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I'm a Licence Real Estate Salesperson !!<br />AWARDS & ACHIEVER<br />2006-Present : HSR International Realtors Pte Ltd<br />TOP 200 Achievers For Year 2007<br />TOP 30 Producer For November 2007<br />TOP 10 Producers ( Resale ) For Entire Year 2008<br />TOP 30 Producer For Jan 2008<br />TOP 30 Producer For March 2008<br />TOP 30 Producer For Aug 2008<br />TOP 30 Producer For Nov 2008<br />TOP 30 Producer For Dec 2008<br />TOP 10 Transactors Dec 2008<br />TOP 100 Achievers of the entire Year 2009<br />TOP Recuriter For Nov 2009<br />TOP 30 Producer For June 2009<br />TOP 30 Producer For Aug 2009<br />TOP 30 Producers For Sept 2009<br />TOP 30 Producers For Nov 2009<br />Promoted To Senior Group Director 2010<br /><br />TOP 30 Producers For Jan 2010 11th Position<br />TOP 30 Producers For Feb 2010 12th Positiion<br />TOP 30 Producers For March 2010 11th Position<br />TOP 30 Producers For Apr 2010 28th Position<br />TOP 30 Producers For May 2010 6th Position<br />TOP 30 Producers For June 2010 22nd Position<br /><br />GPS (Global Property Strategic Alliance Pte Ltd)<br />A Subsidiary of GPS Alliance Holdings Limited Listed on ASX<br /><br />TOP 9TH TEAM LEADER AWARD 1ST QUARTER 2011<br />TOP 18TH TEAM LEADER AWARD 2ND QUARTER 2011<br />TOP 42ND PRODUCERS AWARD 2ND QUARTER 2011<br />TOP 18TH TERM LEADER AWARD 3RD QUARTER 2011<br />TOP 20TH TEAM LEADER AWARD 2011<br />TOP 67TH PRODUCER AWARD 2011<br />TOP 15TH PROJECT PRODUCERs DEC'2011<br />TOP 5 TH PROJECT TRANSACTORS DEC'2011<br /><br />TOP 200 RESALE PRODUCER(68th Position) for year 2012 <br />TOP 200 PRODUCER(153rd Position) for year 2012<br /><br />TOP 5th INTERNATIONAL PROJECT CHAMPIONS 2013<br />TOP 100 PRODUCERS 2013<br />TOP PRODUCERS 2014<br />TOP ACHIEVERS 2015<br />TOP PRODUCERS 2016<br />TOP ACHIEVERS 2017<br />TOP PRODUCERS 2018<br />TOP ACHIEVES 2019<br /><br />Current with OrangeTee.com PTE LTD<br />Team Associate Director<br />April 2014-Present Singapore<br />Team AAG(Apex Achievers Group)<br /><br />Call Me +65 90090232 -Your First Choice In Real Estate

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