Singles attain more success at securing new BTO flats

Singles have been able to apply for new HDB flats directly from the housing board since July 2013. 4 years down the road, have their housing needs been sufficiently met?

HDB making progress in fulfilling singles’ housing needs

High queue numbers were not uncommon when the new singles scheme commenced in 2013. Many singles balloted time and again for a 2-room build-to-order (BTO) flat but failed.

The rate of success has however been raised, as more than 3,300 singles have received keys to their new BTO flat as of end-January. These 2-room flats which singles are eligible for are in non-mature estates. As of 2017, there are 5.9 single applicants vying for 1 unit. When the scheme started in 2013, the odds were much higher with 57.5 applicants trying to secure 1 unit.

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HDB ramping up the supply of 2-room flats for elderly and singles

HDB exterior in West Coast Road, Singapore.

West Coast Road. Picture: iProperty

As Singapore’s social fabric stretches out, the housing board is realising that more than just young couples and extended families require help with housing. Especially as property prices rise at an increasing pace.

For the moment, they are supplying about 4,000 new 2-room units per year. 12,000 singles have since booked new homes with HDB. They are also eligible for the Additional Central Provident Fund (CPF) Housing Grant which was revised up last year, and also the Special CPF Housing Grant.

HDB will continue to monitor the demand for these single-eligible 2-room flats and endeavour to meet the housing needs of singles aged 35 and above. Besides these 2-room flats, singles are also eligible to purchase resale HDB flats from the open market.