Rent SGD 11,000

Square 2 @ 10 Sinaran Drive (S) 307506., 307506 District 10


Square 2 - Retails & F/B For Lease

(*Photos & Details* are for illustration purpose Only & subject to change)
Please kindly take note some units maybe Sold or Leased out.
And *Subject to Availability*

All listing: is subject to contract, availability and Landlord’s final approval.
Square 2 @ 10 Sinaran Drive (S) 307506.
Retail Space For Lease.
65/75/97/108/118/129/130/151/161/172/236/269/280/291/302/323/409/1916/3846/2000sf to 8000sf at $10.00psf to $35.00psf

(Photos are for illustration purpose Only)
F&B For Lease (subject to change of use) and xx% of GTO
All listing: is subject to contract, availability and Landlord’s final approval;

Amara Hotel, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road (S)088539
F&B For Lease
Level 2 - 2217sf @$11.00psf=$24k
Level 2 - 5689sf @$11.00psf=$62k
Level 3/5 - 300-2000sf – Retails

Citylink Mall, 1 Raffles Link (S) 039393
Retails For Lease.
328sf at $22psf=$7216
476sq ft at $25.00psf=$11.900 and
1200sf t $20psf=$24k nego.
Very Heavy humans traffic.
Beside MRT

City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road (S)208539
Retail and F&B For Lease
239sf at $15psf=$3.8k
323sf at $18psf=$6.2k
570sf at $30psf=$18.2k
591sf at $12psf=$7.5k
667sf at $12psf=$8.5k
140sf at $30psf=$4.4k
1098sf @$15psf=$16k F&B For Lease (Exhaust and with water point)

Junction Nine, 18 Yishun Avenue 9 (S)768897
Shop (Kiosk) For Lease
Level 1 - 624sf @8.50psf=$5.3k

Junction 10, 1 Woodlands Road (S)677899
226sf @$15.00psf (F&B Kisok)
323/463/570sf @$14psf to $18psf (Retail)
926sf @$12.00psf (F&B)
1227sf @$11.00psf (F&B - Fitted)
1733sf @$10.00psf (F&B)
1195sf @$10.00psf (Beauty Service)
3996sf @$8.00psf (Enrichment)

Kinex @11 Tanjong Katong Road (S)437157
Retails & F&B For Lease
129/140/183/194/205/512/237/291/334/431/581/591/614/635/893/926 from $13psf to $24psf

112 Katong, 112 East Coast Road (S) 428802
F/B Space For Lease
700sf and 2643sf at $12.00psf=$31.7k
275sf at $25.00psf=$6875
321sf at $20.00psf=$6420
428sf at $17.00psf=$7.2k
648sf at $17.00psf=$11K
3352sf at $13.00psf=$43.5k
4573sf at $15.00psf=$68.5k

Marina Bay Link Mall, 8A Marina Boulevard (S)018984
Retails and F/B Space For Lease.
215sf @ $29.77psf=$6.4k
387sf @ $19.00psf=$7.3k
460sf @ $18.00psf=$8.3k
505sf @ $15.00psf=$7.5k
1312sf @ $19.00psf=$24.9k
1500sf @ $18.00psf=$27k
1646sf @ $18.00psf=$29k (F&B)
1970sf @ $18.00psf=$34k (F&B)

One Raffles Place, 1 Raffles Place (S) 048616
Retails & F&B For Lease
Asking $9.00psf to $34psf + 1 % GTO or 15% GTO, whichever higher,

Paya Lebar Square, 60 Paya Lebar Road (S) 409051
F&B & Retails For Lease.
Beside Paya Lebar MRT, Heavy Traffics,
Level 1 - 1517sf @$19.50psf=$29.5k + 1%GTO
Level B1 - 1496sf @12psf=$17.9k + 1%GTO
200sf-1000sf from $20psf - $29psf. Beside MRT

