Zervex, 8 Ubi Road 2

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And *Subject to Availability*

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Zervex, 8 Ubi Road 2. (S)408538.
Ramp-Up Factory For Lease
775sf @$2.58psf=$2000
1130sf @$2800
1280f @$3200
3294sf @$2.46psf=$8100
1528sf @$3.9k
1528sf For Sale $938k Balance 50years

Zervex For Sale - 60-year Leasehold.
1130sf @$5570psf=$630k
1281sf @$530psf=$680k
1479sf @$530psf=$720k
1582sf @$568psf=$899k
1615sf @$513psf=$830k
3165sf @$792psf=$1.5m
4165sf @$473psf=$3.3m
5414sf @$533psf=$2.8m
7620sf @$553psf=$4.2m

Vertex @33 Ubi Ave 3 (S) 408868
B1 Factory For Lease
300sf at $1.3k
600sf at $1.7k
1484sf @$2.04psf=$2.9k.
1733sf @$3.6k
2300sf @$2.00psf=$4.6k
3046sf @$2.30psf=$7k

Vertex For Sale - 60-year Leasehold.
1227sf @$560psf=$688k
14614sf @$489psf=$717k
1562sf @$476psf=$745k
1733sf @$475psf=$824k
2153sf @$498psf=$1.07m
2368sf @$519psf=$1.23m
3128sf @$473psf=$1.48m
4715sf @$678psf=$3.2m
6119sf @$604psf=$3.7m
7007sf @$513psf=$3.6m


Aljunied Industrial Complex, 625 Aljunied Road (S)389836
1313sq ft @$2900. 3 partition rooms with aircon
Fully Fitted and renovated, Two Entrance, Two free parking lot,
560sf at $1000 / 960sf $1.8k /
1150sf /1615sf / 1790sf / 2637sf. Near Bus Stop and MRT

Atrix, 82 Lorong 23 Geylang. (S)388409
1336sf @$2.8k Fully Fitted
1756sf @$3.6k Fully Fitted

Aztech Building, 31 Ubi Road 1 (S)408694
853/1207sf / 1723sf / 2204 / 2730 / 4040sf / 4354/4823/5099/5666/7805/14400sf
From $3.20psf to $3.50psf nego

AZ @Paya Lebar Road (S)409015
Various Units For Lease
1098/1184/1195/1216/1238/1300/1399/1636/2239 sq ft
Rental $2.80psf to $4.00psf nego

Biztech Centre, 627A Aljunied Road (S)389842
947, 958, 1001sf at $2.80psf to $ 3.00psf neg. 2 bus stop to Aljunied MRT,
Atrix, 82 Lorong 23 Geylang
1336sf @$2.8k Fully Fitted
1756sf @$3.6k Fully Fitted

Brightway Building, 3 Lorong Bakar Batu (S)348741
Grd Floor 1260sf / 1604sf @$2.50psf. Hgt 5.5mn
1130sf at $1.80psf=$2000
1184sf at $1.80psf=$2100
1271sf at $1.80psf=$2300
1819sf at $1.80psf=$3200
2271sf at $1.80psf=$4000

Boustead House @Ubi, 63 Ubi Avenue 1 (S)408937
Warehouse cum office for Lease
2250sf at $2.00psf=$4.5k

CES Building, 69 Ubi Crescent (S)408561
B1 Factory For Lease
1044 / 1625 / 1717 / 1862 / 1976 / 2962sf @$1.90psf nego.
Ample Parking. 2 Mins to Ubi MRT
Opp Maha Bodhi Schoo

CES Centre, 171 Chin Swee Road (S)169877
Office Space For Lease
450/580/590/600/760/800/950/1010/1250/1330/1820sf @$5.50psf.
Fitted unit $6.50psf, Centre aircon, light,

Cityneon Design Centre, 84 Genting Lane (S)349584
Light Industry For Lease.
1099/325/5415/11731sf at @$2.20psf nego.

