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480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh#10-01/#11-01 HDB Hub East Wing, Singapore, 310480

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Daniel Lin started off his Real Estate career in year 2009 and has never looked back since. He used to be working in the IT industry as an IT consultant & engineer and has vast experience in serving customers and providing professional advice based on their needs. He strongly believed in equipping himself with knowledge and current affairs so as to educate his customers to make informed decisions before making their purchase or sale.<br /><br />A resident in Bukit Panjang estate for years, he is very well versed in the whole estate, ranging from the types of flats available in specific blocks, age of the flat, nearby amenities and transport, and not forgetting the specific unique selling points of individual units. He is also very focused in serving the housing needs for his fellow neighbours in Bukit Panjang, be it upgrading to a bigger home, buying their dream home, property investment, and restructuring their property investment portfolio. You can be assured that you can count on him as a one-stop solution for your real estate needs.<br /><br />To the buyers, buying a property is probably one of the biggest commitments that you will make in your lifetime as it involves a substantial long-term financial commitment. Hence, with his expertise and knowledge in the Real Estate Industry as well as his network with mortgage bankers, he will provide you with professional step-by-step advice on how to purchase your dream home, financial planning, things to look out for, as well as what are the costs involved in the whole transaction. Of course, he will help you to source for your ideal property. Just leave the job to him and he can assure your experience will be an enjoyable and stress-free one!<br /> <br />To the sellers, selling your home is probably the biggest and most important transaction you will ever make. Hence, engaging the right Real Estate Agent for each part of the process provides you with expert knowledge and legal protection. With his vast knowledge and expertise in the whole selling process, he will make sure your property is marketed properly as well as striving to achieve the best possible price and getting the best buyer for you! His commitment to you is his number one priority!<br /><br /><br />Daniel Lin has also helped numerous clients achieved their wealth through Real Estate, and they have benefited very much from this concept. Are you also feeling excited about how you can still do it in this current property market? What are the methods that can help you to achieve your DREAMS of owning more than 1 property?? Pick up your phone and call now and Daniel will be more than happy to share with you how he can do it for you over a cup of coffee!<br /><br />Career in Real Estate <br /><br />Daniel Lin is someone who is always keen to share, not just with clients but with his coworkers too. <br /><br />At Powerful Negotiators, we impart important knowledge to our associates. Making sure that they are ready to embark on a journey to meet investors, new or experienced, to help them plan their investment portfolio, stretching their potential so that they will gain the maximum possible profits and the lowest risk possible. <br /><br />With a structured training, we aim to educate our associates with R. E. I. T. S.. <br /><br />Recruitment: <br />To help experienced agents to build their team with our programs <br />Education: <br />To educate agents with the right knowledge which is current in the market <br />Investment: <br />Making sure that our associates will have their money working hard for them, sharing investment opportunities with them. <br />Training: <br />Training our associates to be sharp with figures, able to spot a good investment with the knowledge the gained. <br />System: <br />Our result-proven system which has shaped today's industry has now taken a new look, with our latest iOS system, we are able to not just carry out what we could do before, but now directly benefit our clients with state-of-the-art mobile apps for our associates and clients! <br /><br />If you are looking for a breakthrough in your real estate career, or you simply want to know more about our Team in PropNex &quot;Powerful Negotiators&quot;, just drop him an SMS at 90479741, and you can just have a casual coffee session and talk. <br /><br />Daniel Lin's Personal Achievements<br /><br /><br />Top 20 Producers for October 2010<br />Top 20 Producers for February 2011<br />Top 50 Producers for Mid Year 2011<br />Top 100 Producers for 1st Quarter 2012 <br />Top 150 Producers for 2nd Quarter 2012<br />Top 20 Producers for February 2013<br />Top 30 Producers for 1st Quarter 2013<br />Top 30 Producers for May 2013<br />Top 100 Producers for 2nd Quarter 2013<br />Top 30 Producers for Sept 2013<br />Top 250 Producers for 3rd Quarter 2013<br />Top 200 Producers for Full Year 2013<br />IEA Realtors Awards (Silver) for Year 2013/2014<br />Top 150 Producers for 3rd Quarter 2015<br />Top 20 Producers for Feb 2016<br />Top 100 Producers for 1st Quarter 2016<br />Top 50 Producers for April 2016<br />Top 150 Producers for 2nd Quarter 2016<br />Top 50 Producers for Aug 2016<br />Top 150 Producers for 3rd Quarter 2016<br />Top 200 Producers for Full Year 2016<br />PropNex Ambassador in 2017<br />Top 100 Producers for 1st Half 2017<br /><br />Regards,<br /><br />Daniel Lin<br />Associate Group Director<br />PropNex Realty Pte Ltd<br />+65 90479741<br />CEA Reg: R023206A<br />http://www.daniel-lin.com<br />http://mybukitpanjang.com<br />Please also &quot;LIKE&quot; my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/mybukitpanjang<br /><br />Powerful Negotiators - The Number 1 Team in Propnex Realty Pte Ltd<br />

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