Plaza 8 @ CBP, 1 Changi Business Park Crescent (S)486025
F&B For Lease - 761sf @$7.6k plus 1%GTO,
1474sf @$14.7k. 1805sf @$15999

UE BizHub East, 2 Changi Business Park Avenue 1 486015
Level 1 - F&B
1450sf @$13psf=$18k
(Floor Trap/Water/With Exhaust)

Enrichment Class, Gym etc
2300sf @$psf=$18k nego

Rochester Mall - 33 Rochester Drive
Level 1 - 3173sf @$7.00psf=$22k
(Floor Trap/Water/Gas/No Exhaust)

Level 2 - (Hotel Blk)
1631sf @$8.00psf=$13k
(Floor Trap/Water/Gas/Exhaust)

1200sf @$10psf=$12k
(Floor Trap/Water/No Gas/No Exhaust)

331sf @$10psf=$3.3k
(Floor Trap/Water)

368sf @$10psf=$3.6k
Water Only

Level 3
331sf @$10psf=$3.3k
2148sf @$10psf=$21.4k

The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road (S) 287994
F&B and Shop space for lease
Retails and F&B For Lease
Shop 300/350/418/2100/2239sf @$4-$4.50psf nego

Retails, F&B and Restaurant For Lease
***Holland Village*** @Lorong Mambong / Lor Liput / Holland Ave
1300sf @$9.5k - Takover fee apply
1400-2300sf @$14k
1500sf @$23k
2500sf @$14.40psf=$36k
2 storey shop house at highly crowded human traffic location.

Viva Business Park, 750 Chai Chee Road (S)469000
Retails, F&B and Restaurant For Lease
Level 1 - 1550sf @$10psf=$15k
Level 1 - 1679sf @$10psf=$16k
Fitted with Exhaust, grease tap and water point

23 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069703
3 levels / partially furnished for F&B use / One set of main staircase and a separate set for staff use / Toilet facilities in excellent condition on all levels /
Separate back door access via level 2.
3111sf @$10psf=$31k nego

4 Jalan Mat Jambol Singapore 119555 (Pasir Panjang)
F&B For Lease
Level 1 - 506sf (Indoor) @$13psf=$6.5k nego
334sf (ORA) @$4psf=$1336 nego

Level 1 - 1420sf (Indoor) @$11.50psf=$4.8k nego
344sf (ORA) @$4psf=$1376 nego

20 Havelock Road, Singapore 059765
Retail / Services / F&B (subject to change of use)
Level 1 - 2616sf @$7.50psf=$19.6k

Retail / Services / F&B
(no exhaust and gas provisions and
subject to change of use)
Level 1 - 689sf @$10psf=$6.8k nego
Retail / Services / F&B
(subject to change of use)
Level 1 - 689sf @$10psf=$6.8k nego

Retail / Services / F&B
(subject to change of use)
Level 1 - 560sf @$10psf=$5.6k nego

Retail / Services / F&B
(subject to change of use)
Level 1 - 431sf @$9psf=$3.8k nego

Riverhub Pte Ltd
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059817
Retail / F&B For Lease
Level 1 - 366sf @$35psf=$12.8k nego
Level 1 - 1216sf @$17psf=$20.6k nego

Level 2 - 2207sf @$15psf=$33k nego
Level 2 - 1765sf (Indoor) @$15psf=$26.4 nego
366sf (ORA) @$6.50psf=$2.3k nego

Level 3 - 1453sf @$12psf=$17.4k nego
Level 3 - 3154sf @$11psf=$34k nego

1 Seletar Road Singapore 807011
Retail/ Takeaway F&B (without exhaust)
Level 1 - 108sf @$25psf=$2.7k nego
Level 1 - 388sf @$22psf=$8.5k nego

