Singapore’s Coolest Homes

Most of us are content to make do with the exterior of whatever home we live in and devote all our energies to fixing up the interior. For some people, however, with the vision and – let’s face it – the money to achieve their dream home, we present four of Singapore’s most irresistible properties.

Blair Road

(The stark white, minimalist interior of Blair Road. Image courtesy of Ong & Ong.)

This particular stretch of road is wall-to-wall with achingly beautiful, classic shophouses, but one in particular belies its antique façade with a modern, chic interior. With clean, zen lines and stark white walls creating an air of boundless space, the overall impression is one of peace and simplicity. However, with a continuous first floor layout between the kitchen and living room, the respectably sized first floor makes a great party area. Up top, a cosy roof makes for a more quiet conversation spot, more suited to passionate declarations of love, sun tanning or an after-work drink. Possibly all three, if you’re lucky enough to live such a lifestyle.

S House

(A view to kill… for. Stunning design at S House. Image courtesy of Formwerkz Architects.)

Looking like it belongs in the playgrounds of California’s super-rich movie stars, S House simply oozes  ‘cool’ – that much is clear as soon as you spot the 25-metre swimming pool, carefully crafted lawn, and eye-catching exterior. Four airy floors, each leading to radically different design spaces, seem crafted to simultaneously fulfil two tasks: impress first-time visitors, and act as the backdrop to an awesome house party. One floor, dramatically lit, looks like the set of a 70’s shindig. Climb the stairs and you’ll be led into an airy living room, all quirky niches and high ceilings, which catches the afternoon sun. As does the jutting al fresco area, which overlooks the pool and could comfortably hold a score of boisterous family and friends.

Sun Cap House

(Soak up the rays at Sentosa’s Sun Cap House. Image courtesy of Wallflower Architecture + Design.)

Though situated in Sentosa Cove, where Singapore’s millionaires live cheek by jowl and yacht-to-yacht, Sun Cap House manages to create an air of splendid isolation. Its thick, nine metre-high wall has something to do with this, wrapping protectively around the property without compromising the view of the surrounding waterscape, or halting the occasional balmy breeze. Highlights of this villa include wall-sized windows that amplify the feeling of boundless space, ceilings high enough to incorporate indoor trees and a mosaic bathroom that wouldn’t have looked out of place in old Pompeii. All in all, this is definitely a house that could appear on MTV’s Cribs.

Ewart Park

( Nature on the doorstep at Ewart Park. Image courtesy of Wallflower Architecture + Design.)

Seamlessly integrated into the surrounding greenery and stillness between the Bukit Timah/Holland Road area, this home feels like a true haven from the hustle and bustle of city living. White stucco mixes with warm woods and stone in the foundations to create a spa-like feel, and the rooftop infinity pool perched halfway into the jungle certainly helps. As functional as it is stunning, the pool also thermally regulates the floors directly below it, providing natural coolness which amplifies the edifice’s air of tranquillity. The result is a living space where residents need not rely on air-conditioning, and can instead bask in the freshness and comfort that come with living in natural temperatures.