Resident’s View: Dover

The estate of Dover might be old, but as Republic Polytechnic student Ivy Lim thinks it is perfect just the way it is. The long-time Dover Crescent resident talks to iProperty about MRT stations, eating haunts and hidden gems.
(Dover MRT Station. Image by user Sengkang courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)
iProperty: Do you think you will live in this area when you decide to buy your own place? Why?
Ivy Lim: Yes. I feel that Dover is a really convenient place as there are bus stops in my vicinity with many different buses that can bring me almost anywhere! Moreover, the Dover MRT station is just a 10-minute walk from my place; and if I walk further down to the opposite end, there is also the Buona Vista MRT station.
I have many fond memories of living here. I used stay in Block 25 but shifted to Block 18 when the old blocks in the estate were slated to be demolished—the blocks were too old and had posed a danger for residents. Both my primary and secondary schools (Fairfield Methodist Primary and Secondary) are walking distances from where I currently stay. There is a direct bus between my home and school, which proved really convenient for me on lazy days.
iP: What are the pros of living in this area? 
IL: Living in this area is really good as it is very accessible. Besides being situated close to Dover MRT, I enjoy direct buses to Orchard (Bus 14) and Bugis (Bus 33), which I’m thankful for as I frequent these places on weekends. If you’re looking for good schools, Dover has ACSI (Independent), Singapore Polytechnic and an international school. The food here is good too, especially the western stall in the coffee shop right below my home. It’s pretty popular among the residents living here.
iP: Are there any negatives about living in this area?
IL: No, I think the area is good this way. But a shopping mall couldn’t hurt!
iP: Would you advise people to move to this area? Why?
IL: Yes, I do. Personally, I find Dover safe and easily accessible. It has really good transport links which I think that is an important aspect of everyday living. And if you’re a party animal, this would be an ideal place for you: Holland Village is just few bus stops away from Dover Crescent!
iP: What is your favourite place for dinner in the area? Why?
IL: My place to eat is the Broadway food court, as it is air-conditioned. Although Broadway is not particularly huge compared to other food courts or eateries, it serves really tasty food, and I think good food is what matters the most!
iP: Do you have a local bar or pub?
IL: Not that I know of. The nearest bars, including the well-known Harry’s bar, are those in Holland Village.
iP: Where do you do your shopping? Why?
IL: For trendy and affordable clothes, I usually head out of the estate to Bugis or Far East Plaza. I do my family’s grocery shopping at the NTUC FairPrice supermarket conveniently situated beside Broadway.
iP: Are there any special finds in the area? What do you like about it?
IL: There is a sky park located on top of the Broadway food court, located within a multi-storey car park. It has great scenery and benches for people to just sit and chill. I think it’s wonderful that we have such a park that offers this. It’s good to enjoy the scenery once in a while.
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