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(Source: iProperty.com.sg internal monitor, Sep 2018)

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What is Agentools?

Agentools is a platform on iProperty.com.sg to provide agents with high quality listings for sale and for rent from Agents, Developers and Owners.

All the listings found in Agentools are “Open” so there is no exclusive agent representing the owners.

Each of the owners’ listing data has been processed and verified by our Info-Tools team and provides you with comprehensive information of the units in Agentools.

How can you benefit from the historical data?

To get rental owners’ listings

  • Opportunity to call the landlord/property owner after 1-2 years from their listing data, as the current tenancy agreement might be expiring or have expired.

To convert a rental listing into a sale listing

  • Most owners’ listings are provided by the owner of the unit.
  • Opportunity to contact the owner to see if he/she is interested to sell the unit instead of renting out.


What is IQAgent?

IQAgent is an online tool that allows only CEA certified agents to auto-generate a PDF home report that provides in-depth information about a particular property that ultimately aims to give confidence to both the seller and buyer on the price; or the landlord and tenant on the rent.

How can you benefit from it?

You can advise the owners on the best prices for their property based on the home report, be it selling or renting. Whereas for potential buyers, you are able to suggest a proposed price for the property they are interested in.

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