Excalibur Centre, 71 Ubi Crescent (S)408571
2600sf @$1.65psf=$4.3k / 2400sf @$4.5k
2partiton rooms. Ample Parking. 3 Mins to Ubi MRT. Opp Maha Bodhi School

Frontier, 52 Ubi Avenue 3 (S)408867
Ramp-Up factory For Lease.
Grd Floor. 2110sf @$2.13psf=$4.5k
2110sf @$1.84psf=$3.9k
3200sf @$1.87psf=$6k. (Fitted Unit).
3649sf @$1.32psf=$4.8k. High ceiling
[email protected]$1.35psf=$5.3k.

Frontier, 52 Ubi Avenue 3 (S)408867
Ramp-Up factory For Sale.
2163sf @$386psf=$850k
2206sf @$500psf=$1.1m
2209sf @$430psf=$950m
3143sf @$334psf=$1.05m
3649sf @$369psf=$1.35m

Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate, 155 Kallang Way (S)349244
@155/166/ 164/171 Kolam Ayer 4
Factory For Lease
1320/1800/2500/3000/4846 to 12000sf at $1.80psf to $2.30psf

Leong Huat Building, 6 Harper Road (S)369674
Factory For Lease. Beside MRT
1711psf at $2.80psf=$4790
1950psf at $2.50psf=$4875
5096psf at $2.50psf=$12740

One Sims Lane, 1 Sims Lane. (S)387355
1076sf @$2.14psf=$2.3k
1271st @$2.36psf=$3k
1862sf @$2.95psf=$5.5k Fitted
2360sf @ $3.30psf=$7.9k Fitted
2459sf @$4.50psf=$11k Beautifully Fully Fitted
Opposite Aljunied MRT and Aljuined Food Centre

Oxley BizHub, 61 Ubi Road 1 (S)408727
Grd Flr 1916sf @$2.19psf=$4.2k. Hgt 7m
1600sf @$2.50psf=$4k. / 2390sf @$4.5k.Fitted
3800sf @$2.19psf=$13k.

Paya Lebar 178, 178 Paya Lebar Road. (S)409030
Ground Floor 3197sf @$11k
1980sf @$5000 / $5.5k
2360sf @$7900
Fully renovated / Near MRT

Richfield Industrial Centre, 120 Eunos Avenue 7 (S)409574
Factory For Lease. Many units avaiable.
1518sq ft at $1.90psf=$2884.
3036sf at $1.90psf=$5700
For metal and wood work

Ruby Industrial Complex (Genting Block)
80 Genting Lane (S)349565
B1 Factory For Lease
@$1.65psf to $2.20psf nego.
Fitted or bare units available
Easy access. Loading for 40ft container.
Hgt 3.8m to 6.10m

SCN Industrial Building, 11 Sims Drive (S)387385
1250/1280/1500sf @$2.50psf=$3750 nego.
Fully Fitted, Near MRT

Sindo Building, 66 Tannery Lane (S)347805
Ground floor: Fitted Factory cum office cum showroom
297sf @ $965 ($3.25psf)
490sf @ $1450 ($2.95psf)
609sf @ $1735 ($2.85psf)
710sf @ $1950 ($2.75psf)
812sf @ $2155 ($2.65psf))
1150sf @ $2700 ($2.35psf)

2nd floor: Fitted Office
480sf @ $1128 ($2.35psf)
Office + warehouse
907sf @ $1770 (1.95psf)

Singapore Handicrafts Building, 72 Eunos Avenue 7. (S)409570
Warehouse cum office For Lease
431/549/646/818/872/1055/1800sq ft at $2.60psf neg.

Singapore Post Centre, 10 Eunos Road 8 (S)408600
Office For Lease.
969/2200/3176/3197/4338/4489/5468/6265/7589/9255/11690/22500/30072sq ft at $6.50psf nego
Also F/B Space For Lease 2099sf at $8.50psf=$17.8k nego.
Beside MRT and Amenities.

Lim Ah Pin Road Post Office @ 1 Lim Ah Pin Road, (S)547809
Level 2 – 1266sf @$6.50psf==8229 nego
Temp use:
a) Student Hostel
b) Art/Dance/Drama Studio.

Tanglin Post Office, 56 Tanglin Road (S)247964
3369sf at $10psf=$33.6k neg
Retail - children related products and Services, Shop, Spa or Clinic

Towner Post Office, 101 Towner Road (S)322101
Ground Floor
1500sf @$3.50psf=$$5.2k neg
Ideal for Office, Clinics, Education Centre

Tampines Biz Hub, 11 Tampines Street 92 (S) 528872
Grd floor 963sf at $2.50psf=$2.4k
1248/1431/1653/2600/3366/3659/4849sf at $1.80psf. Hgt 4m. 9 loading bays.

