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My journey into the world of real estate was triggered by why despite my assurances received from HDB - due to parents' accumulated arrears - and also my subsequent objections, my parents went ahead and sold their unit at a very heavy loss, resulting with no roof left over their heads until today.  It was through this same &quot;real estate professional&quot; who had encouraged my parents to purchase that unit at a ridiculously high price which ultimately contributed to their current state.<br /><br />Having been in the sales and services industry (IT) for  almost 20 years, this was completely not right and the lack of consideration for the clients' interest was very evident!<br /><br />I didn't join the big-time players as I wanted to start it all out on the correct foot - in obscurity, away from the glamorous element - rah-rah sales pitching, attractive joining packages - which we always read and see in the papers.<br /><br />With the unpleasant past experience suffered by my parents, I only seek to practise this trade with my utmost integrity, through nothing but my true sincerity and honesty, creating a constant win-win for all parties concerned, giving and doing my very best to ensure reliable and sound advice are given to all. Consideration and respect of client's interest at all time and providing good quality services are my top-most priority - nothing but the best from me.<br /><br />My presence in this trade is to ensure no one else will suffer the same fate like my parents.<br /><br />CEA Registration No: R000224D<br />Primary Area of Focus: Western Singapore<br />Housing Type Focus: Private, Commercial & HDB - Sales & Rental

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