New city in the Philippines investment-worthy?

A new city is rising in the Philippines. A “smart, green, disaster-resilient” city, it answers to President Rodrigo Duterte’s 8 trillion pesos (S$204 billion) “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure programme.

The Philippines

New Clark City to be bigger than Manhattan

The planning and building is expected to take about 3o to 40 years. But when it is done, the 9,450-hectare New Clark City will be bigger than Manhattan with a population of 2 million.

It will be a new metropolis in the Clark Special economic zone featuring mixed-use residential properties, an agro-industrial park and an international food market. The city will also house national government agencies.

Singapore’s part to play in this new development comes from Surbana Jurong. They have signed an agreement with the Philippines’ Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport and Urban Development (Join) to develop this massive project.

Smart City concept to integrate infrastructure and utilities

The development potential for this new city is tremendous as it aims to create jobs and create a sustainable economic and social environment.

Accessibility to the area is currently limited, but the Manila-Clark Railway (PNR North Railway) project will change all that, cutting down travel time between these 2 cities to an hour from the current 2 – 3 hours. The railway is expected to reach completion in 2021 and the first phase of the New Clark City in 2022.