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    I had been in property industry since end of 2005 and has been over-achieving in terms of personal net worth,client network and most importantly, in my reputation in the market. <br />I has also been known by  clients as a go-getter who is not only sincere but reliable and fair in my dealings with his clients.<br /><br />I had garnered my experience whilst starting as a new agent to a division director in HSR,in the industry less then 18 month.<br />The number of agents that i have managed at one time in HSR is close to 100.At the end of year 07,I decided to move over to a smaller company with a group of my 30 agent to target high end property. But when the property market direction changes in end of year 08, i move on to a bigger and much better company. ERA......<br /><br />      Building up a successful business is no mean feat and i has ample experience in being an entrepreneur.I was previously managing a IT chain of retail stores for 9years before venturing into the real estate industry. <br /><br />       Managing buyer and sellers expectations is of minimal difficulty to this service based industry vetran.<br /><br />       I don't believe in sales pitches... I believe in straightforward explanations with fact.People are smart enough to make their own decisions so long as they have all of the pertinent information in order to take everything into consideration.Hiding, misleading,not disclosing information aren't going to help you find the right home nor sell the one you have.They won't help me earn an income either.There are many bad stereotypes of real estate agents and I work very hard to ensure that people realize that they don't apply to all agents, especially not me.<br /><br />Jonathan Koh<br />District Division Director (ERA)<br />Mobile +65 9073-2211<br />Reg No: R024096Z<br /><br /><br />ERA TOP 89 Achievers 2014<br />ERA TOP 53 Achievers 2013<br />ERA TOP 40 Achievers 2012<br />ERA TOP 120 Achievers 2011<br />ERA TOP 139 Achievers 2009<br />ERA Multi Million Club Achievers since 2009<br />ERA Elite Award Winner since 2009<br />Many other achievements and awards winner from other agency since 2006.<br /><br />ERA - Fascinating Division - Powerful Group<br /><br />ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd<br />(Estate Agent Licence No: L3002382K)<br />Tel: 6226 2000

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