Parking made paperless with app 

Gone are the days of having to stock up on parking coupons and having your dashboard littered with tiny pieces of confetti. Gone are the days of having to rush to your vehicle because you were running out of time on your coupons.

Parking made paperless with app

With the new app launched just last week, parking in public lots have officially gone paperless. The app which is available for download from Oct 1 was developed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Housing Board and GovTech.

As part of the government’s push for Singapore to be a Smart Nation, the mobile app works on a pay-what-you-park concept. It will help drivers avoid summons and prevent overpaying. Charges are calculated by the minute and parking durations can be extended from the phone remotely. 10 minutes before the expiry of the parking session, the app will prompt the motorist to extend their parking session.


New app will help motorists save money

All the motorists have to do is:

  1. Key in their vehicle number
  2. Select the carpark
  3. Indicate intended parking duration

The app even allows for a refund should the parking session be terminated earlier than intended.

The new app will help motorists save on their parking fees. It also allows for a more accurate calculation of parking usage and promotes efficient space-utilization. Motorists will not need the app when using car parks with existing Electronic Parking System (EPS).

The paper parking coupons will be phased out gradually. But many will remember them fondly, or not. Regardless, it will become a retro icon of Singapore’s public service system.