New HDB flats with flexible layouts

Some older HDB flats may have structural walls right down the middle of the hall. To the chagrin of flat owners who have a specific idea of what they would like their new home to look like. It also makes it a tad troublesome when it comes to reconfiguring the layout of the unit.

New HDB Flats to have flexible space for reconfiguration

But the build-to-order (BTO) flats in the upcoming Bidadari HDB estate may change all that. At Woodleigh Glen, all the 1,000 BTO flats will have structural beams and columns tucked to the edges so there is ample space for reconfiguration. Walls can be taken down to replaced to create unique spaces. Interior designers and flat owners will quite literally now have more space to play with open-concept and minimalist designs.

Previously the only BTO project to have this option was Skyville@Dawson. Unique to Woodleigh Glen is its design which won them an Innovative Design Award in the “to-build” category of the HDB’s annual HDB Design Awards. This project is entirely developed by HDB’s in-house team of planners, architects, and designers.

3D models of flats help visualize space

To help new flat owners plan their space more efficiently, HDB is also working towards providing 3-dimensional models of the flats. This would make for better spatial visualization. The flexible layout option will benefit growing or changing family units. Walls could be taken down to create a larger bedroom. Or erected to create a smaller nursery for a new baby. Young families and multigenerational ones may especially welcome this new design augmentation.