The 5 myths of Feng Shui in 2018

While it’s impossible to describe and explain all the knowledge accumulated through the centuries in any single publication, we can summarize what Feng Shui is not.

We’ve compiled and picked 5 of the biggest myths based on the thousands of questions received in 2017.

Myth 1: Lucky colours

The use certain colours in particular areas of your house to ‘increase luck’? Or wear a lucky colour so you make more money than the previous year. Of if you lack the Water Element you should wear Blue.

Picture: Joey Yap

According to this belief, the colour red is very auspicious, therefore, if your front door is red, it is said to give you luck for many years to come. You have more money, your relationships bloom and prosperous life. In that case, shouldn’t the football club Manchester United be winning every game they play because, you know, red?

Myth 2: Fortune Cats & Shiny Rocks

Fortune Cat. Picture: Joey Yap

Not earning enough? Place the red and gold cat statue. Want more properties? No issues, leave the crystals in a bowl by your bed! Having relationship problems? The painting of 9 Golden Fish swimming inward will surely help!

We believe you are familiar with this one. The ceramic frog with coins in its mouth, the cat with waving paws, crystal trinkets, Fu Dogs statues, purple pillows.


Qi is derived from natural forms; not from man-made objects. Charms, objects and products that were mentioned are mostly ‘manufactured’ by enterprising individuals. On their own, it is highly unlikely to produce any Qi.

They do serve as some very nice decoration in certain occasions and some even swear the psychological effect it has changed the outcome of their endeavours.

Landforms, timing, direction, architecture, design and property details are the ingredients of a holistic approach of an authentic Feng Shui reading. Having trinkets around the house are more of psychological effects as they are mere symbol of you feeling good that something is helping you.

Myth 3: Dead fish in an aquarium is an aversion of misfortune

You would have heard this misconception. The idea that the fish in the aquarium died a heroic death to save the unassuming owner from bad luck.


The idea that when the fishes die, it took away the owner’s bad fortune is baseless. Feng Shui does NOT in any way sacrifice animal or any other living things. What we actually need in order to calculate and avoid bad times are directions, your birth details, locations, and your property.

Certainly, not fishes and perhaps you should get your aquarium filters checked!

Classical Feng Shui dictates that activation of Qi in a property can be achieved by the placement of flowing or moving water in a said area. But it would be obviously weird especially in the eyes of visitors, to have a pail of water sitting in the middle of a house for an example.

Therefore, to make it visually satisfying, an aquarium complete with fishes, is placed in the area. After all, who wouldn’t love to watch colourful fishes swimming in an aquarium?

Myth 4: The art of decluttering

Cleaning your space will bring in good Qi into the property, and eventually fortune. Many believe good Feng Shui is about simply cleaning your mess.

Those who practice ‘clutter clearing’ Feng Shui would tell you that you cannot be a rich or successful person because your workspace is cluttered until you clean up your space.

Designed by Free Space Intent. Picture: Nestr


Good Feng Shui means good Qi flow. Qi comes from natural forms. So, are your cabinets and TV racks natural forms?

While it is true to a certain extent that rearranging your work desk or your bookshelf makes you feel accomplished and thus brings a good sense of motivation and an aura of positivity, but that is not all there is to the authentic Feng Shui.

Myth 5: Using images of water

Some people hang paintings and images of water (waterfalls, rivers, water drops etc) on the wall. They believe that this would suffice to bring in proper flow of Qi and provide them with wealth and luck.


As water facilitates the flow of Qi, real water must be present. When water is used in Feng Shui formations, it’s because H2O in its natural form is in a constant state of movement. In a favourable space, the flowing factor helps gather Qi and gives the desired effect to the property and the residents in it.

Article was written by Team Joey Yap.