Secret Garden of the Northwest: Bukit Panjang

Hidden in the Northwestern part of the island, Bukit Panjang’s oft-overlooked property market hides plenty of hidden gems. The town, named to mean “long stretches of hills” is full of lush greenery and connected to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in the south.

Due to its proximity to the Central Water Catchment area, the place is packed with unique flora and fauna.

HDBs defining the neighbourhood

Block 201 Petir Road, Bukit Panjang. Picture: iProperty

Bukit Panjang is actually quite large, and is made of seven subzones: Senja, Saujana, Fajar, Bangkit, Jelebu, Dairy Farm and Nature Reserve. The neighbourhood is currently holds 34,463 HDB flats, some built with very unique architecture.

Take for example, the 25-storey H-shaped blocks built in Bukit Panjang New Town. These HDB flats were built specifically to give a unique identity that would set the place apart from all the other neighbourhoods.

Due to its hilly terrain, Bukit Panjang presented a unique challenge to HDB’s architects and engineers. HDB blocks could not be uniformly built as they would need to be built on land that varied largely in elevation. As such, they decided to build HDB blocks of varying heights and ended up with blocks that resembled the stepped terraces of Balinese padi fields. Some these locks can be seen at Saujana Road and Bukit Panjang Ring Road.

Private Boom in Bukit Panjang

Bukit Panjang is full of condominiums as well, and may of them are priced at a steal. The saying “You can’t get private housing at below $1million” is proven to be completely untrue.

Chestervale, Bukit Panjang. Picture: iProperty

Take, for example, the Chestervale along Bangkit Road. The 396-unit condominium is 3 minutes walk to Bangkit LRT, and within walking distance to 3 primary schools. It is also close to a bunch of shopping malls.

You’d think that with all these amenities, a home like this would cross the million dollar mark. However, a quick search on our website would show 1,200 square footers going at in the $850,000 – $880,000 range.

Chestervale is not an anomaly, as places like Foresque Residences along Petir Road also boasts similar prices. For a 1301 square footer, the going price sits squarely in the $868,000 range.

However, prices go up quickly when you get closer to the Downtown Line MRT. The newly built Hillion Mall & Residences are much more expensive, with the 474 square footer costing $759,000. On a per square foot basis, it is almost triple the cost of any of the other residences we have discussed so far.

Amenities Aplenty

Bukit Panjang’s Zhenghua Park is one of its most popular features. The park was completed in 2002, and stretches out 2.5km along the BKE. The 13.5-hectare park has a multipurpose event lawn, children’s play area, exercise station, pavilion, as well as jogging and cycling tracks.

The neighbourhood is also connected to both Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Dairy Farm Nature Park, making it a huge draw for nature lovers.

Hillion Mall. Picture: Sim Lian Group

Nature aside, Bukit Panjang boasts one of Singapore’s newest shopping centres, Hillion Mall. The 4 storey mall is connected to Bukit Panjang MRT, and boasts childcare facilities, a FairPrice supermarket, gym and a variety of food options for residents.

Bukit Panjang Plaza. Picture: iProperty

Not too far away, the stalwart Bukit Panjang Plaza also serves the community. This 247,545 square foot giant has a FairPrice Finest, a variety of fast food and restaurant options, and a great selection of banks and services for the neighbourhood.