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Welcome to my property and real estate website!<br /><br />My Name is Max Seah Lam Hoon , my Chinese name is called Xie Nankun ( 我的中文姓名叫谢南坤 ) .<br />               <br />                                                                                       <br />I am mostly involved in the commercial/industrial property market, both in sale and rent. These are the area that I am really proficient and focus on.<br />                                                                                                                                                  <br />                                                                                               <br />Industrial properties involved by me are : <br /><br />(1). Factory spaces<br />(2). Seafront industrial properties   <br />(3). Warehouse spaces<br />(4). Open yards & etc.  <br /><br /><br />The industrial properties can be at industrial estates like Jurong Industrial Estates, Ubi Industrial Estate, Pandan and etc.. <br /><br /><br />Commercial properties involved by me are : <br /><br />(1). Shop spaces, Shophouses<br />(2). Office spaces, Office buildings  <br />(3). Commerical buildings like Retail Buidings, Hotels and etc..  <br />(4). Commercial Properties for other special usage , like hostels , medical centres , nursing houses , worker dormitories & etc.<br />       <br />                                 <br />So if any one is interested to look for such properties, you can contact me directly to look for such suitable properties for your self and your companies. <br />                                    <br />                                   <br />Any Property Agents that are unfamiliar with the very complex & also much more strict  Commercial / Industrial property markets, but have seriously genuine clients want to look for such commerical or industrial properties, well, you can contact me to co-broke.   <br />                                            <br />                                           <br />I have Certificate is CEHA and had registered with CEA, so I am qualified to work as a real estate agent in the year 2011 and onward. Because of this, I am NOT affected by the new government laws in preventing people in Singapore with no government-accepted licenses and not registered with CEA to work as real estate agents. <br />                                                                        <br />                                                                <br />So you can have higher trusts on me as a real estate agent in looking for Commerical / Industrial property market.<br />                                                                <br /><br />Many of the  property listings  are  mostly  close listings that very few people in the property  market know of. <br />                                                                                  <br />                                                                                   <br />Do share this website with anyone you know who is keen to buy, sell or rent such properties in Singapore.<br /><br />- My Email Address :==&gt; <br /><br />- My First Property Website  :==&gt;<br /><br />- My Second Property Website :==&gt;<br /><br />- My Linkedln Address :==&gt;<br /><br />( My Linkedin website is also my business website that shows the types of Businesses & Companies that their <br />  owners are looking for Investment, for Sale or for Take Over.<br /><br />  This business website also shows my clients that are looking for businesses & companies to buy over,<br />  invest or take over.<br /><br />  Any one that is interested to buy over, invest or take over the businesses & companies that are <br />  posted in this business website, do kindly contact me directly for discussion.      <br /><br />  Any one that is interested to look for any types of businesses or companies to buy over, invest, or <br />  take over, do kindly contact me directly for discussion too )<br /><br />- My Facebook Address :==&gt;  <br /><br />- My WeChat ID  :==&gt;              maxseah (You can contact me by WeChat with this ID)<br /><br />                                                                  <br />Thank you for visiting my website. 

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