Of Giant Caterpillars and Crazy People: Is Yishun Safe Enough?

Yishun seems to be the object of (sometimes morbid) fascination for Singaporeans. Yishun is home to the rare car chase, multiple murders, and even giant caterpillars. For a while, it was even home to the President and her many fans.

The place does sound like chaos in action, but is Yishun really safe? Let’s find out!

Skies Miltonia, Yishun. Picture: iProperty

The Myth and The Reality

According to Yishun.town, Yishun’s weirdest happenings occur within the boundaries of Yishun Ring Road. The site has even crowdsourced, compiled and pinned every odd occurrence within the geographical location. I mean, as a layperson, this does look like evidence for us to build a wall around the place.

However, that widely popular idea that Yishun exists in some kind of dangerous parallel reality has no basis in reality. The truth is, Yishun is indeed safer than many other locales in Singapore. Don’t believe me? Well, believe the data then.

Talking Point’s feature on Yishun shows how Yishun is just like any other heartland neighbourhood. In fact, crime statistics show that out of Singapore’s 28 estates, Yishun’s crime rate ranks 13th, behind neighbourhoods like Marine Parade and Changi.

In fact, the small area of Yishun town itself houses 4 police posts, and it’s neighbouring Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood houses a large Police Headquarters building. It couldn’t be safer!

Investing in Confidence

In a vote of confidence to this beleaguered neighbourhood, there have also been plenty of residential property developers investing in the neighbourhood.

North Park Residences, Yishun. Picture: Frasers Centrepoint

In the next 2 years, 4 Private Residential projects will be coming online, more immediately, the 216 unit Wisteria and 920 unit North Park Residences seeing completion. With units priced starting in the upper regions of the $4XX range, the residential projects are receiving heavy attention from first-timers who are upgrading from HDB apartments.

From news reports, sales have been brisk for both apartment buildings, so it is clear that the public is able to see past the skewed press coverage.

It seems like the government isn’t swayed by the negative news as well. HDB’s May release also saw BTO projects being sold in the neighbourhood under the Forest Spring @ Yishun project, which has approximately 750 units for sale. Most of the units have been selected, and demand has been high enough for the HDB to announce another set of BTO units to be launched in 2018 for Yishun.

Growing in Amenities as well

It isn’t just property developments that are coming up. Yishun is a proud home to the newest Hawker Centre in Singapore. The Yishun Park Hawker Centre, located along Avenue 11, is packed with local Hawkers, and some very cool concepts.

Besides some of the best traditional hawker food in Singapore, the modern hawker centre boasts affordable ramen noodles, chill out spots with Erdinger beers on tap, and even pinball machines!

Yishunites also have great health care options, with the recently completed Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and an upcoming Yishun Polyclinic to be located at the junction of Yishun Central and Avenue 9.

A Thriving Neighbourhood

The Estuary, Yishun. Picture: iProperty

The truth is that Yishun is just like every other heartland neighbourhood.The name is just marred by the media’s relentless coverage, as well as our very human tendencies that lead us into confirmation bias. While it definitely has its own set of quirks and rough edges, Yishun is definitely a bustling town that is set to get even busier as more people set up homes and lives in the area.