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Joined Orangetee in 2011<br />Sales and Rental in<br />Residential - HDB/Private Properties<br />Commerical & Industrial Properties<br /><br />Selling Property is the heart and soul showing its qualities to reflect its true value.<br />Buying Property is the pleasure and love it's qualities and the value of its worth.<br />My benevolence might have no limits, but I am doing anyone any favors if I try to tackle everything for the clients.<br /><br />'Coming' Together is a Beginning<br />'Keeping' Together is a Progress<br />'Thinking' Together is Unity<br />'Working' Together is Success<br /><br />My Success depends on your Trust in me. <br />I serve my clients with Passion and Care.<br />Getting the Best Positive Price is my Commitment.<br /><br />Engage a Realtor:-<br />A Professional Property Agent will assist and protect buyers' and sellers' interest and needs.<br />With a much better knowledge of Singapore and will be in a better position to recommend and advise on the choice of property.<br />Secure the offer at the best possible price.<br />Ensure all documents are in order that dealing with the rightful owner of the property.<br /><br />3 Things:-<br />Cheap & Fast   = Not Good<br />Good & Fast     = Not Cheap<br />Cheap & Good  =  Not Fast<br /><br />Good Times/Bad Times -<br />We Sell & Buy all the time<br />Your trusted Real Estate Salesperson<br /><br />Past Records:-<br />Passed CEHA Exam in October 1998.<br />Happiness Housing System 1999-2000/2004-2008.<br />Century 21 in 2000 to 2004/2009-2010<br />Gold Awards - 2nd/3rd/4th Quarters in 2000.<br />Platinum Awards - Annual Awards in 2000.<br />Gold Awards - 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Quarters in 2001.<br />Platinum Awards - Annual Awards in 2001.<br />Gold Awards - 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Quarters in 2002.<br />Gold Awards - Annual Awards in 2002.<br />Silver/Bronze/Gold Awards - 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Quarters in 2003.<br />Silver Awards - Annual Awards in 2003.<br />Gold Awards - 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Quarters in 2004.<br />Top 40 Producer in 2009.<br />Top 30 Producer in 2010.<br />

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