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Mindlink Groups Founder & KEO.<br /><br />Managing Director of an Property Agency with a registration of 135 salespersons with CEA as on 2018 who started Real Estate career in Singapore since year 1996.<br /><br />Am leading a team of experienced and proficient Real Estate salesperson in the same field! We are trained to listen to clients' needs and relay them to the market within the shortest possible time exposing those to the widest possible channels because we understand TIME IS OPPORTUNITY COST.<br /><br />It is in our nature and obligation to answer the ringing queries in your mind. Through risk-assessments, financial-calculations, market analysis and professional advices, we aim to reduce your queries to Zero enabling you to make the wisest Property Decision of your life in a clear and sensible state of mind.<br />Whether you are looking at Sell your existing home, Buy an existing commercial site, or Renting out your property, my agency will help you to accomplish your vision in a way that best fits your needs.<br /><br />If you are seeking a sustainable future and a cohesive working environment where there are positive interactions, mutual support from agents, staff as well as key solving meeting session with the TOP management. We have successfully created a driven and motivating atmosphere which each individual can utmost demonstrate their fullest potentials as well as executing their creativity ideas.<br /><br />Any existing property agents / leaders or external companies who wish to extend alliance /partnership may contact for an non obligation discussions.<br /><br />Mindlink Groups was awarded as Singapore Most Promising SME 500 as well as Singapore TOP 20 largest Real Estate Agencies for the year in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 by Singapore Business Review<br /><br />Mindlink Groups Pte Ltd 伍昇集团<br />Website:<br />Linking Minds Achieve Real Visions<br />群通为伍,伟业万昇<br /><br />伍昇集团创始人兼KEO。<br /><br />物业管理局常务董事,自1996年起在新加坡开始房地产事业,自年起在CEA注册了135名销售人员。<br /><br />经验丰富,也带领一支精通房地产销售人员的团队!我们训练有素地倾听客户的需求,并在最短的时间内达到顾客要求,因为我们了解时间和机会。<br /><br />我们义务是在您的脑海中回答敲响的问题。通过风险评估,财务计算,市场分析和专业建议,我们的目标是将您的错务减少到零,使您能够以清晰明智的心态做出最明智的财产决策。<br /><br />无论您是在寻找出售现有房屋,购买现有商业用地还是租赁房产,我的代理机构都将帮助您以最符合您需求的方式实现您的愿景。<br /><br />如果您也正在寻求一个可持续的未来和一个有凝聚力的工作环境,有积极的互动,一种驱动和激励的氛围,我们欢迎您代理商。这里每个人都可以最大限度地展示他们最充分的潜力,并执行他们的创意和未来。<br /><br />任何希望扩展联盟/合作关系/现有房地产经纪人/领导者或外部公司可以联系进行讨论。<br /><br />新加坡商业评论评为新加坡最具潜力的中小企业500强以及新加坡20大最大房地产代理商<br /><br />伍昇集团<br />网址<br />群通为伍,伟业万昇<br />

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