Tai Seng Industrial Estate, 1020 Tai Seng Avenue. (S)534416
B2 Factory For Lease
2066sf to 14681sf @$1.700psf to $2.30psf nego.
6 nos of lift per block
Staff canteen within development - 8 mins to Tai Seng MRT
2 min drive to KPE

The Siemens Centre, 60 Macpherson Road (S)348615
B1 Factory For Lease
1646sf / 2217sf / 2281 / 4585sf sf available at $3.70psf neg.

World Publications Building @39 Ubi Road 1 (408695)
668sf @$2.20psf=$1469 / 1150sf @$1.70psf=$1955
1400sf @$1.70psf=$2380 / 4200sf @$1.70psf=$7.1k
4500sf @$1.70psf=$7.6k / 11000sf @$1.70psf=$11k
14000sf @$1.70psf=$23.8k / Hv dock leveler

UB Point, 61 Ubi Avenue 1 (S)408941
B1 Factory For Lease.
1st Level 2592/2691sf /
Upper Floor 1238/126/1281 to 30000sf at $2.30psf to $2.40psf nego.

(Photos are for illustration purpose Only)

SCN Industrial Building, 11 Sims Drive (S)387385
1250/1280/1500sf @$2.50psf=$3750 nego.
Fully Fitted, Near MRT

Vertex @33 Ubi Ave 3 (S) 408868
B1 Factory For Lease
300sf at $1.3k
600sf at $1.7k
1464sf @$1.78psf=$2.96k.
1484sf @$2.04psf=$2.9k.
1733sf @$2.08psf=$2.6k
2300sf @$2.00psf=$4.6k
3046sf @$2.30psf=$7k

Vertex For Sale - 60-year Leasehold.
1227sf @$560psf=$688k
14614sf @$489psf=$717k
1562sf @$476psf=$745k
1733sf @$475psf=$824k
2153sf @$498psf=$1.07m
2368sf @$519psf=$1.23m
3128sf @$473psf=$1.48m
4715sf @$678psf=$3.2m
6119sf @$604psf=$3.7m
7007sf @$513psf=$3.6m

Victory Centre, 110 Lorong 23 Geylang (S)388410
Ground Floor 1755sf @$4.55psf=$8k
Upper floor 1668sf @$1.90psf=$3.3k
Near MRT

Zervex, 8 Ubi Road 2. (S)408538.
Ramp-Up Factory For Lease
470sf @$2.02psf=$950
1055sf @$2.37psf=$2500
1130sf @$2.04psf=$2300
1184sf @$2.49psf=$2950
1528sf @$1.95psf @$2950 with 2 entrance and fully renovated
3294sf @$2.46psf=$8100

Zervex For Sale - 60-year Leasehold.
1087sf @$550psf=$598k
1216sf @$506psf=$600k
1479sf @$530psf=$720k
1615sf @$513psf=$830k
3165sf @$473psf=$1.5m
5414sf @$533psf=$2.8m

***Worker Quarter/ Dormitory For Lease***
Geylang Road / Guillemard Road - 1000sf @$3.3k to $3.7k with air-con
Toh Guan Rd - $320/pax at 12pax per rooms
Tuas area - $300/pax at 16pax per rooms
Woodland 12000pax each @$300 per pax Can Cook. Wifi including beds, Utilities and cooking gas, wifi, free worker uniform laundry per sett s per day.
Amiraltly near Sembawang Shipyard Dormitory For lease.
Accommodation capacity 100paxs to 12000paxs
Various Locations.

Rental negotiable
Various unit and others location also available. $$$ neg.
Interested party, please kindly contact Jason Lim,
Senior Director: Hp: +65 91010 559
Royalland Real Estate (Since 1994)

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Property Details

Building Name:

Zervex, 8 Ubi Road 2

QuickPro No:


Property Type:

Light Industrial (B1)


District 14


1280 sq. ft

Rental PSF:

SGD 2.5

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