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Highlights of Achievements:<br /><br />For over thirty years, Clarence CHIONG Choong Peng has been active in sales and marketing in the real estate business. He is a licensed Real Estate agent (CEHA registration No R0103488) and is a Member in the Institute of Estate Agents in Singapore.<br /><br />He lit the torch of awareness in the value of purchasing and investing in real estate overseas in Iskandar, Johor, Malaysia and Pratnunam, Bangkok, Thailand.  Sales were brisk and interest in these areas remains.<br /><br />Clarence CHIONG Choong Peng is well known amongst real estate sales and marketing professionals. He has conducted training, served as coach and mentor to hundreds of people. His seminars are well received since the contents are illustrated by real life examples and supported by practical tips in solving problems as well as pointers in innovative thinking and strategies.<br /><br />Many who have participated in the training, upgrading as well as development programs are very successful in their business and careers.<br /><br />Oher Qualifications:<br /><br />Clarence CHIONG is an ACTA Certified Trained. He holds an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment.<br /><br />He also holds a full WSQ Certificate in Security Operations (CSO). This is a WSQ certified course developed to provide Trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills set required for Security officers. The course units include the following :<br /><br />WSQ - Provide Guard and Patrol Service<br />WSQ - Handle Security Incidents and Services<br />WSQ - Handle Counter Terrorism Activation<br />WSQ - Conduct Security Screening of Person and Bag.<br />

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