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&quot;Honest and Committed Service for All Your Property Needs&quot;<br /><br />With thirteen years of experience in the real estate industry, I gained valuable experience in working with people and delivering top notch service. See https://www.propertyagentsreview.com/net/agent-profile?Cea=R013634H for my Client Reviews and http://www.srx.com.sg/michelletan18 for my Verified Past Transactions.<br /><br />Be it HDB flats or private residential properties in Singapore, my professional knowledge of the current property market will assist you in selling, renting or acquiring the properties of your dreams.<br /><br />As my motto implies, I pride myself on the ability to get to know every one of my clients and understand their needs intimately. Being a patient and persevering agent, I am dedicated to providing the best customer service possible.<br /><br />Do feel free to contact me at +65 9456 8539 for a non-obligatory discussion.<br /><br />My Achievements:<br />OrangeTee & Tie Emerald Award for January 2021<br />OrangeTee & Tie Gold Award for December 2020<br />ACTeam TOP 7th Producer for August 2020<br />ACTeam TOP 3rd Producer for July 2020<br />OrangeTee & Tie Top 26th Achiever for May 2020<br />OrangeTee & Tie Sapphire Award for May 2020<br />OrangeTee & Tie Top 140th Achiever for 2019<br />PCA Top 20 Producer for Jan 2019<br />OrangeTee & Tie Top 214th Achiever for 2018<br />ACTeam TOP 7th Producer for 2018 Q1<br />OrangeTee Top 48th Achiever for 2017<br />OrangeTee Long Service Award 2017 (10 Years Service)<br />ACTeam TOP 5th Producer for 2017 Q2<br />ACTeam TOP 2nd Producer for 2017 Q1<br />OrangeTee Top 34th Achiever for 2016<br />OrangeTee Top 62nd Achiever 2015<br />OrangeTee Top 51st Achiever 2014<br />OrangeTee Top Achievers 2008-2014<br />OrangeTee Star Performer Award for Q1 2017<br />OrangeTee Top Lister for Feb 2017<br />OrangeTee Star Performer Award for Q4 2016<br />OrangeTee Top 10 Achievers for May 2016<br />OrangeTee Top Lister for Feb 2016<br />OrangeTee Top 15 Achievers for Q3 2015<br />OrangeTee Top 20 Achievers for Sep 2015<br />OrangeTee Top 30 Achievers for Sep 2014 <br />OrangeTee Top Ten Achievers for Oct 2008<br />ACTeam TOP Producer for 2016<br />ACTeam Top 5 Producers for 2014<br />ACTeam Top 20 Producers for 2013<br />ACTeam Top 30 Producers for 2012<br />ACTeam Top 10 Producer Sep 2012<br />ACTeam Top 10 Producer Dec 2010<br />ACTeam Top 10 Producer May 2010<br />ACTeam Top 10 Producer Jan 2009<br />ACTeam Top 10 Producer Oct 2008<br />ACTeam Top 10 Producer Aug 2008<br />To God Be All Glory!

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