Property investment and London EPL football clubs

What’s the link you say? Well, apparently property buyers have been snapping up properties near their favourite European Premier League (EPL) clubs. That’s how fervent the football craze can get. But all the more cheer for landlords, property owners and those looking to invest in and benefit from a juicy piece of property.

LondonFLatThough more evident in the outlying boroughs rather than central London where property prices are high all around, even in the prime Central London areas, prices of homes near EPL clubs have risen 1 per cent. Recent studies have found that home prices around 20 of the more popular EPL clubs have grown considerably within a year. Even if your football team does not win, the yields from rents and value appreciation would be a good consolation, would it not?

For example in Tottenham, home of the Tottenham Hotspur team, values of properties around the White Hart Lane stadium have risen 18.4 per cent within 12 months ending 31st of December 2015. In East London, where West Ham United is based, prices of homes in the borough have risen 13.2 per cent. And in Watford and in Croydon, prices were up 10.6 and 9.2 per cent respectively. In Manchester, property prices rose 9.2 per cent. Not a bad way to map out investment monies and perhaps less risky than making bets on your favourite team.


Though unlikely that property prices will fluctuate as much as the placement of the EPL teams on the leaderboard, it would be wise perhaps to keep an eye on how these numbers relate to one another. Who is the ultimate winner?