What makes a good Feng Shui House?

Everyone hopes to live in a home with good Feng Shui, but not everyone gets to do so.

Internally you might have the will and desire to achieve peace and harmony with the living surrounding; externally, there are many factors out there that hinder you from achieving your goal.

Most, if not all, the external factors are beyond our control. When we are exposed to an environment that beyond our ability to control or make changes, it will transform into a bad cycle of negative luck. It is, therefore, best to gain an understanding of the various aspects involved and be mindful in choosing where to stay.

If there is no way for you to change the architectural design or orientation of the house, then you can only make the adjustment based on the existing floor plan.

Modifying the Fengshui of your house would improve your chance of success and helps individual to strive.


Kitchen. Picture: New Trend Lifestyle

  1. If the stove sits in a direct line from the main door, there will be clashes in terms of Feng Shui, causing loss of wealth for the family owner/s.
    In serious cases, the family will meet with health problems, especially their digestive system.
  2. The stove should face an auspicious direction as it is supposed to absorb prosperity for the family. If it faces a negative direction, it will cause the family to lose wealth,  and an increase of illnesses. The stove should not face the toilet as well.
  3. It is highly not recommended to have the kitchen situated in the center of a house.
    The kitchen is of the Fire element, and being in the center of a heart means the house is burning at its heart. The family’s members’ health can be easily affected negatively.
  4. The common design in Singapore houses combines the kitchen with the toilet to save space, making it compulsory for one to step into the kitchen after leaving the toilet.
    In Feng Shui, this is inauspicious and can cause illnesses to befall on the family.
  5. Hanging mirrors in the kitchen is generally bad, especially if the mirror faces the stove If mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove where the food in the stove will reflect on the mirror, there will be even worse repercussions. The home can meet with fire disasters or unfortunate events.

Child’s Bedroom

Bedroom. Picture: New Trend Lifestyle

  1. For the child’s bedroom, a Geomancer should be called in to give his advice on the best way to furnish the room as it will affect his/her life greatly.
    Down to the colors used for the room, the child’s Eight Characters should be looked into to get the best out of the room.
  2. A rectangular table is best used as a study table. The second choices can be either a square or roundtable. Irregular shapes are not recommended.
    There should not be objects above the study table as it will bring unnecessary stress for the child.
  3. Every room has a Wen Chang position.
    The Wen Chang position can influence a child’s learning ability, increase interest in academics and allow the child to have better results in exams. A Geomancer must be called in to help locate the position for the child’s best interests
  4. The entrance to the child’s bedroom should not have mirrors as it will invite gossips into the child’s life. It will also bring in malicious persons into the child’s life and affect the child’s future prospects.

Living Room

Living room. Picture: New Trend Lifestyle

  1. The space of the living room should not be too narrow or have a low ceiling-the family harmony will face obstruction and the occupants will not feel peaceful. The living room should also not be too dark or gloomy as it will reflect onto the family harmony of the occupants.
  2. The living room is best to be in a square or rectangular shape. If it has protruding corners or indented corners, it will be considered as a missing corner and a Geomancer is best employed to take a look at the Feng Shui.
  3. It is important to note that not all houses are suitable to have plants and flowers (real and fake), added to beautify the house. A wrong pot of plant can cause quarrels between the male and female owners of the house, attract unsolicited romances, and cause problems to the marriage. You should always consult a Geomancer before placing these plants around the house.
  4. If the opposite corner from the main door has mirrors, it can negatively affect the occupants’ overall luck. It can easily cause a lack of wealth, accidents, loss of opportunities and in the worst-case scenario, death to the family members
  5. The living room is a place to meet people; the main door should, therefore, be best if it can lead directly to the living room. If one has to pass through the bedrooms or the kitchen before reaching the living room, it will imitate a loss of privacy. This will cause the occupants to be easily derailed from their career and making mistakes in their jobs frequently.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom. Picture: New Trend Lifestyle

  1. Refrain from using bright colours in the Master Bedroom to create a more soothing atmosphere. The exact colors to be used should be based on the owners’ five elements, recommended by a Geomancer.
  2. Make sure that the tops of the bed sides are not empty. A bedside cupboard is best placed on both sides as without them, the married couple’s relationship can be rocky. The Feng Shui behind the bedside cupboards should not be undermined as it can affect the couple’s relationship, as well as the couple’s career and wealth luck.
  3. Refrain from having the top of the bed leaning onto the wall that connects to the toilet as it increases the chances of having female-related illnesses. If the wall connects to the kitchen or storeroom, it is also detrimental to their health.
  4. There should not be overhead beams in the bedroom. The overhead beams will make the occupants feel stressed and create quarrels between the couple. It will also cause the air flow to be blocked in the room, causing mood swings.
  5. It is very common to have televisions or dressing tables with mirrors positioned facing the bed.
    However, this will cause “White Tiger Clashes” in Feng Shui, leading to health-related stress and insomnia. It will also affect the couple’s relationship. Our Geomancers will teach you what to do to avoid this during your Feng Shui consultation.

Article contributed by Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui Consultancy, New Trend Lifestyle.