @$1.739psf=$2996
1722sf @$185psf=$3200

Innovation Place, 25 Mandai Estate (S)729930
B2 Factory For Lease
480sf @$2.50psf=$1200
716sf @$1.68psf=$1200
1270sf @$1.97psf=$2500
1432sf @$1.33psf=$1900
1561sf @$1.22psf=$1900
1650sf @$1.39psf=$2300

Mandai Connection, 7 Mandai Link (S) 728653. 
Ramp-Up B2 Food Factory For Lease - 30-year Leasehold 
1690sf @$1.36 $2.3k 
1711sf @$1.40psf=$2390
1711sf @$1.46psf=$2500
1711sf @$1.64sf=$2800
3401sf @$1.47sf=$5000
5092sf @$1.35sf=$6800
6804sf @$1.45sf=$9800

Mega @ Woodlands, 39 Woodlands Close (S)737856
Ramp-Up Factory For Lease
1711sf @$1.23psf=$2100
1711sf @$1.99psf=$3100
1711sf @$2.45psf=$4200
1752sf @$2.45psf=$4500
1851sf @$2.49psf=$4600
2164sf @$1.57psf=$3400
2228sf @$1.00psf=$2228
3422sf @$2.57psf=$8800

Nordcom One @3 Gambas Crescent (S)757088
Ramp Up B1 Factory For Lease - 30years Leasehold
Ground Floor 2088/2303/2400/2702/4391//5100sf at $1.80psf to $2.00psf nego
Level 2 - 1658/1690/1711/3401/3618sf at $1.60psf nego
Level 3 - upward From $1.40psf to $1.50psf nego. Hgt 6m
Also For Lease 6units Terrace Factory each 5404sf at $1.60psf nego

Nordix, 1 Woodlands Industrial Park E2 (S)757447
B2 Factory For Lease - 60 years leasehold
5048sf @$2.51psf=$13000
5587sf @$2.51psf=$14000
7320sf @$1.78psf=$13000
Property Info Description
Nordix 3-storey terrace factory with 3rd floor approve for dormitory. No land rent,suitable for B2 & general industries. high ceiling 8.5m. Balance 50 years

Northlink Building, 10 Admiralty Street (S)757695
B2 Ramp-Up Factory For Lease
5188sf @$$4300
5188sf $$4500
5188sf $4800
10000sf @$9000

Primz BizHub, 21 Woodlands Close (S)737854 
Factory For Lease
140sf @$2.71psf=$550
550sf @$2.71psf=$1300
1152sf @$1.56psf=$1800
1184sf @$1.44psf=$1700 
1205sf @$1.49psf=$1800
1345sf @$1.78psf=$2.4k
1528sf @$1.14psf=$1900
1615sf @$1.55psf=$2500
2292sf @$1.83psf=$4000 
2658sf @$1.73psf=$4300

Proxima @Gambas 50 Gambas Crescent 757022
Ramp-Up B1 Factory For Lease
850sf @$1.76psf=$1500
900sf @$1.77psf=$1600
1776sf @$1.00psf=$1776
1776sf @$1.21psf=$2150
1893sf @$1.48psf=$2800
3573sf @$1.60psf=$5700
5339sf @$1.40sf=$7475

Wave9, 71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 (S)757048
Ramp-Up B2 Factory For Lease - 30years leasehold from 2014
2433sf @$2.50psf=$6082
2465sf @$1.70psf=$4200
2745sf @$1.68psf=$4600
3197sf @$2.00psf=$6400
3681sf @$1.80psf=$6625
3861sf @$1.72psf=$6625
4370sf @$2.00psf=$8740
7500sf @$2.00psf=$15000
11345sf @$1.20psf=$13600
33583sf @$1.30psf=$43600
35069sf @$1.31psf=$46000
***7500sf @$2.00psf=$15k (Can use as car workshop)***

Widefield Industrial Building, 30 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 5 (S)739211
Warehouse cum office for lease
744sf @$1.70psf=$1300 (with 1partition office with aircon)
1018sf @$1.47psf=$1500

Woodlands 11, 11 Woodlands Close (S)737853,
Ramp-Up Factory For Lease
B1 Factory For Lease
1830sf @$1.37psf=$2500
1881sf @$1.38psf=$2600
1938sf @$1.29psf=$2500
2863sf @$2.30psf=$6500
5317sf @$2.30psf=$12000

Woodlands Bizhub, 190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 (S)757516. 
B1 Factory For Lease - 60 years Leasehold
925sf @$1.72sf=$1600 
1399sf @$1.54psf=$2410 
1959f @$1.40psf=$2700
2100sf @$1.87psf=$3900

Woodlands Horizon, 31 Woodlands Close. (S)737855
Ramp-Up Factory For Lease
B1 Factory / Office For Lease
120sf @$4.17psf=$500 
380sf @$3.90psf=$1450
600sf @$2.67psf=$1600 
1711sf @$1.30psf=$3450 
1722sf @$1.39psf=$2400 
1722sf @$1.68psf=$2900 
1830sf @$1.63psf=$3000 

Woodlands Industrial Xchange, 
71 Woodlands Avenue 10 (S)737743 
B2 Factory For Lease - 
Leasehold 30 years from year 2013
1722sf @$1.80psf=$3100
1841sf @$1.1.52sf=$2800 - Corner Unit
1938sf @$1.79psf=$3300 - Corner Unit
2013sf @$1.88psf=$3800 
3444sf @$1.45psf=$5000 
7179sf @$1.69psf=$11850 

Woodlands Spectrum 1 - 2 Woodlands Sector 1
B2 Factory For Lease. 
13466/13918sf /23000/ 52539sf at $1.55psf. 

(Jurong Logistics Hub), 31 Jurong Port Road 619115
Warehouse For Lease
5581/8224/15758/16329/24014/31560/39816/55574/60000sf @$1.30psf-$1.50psf nego.

West Connect Building, 10 Buroh Street (S) 627564
B2 Factory For Lease.
Ground Floor 1700sf @ $1.88psf=$3.2k

West Connect Building is a B2 Ramp Up industrial space that offers 383 factory units and 1 staff canteen.
The development is built to suit end-users with functional specifications such as:
Wide driveway of up to 15.4m
High floor to floor height of 6m
40 footer access at ground floor
20 footer accessibility to all levels
Direct loading and unloading at doorstep
Strong floor loading
Ample parking of 792parking lots
Lifestyle amenities

***Worker Quarter/ Dormitory For Lease***
Geylang Road / Guillemard Road - 1000sf @$2.5k to $3k with air-con 
Toh Guan Rd - $260/pax at 12pax per rooms
Tuas area - $175/pax at 16pax per rooms
Woodland 12000pax each @$283 per pax 
Can Cook. Wifi including beds, Utilities and cooking gas, wifi, 
free worker uniform laundry per sett s per day.
Amiraltly near Sembawang Shipyard Dormitory For lease.
Accommodation capacity 100paxs to 12000paxs
Various Locations.

Sale/Rental negotiable
Various unit and others location also available. $$$ neg.
Interested party, please kindly contact Jason Lim, 
Senior Director: Hp: +65 91010 559 or 
emails:- [email protected]
Royalland Real Estate (Since 1994)

Property Details

Building Name:
38 Woodlands Industrial Park E1
QuickPro No:
Property Type:
Factory & Workshop (B2)
District 25
60 Years
Mid Floor
2009 sq. ft.
Asking Price (PSF):
SGD 1.94
AIR Con:
Fully Aircon
Unit Type:
Car Park:
Ample CarPark