Thanks to you, we are rated tops among real estate blogs to follow

Last year, we were rated on Feedspot as one of their Top 100 Property Blogs. This year, we’re honored, and delighted, to be rated tops among real estate blogs to follow in 2018

We’re feeling the love!

We’re really glad that you appreciate our commitment to delivering readers with the most interesting, and up to date property news in our Lifestyle and News section.

In fact, our News and Lifestyle section alone has seen a 103% increase in your visits since we started writing in October last year!

We’ve experienced over 300% audience growth since we launched the mobile app and the new website experience, with 980,000 visits every month. We also want to thank all property agents for placing your faith in us and publishing your property listings that have powered our content.

Now, if you’re reading this on Facebook and Twitter, know that we haven’t forgotten all 66K of you! After all, we know that you’re the ones that like, comment, share and retweet our stories to your followers, friends, and families all the time.

Social Media is also where we hear feedback from you all the time, so it’s awesome to know that you care about what we put out there. We’re grateful that you enjoy our content, and we’ll keep on creating more great pieces out for you to enjoy and talk about. For topics that you want us to cover, just tag us on social media and we may just do a feature on it, together with a special gift as a ‘thank you’ for your tip-off.

What a ride it’s been!

It’s been an exciting journey so far, but we’ve just started. Now that we’re Singapore’s fastest growing property site, we aim to keep it that way. That means better content for you to enjoy and more listings for you to pick from. We couldn’t have done this without you, and we hope to have you with us as we continue on our journey!