Resident’s View – Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris, a scenic and tranquil residential estate, is found on the easternmost part of Singapore. Speaking of the Pasir Ris Central HDB unit she lives in, special education teacher Kaysee Leong tells iProperty that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

( Changi Village Hawker Centre is a well known foodie haven. Image courtesy of Sengkang.)

iProperty: Do you think you will live in this area when you decide to buy your own place? Why or why not?
Kaysee Leong: No, I doubt I will. Pasir Ris is too far off from town, so travelling to and fro can be quite inconvenient.

iP: What are the pros of living in this area?
KL: I think Pasir Ris has a good transportation network. It is also near Downtown East and White Sands shopping mall, where the cinema, shops and food joints are, yet it is still nice and quiet.

iP: Are there any negatives about living in this area?
KL: It’s simply too far away from the Central area. Whether you travel by public or private transport it is still quite a hassle.

iP: If there was one thing (or more than one) that would improve this area, what would you like to see?

KL: I would definitely like to see another shopping mall in this estate. White Sands is the only major shopping mall in the vicinity.

iP: Would you advise people to move to this area ? Why or why not?

KL: Yes, I would. Despite the difficulties with travelling I have to admit that Pasir Ris is a quiet and safe to live. The various schools and shops are within easy reach so it’s great place for young families.

iP: What is your favourite place for dinner in the area and why?

KL: I don’t have a particular favourite, but the famous Changi Village Hawker Centre is really close by. Downtown East also has a large variety of food places.

iP: Where do you do your shopping? Why?

KL: My family gets our daily necessities in the shops around the neighbourhood. But if you’re looking for retail therapy, a quick hop to Tampines Central should be able to provide you with a better shopping experience. The shops there sell pretty decent clothes, shoes and the like.

iP: Are there any special finds in the area?

KL: Well, there are little farms dispersed around Pasir Ris that could be considered a unique find. Otherwise no, there aren’t any special finds in the area. Pasir Ris a pretty basic estate.

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