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229 Mountbatten Road #03-01, Singapore, 398007

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Eugene has been in the real estate industry since year 2005. He joined this industry since graduation from National University of Singapore with honours in Mechanical Engineering. Ever since, he never looked back and went on to become one of the producing agents among thousands of agents in ERA.   <br /><br />What made Eugene gave up his highly lucrative career path as a high flying engineer to be a full-time agent is his passion to serve people and attend to their needs. Throughout his 15+ years in this property career, Eugene has received countless of awards that include ERA Asia Pacific ELITE Award Winner, ERA Top Achievers Awards, Institute of Estate Agents (IEA) Platinum Award etc.   <br /><br />Well-equipped with vast financial knowledge of overall market and future market trends and as well as being surprisingly familiar with calculation based on clients’ financial situation, Eugene often amazed customers with his detailed explanations and proposals of all the possible options.   <br /><br />Eugene’s main strength is his stunningly humble and sincere nature that managed to earn the trust of his colleagues, co-broke agents, friends and customers.   <br /><br />His personal motto: Success is attained through helping a lot more people!   <br /><br />There is always a reason why there are so many people wanting to sell or rent their properties through him..  <br /><br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <br />Over 170 Testimonials and Over 400 Reviews ( About His Good Services Won't Be Wrong! (To View All Testimonials, Pls Visit  <br /><br />  <br /><br />  <br /><br />  <br /><br />  <br /><br />  <br /><br />  <br /><br /><br /><br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br /><br />Phillip Logan, satisfied seller of Glacier at Joo Chiat Place #01-XX  <br /><br />&quot;Many thanks to Eugene Lee for managing the successful sale of our unit at the Glacier. Eugene was very professional and reliable in all his communications and actions. He assessed our property accurately, proposed creative strategies and was able to find the right buyer for our unit in a tight market. With our pending relocation from Singapore we were delighted that Eugene was able to secure a sale in just 5 weeks. I am delighted to recommend Eugene Lee as a hard working, reliable and professional agent.&quot;   <br /><br />Tim Chan, satisfied landlord of Bleu at East Coast, #03-XX <br /><br />&quot;My testimonial for Eugene Lee:  I initially contacted Eugene via a flyer I found in my mailbox. His response was very fast. Within 24 hours, he met me personally to gather details about my unit. He was also very attentive to my queries. Whenever I spoke, I noticed he would listen and his replies always addressed my concerns.   A few days after out initial meetup, Eugene started bringing prospective tenants for a viewing of the unit. He would always give me a feedback from these people after the viewing was completed.   All appointments were very well communicated. Eugene was always on time, never late.   After about a month, Eugene found a tenant for me. The market was very soft at this time (July 2014) but he was able to clinch a deal. I'm not sure what his methods are of finding tenants, but it's obviously effective.  On handover day, Eugene was once again very professional. He was meticulous in ensuring a smooth handover. For sake of transparency, he took many photos and created an inventory list which he shared with all parties.   In conclusion, I will say that Eugene is as good as they come. He is young, energetic and has the drive. He aim is not to just close the deal, but to close the deal while addressing your concerns. His attention to detail is only second to his ability to address his clients needs.   