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3 Bishan Place#02-01 CPF Bishan Building, Singapore, 579838

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Pls contact:<br /><br />Wei Teck 93652311<br /><br />or email to: [email protected]<br /><br />to receive updates on New Property Launch, attend VIP Preivew, <br />en-bloc feasibility study with your Singapore Property, <br />any assistance required in buying / selling / renting property.<br /><br />* You will enjoy working with us as we put in serious effort and<br /> <br />professionalim in meeting Client's expectation.  Thank You *<br /><br /><br />Wei Teck 93652311<br /><br />Provide dedicate services in New Project Sales with Comparative Market Analysis; as well as En-Bloc Feasibility Study.  <br /><br />We are also active in selling & searching resale properties, especially in central, east, west and north-east districts. <br /><br />Our Clients trust us in buying, selling, renting properties for them as we put in serious effort and professionalism in meeting client's expectation.  We are someone you can trust and rely on in your property investment.<br /><br />Testimonials of our Clients:<br />&quot;Best presentation I have come across so far, very enjoyable and knowledgeable discussion.&quot; Mr Yap xxxx2270<br /><br />&quot;Outstanding Customer Orientation. Patient / Flexible.  Service beyond normal call of duty.&quot;   Mr Ghiya xxxx0410<br /><br /><br /><br />&quot;I would really like to thank you for your time and your kind friendhsip.  I really wish you the best in your propoerty deal and will recommend my friends to you as well.&quot;   Ms Ho xxxx9727<br /><br />&quot;I am really very impressed by your diligence.&quot;    Ms Foo xxxx1278<br /><br />&quot;My wife & I wish to thank you for your very professional conduct when you conducted the sale of the penthouse in Golden Hill to us.  I was surprised that your approach to the sale for an old unit was much like what a good agent would do for a brand new unit, with pictures, layout and other vital information on tap.  Certainly, we would use your services when we decide to sell our property in future.&quot;   With best wishes,    Mr Chan xxxx0400<br /><br />&quot;It was a pleasure to have worked with you on one transaction recently.  You were able to provide us with answers to all our queries, and acted in an efficient and professional manner.&quot;    Mrs Tan xxxx3303<br /> <br /><br />&quot;With such service from both of you, how can I not recommend those I know to you?  You guys have been professional and I appreciate it.&quot;   Mr Yeo xxxx5259<br /><br /><br />&quot;As usual, so prompt of you ... Though I do not know you, you seemed to go beyond and also does not come across as pushy.  I will certainly call you in the near future.&quot;    Mdm Lum xxxx1904<br /><br /><br />&quot;Thank you for the great presentation and pleasant experience.&quot;   Mdm Teo xxxx4786<br /><br />&quot;We are very satisfied with the home search recommendation, the result is worth every dollar!&quot;   Mr Licht xxxx2144<br /><br />etc ... etc... etc<br /><br />Ui Wei Teck 93652311<br />[email protected]<br /><br /><br />MBA, Cert-In-CEHA, CEA Reg No. R007216A<br />Huttons Asia Pte Ltd (Licence No: L3008899K)<br /><br /><br />

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