Level 2 - 1313sf @$11psf=$14.4k nego
Level 2 - 1787sf @$11psf=$19.6k nego

F&B / Education / Services For Lease
Level 2 - 1421sf @$11psf=$15.6k nego

4 Hillview Rise Singapore 667979
F&B/Retail For Lease
Level 2 - 302sf @$18psf=$5.4k nego

1 Hougang Street 91 Singapore 538692
Takeaway F&B Kiosk
Level 1 - 172sf @$29psf=$4.9k nego

10/12 Gopeng Street Singapore 078877
F&B For Lease
Level 1 - 990sf @$9psf=$8.9k nego
Level 1 - 130sf @$18psf=$2.3k nego

1 Woodlands Road Singapore 677899
F&B For Lease
Level 1 - 3724sf @$10psf=$37k nego
Level 1 - 1733sf @$10psf=$17k nego

Level 2 - 2626sf @$10psf=$26k nego

30 East Coast Road Singapore 428751
F&B For Lease
Level 1 - 942sf @$11psf=$10.3k nego

Takeaway For Lease
Level 1 - 487sf @$13psf=$6.3k nego

Takeaway For Lease
Level 1 - 368sf @$13psf=$4.7k nego

8 Sinaran Drive Singapore 307470
F&B For Lease
Level 1 - 1184sf @$12psf=$14.2k nego

Retail/Service/Café (without exhaust)
Level 2 - 646sf @$12psf=$7.1k nego

1 Tanglin Road Singapore 247905
F&B For Lease
Level 1 - 5529sf @$18psf=$99k nego

9 Scotts Road Singapore 228210
F&B For Lease
Level 1 - 1970sf @$25psf=$49k nego
86sf (Licence Area) @$5psf=$430

F&B For Lease
Level 2 - 3122sf @$12psf=$37k nego

9, Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189559
F&B For Lease
Level 1 - 2982sf @$7psf=$20.8k nego

Level 2 - 1938sf @$12psf=$23k nego
Level 2 - 1819sf @$12psf=$21.8k nego

30 Robertson Quay Singapore 238251
F&B For Lease
Level 1 - 2088sf (Indoor) @$16psf=$33k nego
501sf (TOL) @$7psf=$3.5k nego

10 Sinaran Drive Singapore 307506
F&B Takeaway
Level B1 -129sf @$35psf=$4.5k nego

Level 1 - 355sf @$23psf=$8k nego

Level 3 - 2831sf @$12psf=$33k nego

Retail/F&B Takeaway (No Exhaust)
Level 4 - 237sf @$16psf=$3.7k nego

1 Netheravon Road Singapore 508502
F&B For Lease
Level 8 - 2616sf @$8psf=$20.9k nego

154 West Coast Road Singapore 127371
F&B For Lease
Level B1 - 1733sf (Indoor) @$12psf=$20.7k nego
538sf (Outdoor)

Level B1 - 990sf @$14psf=$13.8k nego
Level B1 - 527sf @$15psf=$7.9k nego

Level B1 - 1700.71sf (Indoor) + 452.09sf (Outdoor)
Total 2152.80sf @$13psf=$27.9k nego

Level B1 - 850.36sf (Indoor) + 947.23sf (Outdoor)
Total 1797.59sf @$13psf=$23.3k nego

6 Woodlands Square Singapore 737713
F&B For Lease
Level B2 - 775sf (Indoor) @$25psf=$19.3k nego
452sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$3.6k nego
Total 1227sf

Level B2 - 614sf (Indoor) @$25psf=$15.3k nego
312 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$2.4k nego
Total 926sf

Level B2 - 1421sf (Indoor) @$22psf=$31k nego
484 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$3.8k nego
Total 1905sf

Level B2 - 969sf (Indoor) @$25psf=$24k nego
420 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$3.3k nego
Total 1389sf

Level B2 - 463sf @$25psf=$11k nego
Level B2 - 1464sf @$22psf=$32k nego
Level B2 - 323sf @$25psf=$8k nego
Level B2 - 527sf @$25psf=$13k nego

Level 1 - 581sf @$30psf=$17k nego
Level 1 - 560sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$16.8k nego
129 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$1032 nego
Total 689sf

