Punggol: No longer Far-flung and Desolate?

There’s a common belief among Singaporeans that Punggol is inaccessible and located in an area that is too far from the CBD to matter. However, data from searches on iProperty have shown that Punggol’s popularity might be underestimated by the general public. In fact, District 19 was the top searched area on our website for the month of November in 2017.

Punggol Central

HDB Heaven

Punggol has always been that late younger brother of Sengkang when it comes to development, but both towns are home to families that are generally younger. This is largely in part to the huge number of BTO flats that have been built in the area, driving a large number of newly married applicants in its earlier years.

In fact, Punggol’s most recent projects have added around 1800 units to the neighbourhood. The Northshore Cove and Waterway Sunrise II projects are a mix of 2,3,4 & 5-room units that will come online in 2021.

In addition to that, a planned 2.71 hectare residential EC site is open for tender along Sumang Walk. There will be an estimated 815 units built on this 99-year lease plot.

Condominium Options Aplenty

The Punggol area is packed with condominiums, perfect for those in the rental market. A large number of these condominiums exist within the boundary that is created by Punggol’s LRT line.

A Treasure Trove. Picture: Sim Lian

For example, A Treasure Trove, a 882 unit condominium complex completed in 2015. It lies close to Punggol MRT, and within walking distance to Waterway Point.

Further east, nearer to Meridian LRT sits The River Isles. This 610 unit condominium is within walking distance to Punggol Serangoon Reservoir, and is conveniently located close to Meridian LRT.

There’s a lot in Punggol

When it comes to places to go, people often say that “there is nothing in Punggol”, but that could not be further from the truth. Punggol’s amenities do not lag behind the rest of the new towns.

In particular, Punggol’s waterfront area is packed with a surprising array of F&B options. For a start, Waterway Point sits right next to Punggol MRT, and faces the estate’s tranquil river.

Punggol Plaza

Head further east, and you’ll also find the very cool Punggol Container Bistro eateries, also established on the waterfront. To a smaller extent, they mirror Bangkok’s Artbox container concept, and it is a popular spot that is packed on the weekends.

Coney Island. Picture: NParks

Punggol is also home to Pulau Serangoon, more commonly known as Coney Island. The beautiful park space is frequented by runners, bikers and nature lovers, and is perfect for a late afternoon stroll.

Edge of Tranquility

Punggol is consistently overlooked due to the impression that it is far flung, but the information we’ve gathered so far points in the opposite direction. Far from being desolate, Punggol is developing into a youthful, energetic estate that is close to nature.

For those who like their living with a touch of tranquility, Punggol is the perfect place to set up a home!