Chan T S&quot;   <br /><br />Mr Ramesh, satisfied seller of 249 Bangkit Road #06-XXX  <br /><br />“I had engaged Eugene as our housing agent for the sale of our 3 room flat at Blk 249 Bangkit Road. He took note of all my requirements and I am very happy that he sold my house within a short period of time (1day) and the price exceeded my expected value. He is friendly and professional and has made the tedious task of selling my flat so much easier.  We were indeed very lucky to have Mr Eugene as our agent and will surely recommend him to our family and friends. I found ERA to be professional and results driven. ERA should be proud to have such a outstanding agent like Mr Eugene.  Once again thank him for the sale of my house and wish him all the very best for his future.  Sincerely, Ramesh & Sri Vidya&quot;   <br /><br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <br />Eugene Lee's Hall of Fame! <br />ERA Top 20 Monthly Achievers Award (Dec 06, Mar 08, Feb 09, Oct 10, Jan 11, Apr 12, Sep 12, Aug 14, Sep 14, Nov 14, Apr 15, May 15, Oct 15, Nov 15, Feb 16, Mar 16, June 16, Aug 16, Jan 17, June 17, Mar 18, Apr 18, Jul 18, Feb 19) <br />ERA Top 30 Monthly Achievers Award (Aug 15, Dec 16, Sep 17, May 18)  <br />ERA Top 40 Monthly Achievers Award (Jan 16, Apr 16, Apr 19)  <br />ERA Top 50 Monthly Achievers Award (July 17, Dec 19) <br />ERA Top 70 Monthly Achievers Award (Oct 17, June 18) <br />ERA Top 80 Monthly Achievers Award (Sep 18) <br />ERA Top 90 Monthly Achievers Award (Jan 18, Nov 18) <br />ERA Top 100 Monthly Achievers Award (Mar 19, Nov 19)  <br />ERA Top Transactor Sep 12, Sep 14, Feb 15, Apr 15 ERA <br />Top 5 Managers Aug 11, Oct 11, Nov 11, Feb 12, Apr 12 ERA Top 5 Division Director June 12  <br />ERA Top 3 Senior Division Director Dec 13  <br />ERA Top 3 Senior Division Director Aug 14 <br />ERA Top 3 Group Division Director Nov 15, Apr 18, Jul 18, Feb 19, Mar 19, Apr 19, Apr 20 <br />ERA Top 2 Group Division Director Q1 19 ERA Top 3 Group Divison Director 2019 (3rd)  <br />ERA Top Recruiter Feb, Apr 14  <br />ERA Q1 Top 63 2014 <br />ERA Q2 Top 15 2014 <br />ERA Q3 Top 31 2014 <br />ERA Q1 Top 8 2015 <br />ERA Q2 Top 13 2015 <br />ERA Q3 Top 12 2015 <br />ERA Q1 Top 22 2016 <br />ERA Q2 Top 11 2016 <br />ERA Q3 Top 4 2016 <br />ERA Q1 Top 8 2017 <br />ERA Q2 Top 41 2017 <br />ERA Q3 Top 40 2017 <br />ERA Q1 Top 40 2018 <br />ERA Q2 Top 67 2018 <br />ERA Q3 Top 14 2018 <br />ERA Q1 Top 82 2019  <br />ERA Q2 Top 27 2019 <br />ERA Q3 Top 48 2019  <br />ERA Q1 Top 44 2020<br />ERA Top 300 Achievers Award 2007 (219th) <br />ERA Top 100 Achievers Award 2008 (90th) <br />ERA Top 50 Achievers Award 2009 (26th) <br />ERA Top 50 Achievers Award 2010 (36th) <br />ERA Top 100 Achievers Award 2011 (51st) <br />ERA Top 50 Achievers Award 2012 (21st) <br />ERA Top 50 Achievers Award 2014 (18th) <br />ERA Top 5 Achievers Award 2015, 16 (5th)  <br />ERA Top 20 Achievers Award 2017, 2018 (14th) <br />ERA Top 50 Achievers Award 2019 (40th) <br />ERA Top 3 Resale Condo Transactor 2017 <br />Asia Pacific Elite Award 2008 <br />Asia Pacific Elite Award 2009 <br />Asia Pacific Elite Award 2010 <br />Asia Pacific Elite Award 2011 <br />Asia Pacific Elite Award 2012 <br />Asia Pacific Elite Award 2014 <br />Asia Pacific Elite Award 2015 <br />Asia Pacific Elite Award 2016 <br />Asia Pacific Elite Award 2017 <br />Asia Pacific Elite Award 2018 <br />Top 10 Asia Pacific Agents (Transactions) (7th) 2014, 16<br />Institute of Estate Agents (IEA) Platinum Award 2010 <br />Institute of Estate Agents (IEA) Platinum Award 2011 <br />Institute of Estate Agents (IEA) Platinum Award 2012 <br />Institute of Estate Agents (IEA) Gold Award 2013 <br />Institute of Estate Agents (IEA) Gold Award 2014  <br />Promoted to Division Director June 2012 ~ Honour Division  <br />Promoted to Senior Division Director August 2013 <br />Promoted to Group Division Director February 2015 <br />Service Excellence Award (More Than 10 Years Service) <br />Singapore Business Review's Top 5 Bankable Real Estate Agents Aged 40 and Under <br />Top 2 in ERA First in Service Award 2018 <br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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