Riversound Residence by Qing Jian Realty – Staycation Award

iProperty.com’s People’s Choice Award (PCA):  Staycation Award (Condominium that has facilities of a hotel) – Riversound Residence by Qing Jian Realty Pte Ltd

The Prize:

There are some Singaporeans who enjoy travelling overseas to unwind.  There are others who prefer a staycation and spend their holiday, relaxing in a posh hotel, in Singapore instead.  

For those who enjoy the latter, why not make it an everyday affair by staying at Riversound Residence by Qing Jian Realty Pte Ltd, the development that won iProperty.com’s Staycation Award.

The Appeal:

Located along Sengkang East Drive, the project offers facilities as well as amenities that rival Singapore’s luxurious hotels.  

Resplendently luxurious, a unit at Riversound Residence is more than just an abode. Just like any 5-star hotel, units there have large living spaces, full-length windows, open layouts as well as lavish finishings that create an ambience that sets it apart from other developments.  

The X-Factor: All Round Wellness

While many projects focus on just one or two aspects, Riversound Residence focuses on providing a full sensory experience with six forms of wellness.

Wellness of Sound

With Sungei Pinang and Sungei Serangoon just in front of Riversound Residence, residents would be able to listen to the musical trickling of the jade-blue rivers. Lull your soul and calm your mind with the harmonious sounds of water, accompanied by delightful choruses from birds and insects. Within the development, there are water features and an eco-corridor – consisting of a sculptural birdhouse, shady trees and water features – to provide even more natural melodies.

Wellness of Sight

More than just a beauty to behold, the Sky Terraces are the perfect haven for recreation and relaxation with a host of facilities. Spend a sequestered afternoon at the Cabana, harmonise your senses at the Tea House, attain inner peace at the Meditation Corner or pump up your adrenaline at the Outdoor Gym. There’s always something to delight in, active or sedentary.

Wellness of Sensory

Revive your senses and immerse in bliss at the spa and massage areas. After a day of work, beat off the stress with a soothing foot, calf, back and shoulder massage in the Hydro-Spa Pool. Alternatively, seek a quiet moment at the Cocoon Pavilion and unwind in these spacious comfort zones.

Wellness of Being

The complete suite of recreational and fitness facilities gives you the tools you need to promote total well-being. The infinity swimming pool beckons residents to swim a few laps, while the jogging track and tennis court let the land-lovers get into the full swing of healthy living.  Apart from outdoor activities, there is also a fully-equipped gym for the fitness buffs as well as an iconic clubhouse for those who love to entertain.

Wellness of Aroma

Reinvigorate your sense of smell with an aromatic adventure right at your doorstep. Starting with the Aroma Garden, you’ll find fragrant flora and herbs that perk you up with their perfumes. Then spice things up by going beyond the estate. Discover the fresh redolence of Nature from Punggol Park and Serangoon Park Connector, mere minutes from home. Truly, there’s always something lovely in the air, within and around Riversound Residence.

Wellness of Flavour

Round up your family, friends and loved ones. A feast of heartwarming flavours is about to be served up. With natural, beautiful views as your backdrop, Riversound Residence gives you a choice of dining areas tailored to your occasion.  An evening soiree? The gourmet dining pavilion offers a sheltered outdoor setting that’s fit for royalty. A family celebration or meet-up with close friends? Fire up at the BBQ pits. It will be a raucous night of sizzling excitement.

Round up

With so much focus on all round wellness, residents of Riversound Residence will feel that everyday is just like a holiday.  Efforts by the developer to provide such holistic lifestyle did not go unappreciated.  Hence it is fitting that the development won the Staycation Award.