New HDB flats in Punggol will be “smarter”

While new HDB flats may not be getting larger, they will be getting smarter.

Starting with 1,400 flats in Punggol Northshore Residences.

Northshore Residences, HDB. Picture: HDB

1,400 Punggol Northshore Residences HDB flats to be smart-home equipped

These units will be equipped with the foundations on which a smart-home can be built with components such as smart power sockets and high-tech distribution boards.

Since 2016, trials were already conducted in 3,200 flats in Yuhua, thus this could be the next big step for the Housing Board (HDB) in terms of keeping up with the times.

The Punggol Northshore Residences is HDB’s first smart-enabled town. In 6 years’ time, Tengah will also join its ranks.

With these smart-home fundamentals in place, residents will be able to control multiple appliances connected to a power source through a mobile application.

HDB has said that they are hoping to provide residents with the option of living in a smart home without having to fork out a few hundred dollars to install their own smart power plugs or smart gateways.

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HDB aims to move towards liveability and sustainability

HDB’s first smart-home-ready public housing estate will be ready for occupation next year. To help residents monitor the energy consumption of each electrical appliance, Punggol Northshore Residences will also be fitted with high-tech distribution boards.

All these initiatives and technological developments are part of HDB’s efforts towards creating an “urban kampung“.

In the common spaces in the blocks, for example, smart fans can automatically be activated when the temperature rises, with the speed being regulated based on human traffic. Smart lighting would also mean luminosity can be adjusted according to human traffic.

Solar panel systems will also help harness energy and sensors will monitor the effectiveness of the panels as well as predict when they are due for cleaning and maintenance.

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