What is IQAgent?

You might be wondering what is IQAgent and how does it benefit you. 


IQAgent is an online tool that allows only CEA certified agents to auto-generate a PDF home report that provides in-depth information about a particular property that ultimately aims to give confidence to both the seller and buyer on the price; or the landlord and tenant on the rent.

Source of the data is taken from data.gov.sg for HDB and URA for all other properties. 

Home Report vs. Analysis available in the market

  • Home report’s analysis will be based on the size range only.
  • The report will provide analysis based on the floor and view (if the data is available)
  • It compares with the nearby project with similar size.

Benefits for Agents

The Problem

If the seller is willing to sell just below the market price, the deal will close faster – idea for all parties but it is rare.
If the seller or buyer is not convinced, the sales conversation ends here.

The Solution

For owners, you can advise them on the best prices for their property based on the home report, be it selling or renting.
Whereas for potential buyers, you are able to suggest a proposed price for the property they are interested in

The Benefit

Improve sales conversations and reduce turn-around time to close a deal.

What is included in the Home Report?

  1. Pricing to buy or sell
  2. Expected monthly rental
  3. Investment insights – Capital Growth & Rental Yield

Generate Home Report using IQAgent

Step 1: Visit and Login

Available in your dashboard

Log in to your account and you will see the tab for IQAgent.

Step 2: Key in the details

Select project with the specific block, unit number, and the size will be automatically populated.

Step 3: Click to generate report

Click on the “View Report” to download the Home Report.

Once the results are displayed, review the analysis shown. To generate the home report, click on “View Report” on the top right-hand corner to download it in PDF format.

Click here to download the full detailed guide for IQAgent.

For more information about iProperty IQAgent, please contact your respective Account Manager or drop us an email at  [email protected]