Level 1 - 850sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$25.5k nego
172 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$1376 nego
Total 1022sf

Level 1 - 280sf @$30psf=$8.4k nego
Level 1 - 280sf @$30psf=$8.4k nego

Level 1 - 463sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$13.8k nego
291 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$2328 nego
Total 754sf

Level 1 - 581sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$17.4k nego
161 (Outdoor) @$8psf=$1288 nego
Total 742sf

Level 1 - 678sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$20.3k nego
172sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$1376 nego
Total 850sf

Level 1 - 1238sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$37k nego
334sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$2672 nego
Total 1572sf

Level 1 - 829sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$24.8k nego
431sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$3448 nego
Total 1260sf

Level 1 - 635sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$19k nego
323sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$2584 nego
Total 958sf

Level 1 - 538sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$16k nego
355sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$2840 nego
Total 893sf

Level 1 - 484sf @$30psf=$14.5k nego
Level 1 - 883sf @$30psf=$26.4k nego

Level 1 - 969sf (Indoor) @$30psf=$29k nego
280sf (Outdoor) @$8psf=$22400 nego
Total 1249sf

Westway @27 West Coast Highway (S)117867
605sf @$4.00psf=$2900 (With waterpoint and floor trap)
1999sf @$4.80psf=$9500 (With grease trap, waterpoint and floor trap)
1200sf (Recreational)
Pop-Up Booth $50 per day

One Shenton /The Arcade / International Plaza / Chevron Bldg
Retails / F&B For Lease
Ground Floor 301sf at $29.00psf=$29k nego
(Grease trap, Gas pipe, Sprinklers)

(*Photos & Details* are for illustration purpose Only & subject to change)
Please kindly take note some units maybe Sold or Leased out.
And *Subject to Availability*

All listing: is subject to contract, availability and Landlord’s final approval.

Geylang Hotel > 37-Beds For Lease - For Workers Only
Dickson Hotel, Hamilton Hotel, Jalan Besar Hotel, Lavender Hotel > Beds For Lease - For Workers Only

Little India Area Rooms For Lease
Rooms For Lease near Lavender MRT, Little India / Race Courses Rd. Hamilton Rd, Jalan Besar, Dickson Rd area, Near Bus stop, Market, Near Sim Lim Tower, Weld MRT, 1200sf @$3.9k to $4.5k

Smaller room $550per pax.
Bigger room $600-$650per pax.
Rental: $550/$650 per pax
Example per pax $550×4=$2200per month. No GST. No Cooking

Each $650 per pax including utilities, provide with aircon, wifi, free laundry and allowed cooking.
Can register with MOM.
No restrictions of going in and out of the Hotel

Worker Dormitory Beds For Lease at Tech Park Crescent (Tuas Techpark)
Can accept marine & construction permit.
No cooking...

Rental : S$250/pax, including water & current supply..
Laundry : S$20/pax/mth
Available : anytime
Can accommodate : 40pax

***Worker Quarter/ Dormitory For Lease***
Changi, Tampines, Geylang Road / Guillemard Road/Serangoon area - 1200sf @$3.9k to $4.5k
Toh Guan Rd - $350/pax at 12pax per rooms
Tuas area - $300/pax at 16pax per rooms
Woodland 12000pax each @$290 per pax Can Cook. Wifi including beds, Utilities and cooking gas, wifi, free worker uniform laundry per sett s per day.
Amiraltly near Sembawang Shipyard Dormitory For lease.
Accommodation capacity 100paxs to 12000paxs
Various Locations.

Sale/Rental negotiable
Various unit and others location also available. $$$ neg.
Interested party, please kindly contact Jason Lim,
Senior Director: Hp: +65 91010 559 or
emails:- [email protected]

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Property Details

Building Name:

Square 2 - Retails & F/B For Lease

QuickPro No:


Property Type:

Light Industrial (B1)


District 10


355 sq. ft

Rental PSF:

SGD 30.99

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Jason Lim

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