Phuket Inside Out

Known for its sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife to tourists, Phuket is fast becoming another property hotspot for property investors around the world. With an influx of tourists in the area, especially driven by the power of the Chinese Yuen, Phuket properties are now well regarded as a strong investment with high potential returns.

With a staggering range of property for sale in Phuket from the aftereffects of the nationwide property boom, developments in the idyllic island paradise can include anything from basic studio apartments to luxury villas with breathtaking beach views.


Phuket is generally warm all year round with the wettest season during the months of September to October. Tourists, however, love to visit this area during the cool monsoon season, from December through March, with cool breezy winds that keeps things comfortable.

With the economy driven up by a large influx of Mainland Chinese tourists who are attracted by the weather and the beautiful, scenic views of the city, investors all over the globe have come to recognize Phuket properties as one of their must-buy as part of their property investment portfolio.

There’s no better time to find out about Phuket than from Sansiri, one of Thailand’s largest and listed property developer. From finding out exactly which part of Phuket you should invest in for maximum rental yield and potential capital gain to the latest updates on upcoming infrastructure projects that point the best areas for you to focus your investment in, now’s the time to hear directly from the local experts and not just from what’s on the web.

Within 30 minutes, you will also find out about how to maximise rental income by adopting different leasing strategies and the transaction costs and taxes involved when you invest in Phuket properties as a foreigner. In addition, find out about one of the best kept gem in the dCondo Mine project, the fully furnished and designed freehold condominium priced from only SGD100,000.


In addition, special incentives that lie in wait for you at the special event include 50% developer financing, 7% p.a. rental guarantee and 14-day from Sansiri.

With limited seats available, do RSVP early and grab your ticket to the “Phuket Inside-Out in 30 Minutes” session happening this weekend 25-26 April 2015.

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