Tanjong Pagar pilot BID to further boost the area’s transformation

SINGAPORE – Multiple property owners have come together for the first time through the Tanjong Pagar pilot Business Improvement District (BID), to propose placemaking plans and initiatives to enhance and enliven the Tanjong Pagar precinct.

JR Tokyo Summer Park Fest. Picture: GuocoLand Singapore

The collaborative partnership includes GuocoLand Singapore, Carlton City Hotel, Far East Organization, Orchid Hotel, Downtown Gallery and Tian Teck Investment Holding.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has selected the Expression of Interest proposal which was submitted by the Partnership in March 2018 to participate in the pilot BID programme. The various stakeholders will now work on developing a comprehensive business plan that encapsulates initiatives for the betterment of the precinct.

The official launch of the Tanjong Pagar pilot BID is estimated to be in the first half of 2019.

Vision and activities for Tanjong Pagar pilot BID

Tanjong Pagar Centre and CBD. Picture: GuocoLand Singapore

Members of the pilot BID have the common aim to develop a unique district where “Old Meets New”. The Tanjong Pagar area enjoys the buzz of the Central Business District while being a historically rich neighbourhood.

The vision for the precinct is for people to experience the soul, diversity, culture, and heritage of the rejuvenated area, with new buildings and social elements juxtaposed against the heritage district.

The proposed initiatives and events are specially curated to enhance the recreation, leisure and entertainment offerings in the precinct, such as cultural and heritage trails and the weekend car-free zone.

A key part of the proposal is the activation of common public areas for fitness, heritage, food and cultural events.

The park spaces at Tras Street and Tras Link have opened in August 2018, and are ideal for community events, due to the centralised location in Tanjong Pagar area and the accessibility to Tanjong Pagar MRT station. The events can range from weekend artisan and farmers’ markets, to festivals that showcase the concept of “Old Meets New”.

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TPC, BachintheSubway. Picture: GuocoLand Singapore

There will also be opportunities for collaborations between public and private sectors – such as nearby F&B and retail establishments to showcase the precinct’s character. In addition, the City Room that is part of the 150,000 sq ft Urban Park at Tanjong Pagar Centre, can offer a ready sheltered public space that can accommodate up to 2,000 people.

The venue will be suitable for other mid-sized events that include regular workout programmes and musical performances for the whole community to enjoy.

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TGIF Music Station by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. Picture: GuocoLand Singapore

The proposal also includes the development of digital platforms – such as a common Tanjong Pagar website and parking privileges in the precinct. These aim to improve and synergise marketing efforts amongst the members.

Mr Cheng Hsing Yao, Chairman of Tanjong Pagar pilot BID and Group Managing Director of GuocoLand Singapore said, “The Tanjong Pagar district has been undergoing rapid rejuvenation and transformation, with new major developments like office towers, hotels and retail malls being built. The time is right for stakeholders to get together now to elevate Tanjong Pagar to the next level through place making. The capacity of placemaking by an individual stakeholder is insufficient to activate the precinct. With the coming together of multiple stakeholders, we can have a more coordinated and effective effort to contribute to the transformation of Tanjong Pagar. Together, we can capitalise on the old and new elements of this precinct and make this a unique place that integrates the live, work and play experience for residents, tenants, visitors and tourists. We are confident that the place branding of Tanjong Pagar will grow in time.”

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The founding pilot BID members have properties centred around Tras Street, Maxwell Road and Peck Seah Street, which have physical linkages to each other. The pilot BID aims to expand the members and precinct to Tanjong Pagar Road, as well as Duxton Hill and Keong Saik Road.

Aerial view, Wallich Residence. Picture: GuocoLand Singapore

Article contributed by GuocoLand Singapore.