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I am having one Wife with two Daughters(NJC & Crescent Girls School this year) in Singapore,<br /><br />I am Civil Engineering based, safety and environmentaly trained, Worked in Power projects at Singapore, Middle East.<br /><br />I love buildings/Properties, I love people n like to meet them n socialize with them,<br /><br />I got high degree of Passion to connect people n properties with Love,<br /><br />I was introduced to property industry by unknown well wisher, i did successfully with my full time job, meanwhile i went to overseas projects by my company, later returned to singapore decided to do full time salesperson from 2010, <br /><br />From 2011 till now i am very active n became Top Achievers from 2011 to 2017 consistently in the Company level,<br /><br />I am serving my clients for 24hour  one stop services Island wide in all Sectors to survive as a Minority full time salesperson,<br /><br />From day one i am in the Orangetee, felt that Best Company in my findings across Singapore as per lowest Customer complaints rate and we have our own Orangetee building right in front of HDB hub to show very sincere in our business.<br /><br />I am spending my quality time with our estate residents by serving as a Volunteer in our  Resident committee as a Treasurer, Citizen on Patrol, Mediation/Disputes, Various activities with other agencies to solve estate issues, Community Garden, Donate blood, Encourage people/ my clients to volunteer the needys,<br /><br />I am very willing to share my knowledge n experiences with my fellow colleaques in Our Team/Group/Company/from other Company Sales persons/ Bankers/Lawyers/ Industry experts to upkeep my knowledge as a hobby in a regular basis,<br /><br />Thanks God, in my Service i got zero complain rate,<br /><br />I am very humble, jovial, comfortable, approachable, sincere, hard working, handle multiple tasks all this are commented by my clients so far, Orangetee received so many commendation letters is the witness for my success, always i got commendation letter from my opposite clients eventhough they have their own agent,<br /><br />Regardless of market conditions, i will continue strive thro all the obstacles , committed to do my excellence service to my clients,  satisfying their heart at utmost level is my top priority.<br /><br />I forgotton my past job experiences, Committed fully 100% serving as a Salesperson,<br /><br />I am Served my clients sucessfully so far under Referel method only,<br /><br />Hope to serve everyone soon,<br /><br />Thanking you with Best regards,<br /><br />Perumal Dasarathan, Das,  Senior Associate Director, 84259635/97709504 perumal.das@orangetee.com

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