Resident’s View: Woodlands Singapore speaks to three residents of this Heartlands suburb on living in Woodlands. Sukayah Ramli, a sales account manager; Irene Ngai, finance manager; and client servicing executive, Siti Shamma, give their views.

(Causeway Point at Woodlands. Image courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board.)

Why did you choose to live in this area?
Sukayah Ramli: The apartment has unblocked views of luscious green hills. Plus, it’s very quiet at night.
Irene Ngai: I rent a room close to the causeway and johore. To be honest, I chose it because the rental is cheap.

What are the pros and cons of living in this area?
SR: I find Woodlands pretty boring. After 10.30pm there isn’t really a decent pub or café to hang out at, plus it’s a long way to town. It takes at least 50 minutes to an hour to get to the centre of town.
IN: Personally I find living here to be pretty convenient. I only live two bus stops away from the closest MRT station. There’s the Cathay cinema nearby and a lot of Malay food and shops close by.
Siti Shamma:  Apart from the distance to Orchard and the rest of town, there aren’t many cons to living in Woodlands. It’s only a few bus stops to Woodlands MRT Station and walking distance to Marsiling MRT Station, there are nearby coffeeshops, it’s walking distance to the market and Woodlands Town Garden, and there are a lot of good schools nearby including Marsiling Secondary, Woodlands Secondary, Marsiling Primary, Republic Polytechnic, and Singapore Sports School, JC. There are the supermarkets, restaurants and eating establishments, banks, cinema and other entertainment facilities you would expect from a big HDB hub, and there are good transport links to the Expressway – BKE and JB.

What would your advice be for people looking to relocate to this area?
SR: It’s a quiet neighbourhood, although as an older development, the apartments are bigger than the new ones HDB is building today. Do be prepared to take longer time to get to town though.

What are some of your favourite place for dinner and drinks in Woodlands?
Breeks at Causeway point is a nice restaurant.
IN: If you like local food, and who doesn’t? 888 Plaza has a lot of food stalls with a really good variety of Indian, Chinese and Malay food.

Are there any special finds in the area?
SR: There is a bus that goes to the zoo on weekends. It’s a very short ride – it only takes 10 minutes  – and Singapore Zoo is one of the best in Asia. If you like nature, the Kranji nature reserve has mangrove swamps and a wetland reserve for bird watching and walking.
SS: The shops at Old Woodlands Centre sell goods ranging from new to old items – including some pieces not easily found anywhere – at very cheap prices.

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