Resident’s View – River Valley

Beauty and serenity perfectly describe Robertson Quay. However, as account manager Danny Gilchrist tells us, high prices do not necessarily equate good quality.

( Residents in Robertson Quay enjoy taking a quiet stroll along the river. Image courtesy of Bryanmackinnon.)

iProperty: Do you think you will live in this area when you decide to buy your own place, and why or why not?
Danny Gilchrist: Yes, I think I may decide to stay here mainly because of convenience. My place is in close proximity to food shops, Orchard Road, the Central Business District and more. I also like living here because my partner and I get to enjoy walks along the river in the evenings.

iP: What are the pros of living in this area?
DG: It is a pretty area in terms of cleanliness and architecture. I like that it is close to the nightlife destinations but still retains some peace and quiet, particularly because the condominium I am living in has a small number of units. The buses are relatively good too, and there is a good Japanese supermarket nearby.

iP: Are there any negatives about living in this area?
DG: There is no direct MRT station nearby as it is very much an expat family location—the closest is Somerset MRT.

iP: If there was one thing that would improve this area, what would you like to see?
DG: I would like to see a Robertson Quay MRT station, perhaps closer to the other end of Robertson and not so near Clarke Quay. It would also be great to have some cheaper eating options. Most of the eateries here are quite expensive yet not all of them are good quality. Ideally I’d like to have a bit more variety here, but generally it is great!  

iP: Would you advise people to move to this area and why?
DG: It depends on your key criteria. If you want somewhere central and to be in or around an expat community, then this area should suit your needs. If you are looking for a place with more of a local feel, then this may not be the best place.

iP: What is your favourite place for dinner in the area and why?
DG: It has to be either Wine Connection or The Foundry. Wine Connection is great as the food is good and they have great wine, both of which are not too pricey. At The Foundry you can choose among Thai, Indian and Western food, again at relatively cheap prices.

iP: Do you have a local bar or pub and what’s good about it?
DG: I actually prefer a bar near work (Club Street) or by the Marina as they are more convenient when the mood strikes. I think they are better as well. However, Roberston Quay has good cafés. My favourite is Kith Café, which has a great breakfast menu. As all good restaurants do it also has a staple of dishes they do really well, as opposed to having too many less-than-average ones.

iP: Where do you do your shopping and why?
DG: We go to Cold Storage purely because it is close by. However I would prefer to go to FairPrice because the prices are quite literally much fairer than Cold Storage when it comes to branded goods.

iP: Are there any special finds in the area?
DG: As Robertson Quay is a well known and popular place to go, there isn’t really a ‘special find’ I can name. But one place I like is the Book Shop Café, which as its name suggests is a good place to find a new read.