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I started out as a part-time real estate agent in 2006 due to my personal interest in real estate investment. The next 2 years comprised many learning opportunities and experiences which eventually turned out to be much rewarding and satisfying that I opted for a career switch from manufacturing to real estate in 2008.  In 2009 and 2010, I went on to become one of the “Top 100 Achievers” in a large real estate agency and have not looked back since then.  <br /><br />While I enjoy working and interacting with new customers, many of my customers have become repeat customers and friends due to my emphasis on listening and thoroughly understanding customers’ requirements and needs in finding the right match, be it the right house, the right tenant, etc. As property transactions also involve huge sums of money, I am mindful of the emotional roller coaster such transactions can bring. My goal is to provide a smooth buying experience and minimise anxiety for my customers.<br /><br />As such, whether you are selling, buying or renting, do touch-base with me. I will give my best. Cheers!<br /><br /><br />Jolyn Tan<br />Associate Director<br /> Pte Ltd<br />Mobile : +65-90118028<br />Email :<br />Website :

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