Letting Light In

Getting a bright, light-filled home was the number one priority for the new owners of this resale flat. Designer Kalyn Guo from Home Journal spent two months renovating the home to achieve the look they wanted. “We hacked down a lot of walls to create more space and to make sure that light from the windows can reach different corners of the home.”
Project Type
4-room HDB
Floor Area
1,200 sqft
Text by: Redzman Rahmat
Out In The Open
Kalyn and her team tore down the walls of one of the spare bedrooms and integrated it into the living room space. This instantly created a larger living area that also incorporates a sofa from Cuscino, a study table and a bookshelf. In designing the home, Kalyn also considered the homeowner’s future plans. “We left a low wall around the room in case the owners plan to have children in the future. When that happens, we can easily install foldable windows and doors to cordon off the space.”
Dining View
Like most of the other rooms, the dining hall benefits greatly from having the walls removed. As a textured backdrop to the dining space, a wall made from strips of solid wood was hand-crafted. The pieces of wood are arranged in an asymmetrical, staggered pattern, leaving little niches that can be used as display shelves. A full-height chalkboard panel stands in the centre of this feature wall, and actually hides the entrance to another storeroom.
Double Bed
Two rooms have been combined to create the enviable master bedroom, complete with a spacious walk-in closet. In this space Kalyn used wood and black steel trimmings to recreate a modern loft style, then complemented the look with warm drop lamps that hang dramatically from ceiling to bedside table. In the chance that more privacy is needed, Kalyn installed foldable doors that can separate the bed from the wardrobe.
Mood for Books
The homeowners stressed the importance of having ample storage in their new home, and Kalyn went out of her way to comply. In the study room, she built a large bookshelf against the wall. This doubles as a focal point in the shared living and study area. Additionally, Kalyn also hid a compact storeroom behind this wall.
Off The Wall
With the kitchen entrance wall removed, light from the living room window brightens up the newly created open concept space. An island counter was another homeowner request, and Kalyn easily incorporated it into the design. As an additional design element, Kalyn created a “slanted feature wall” out of craftstone and cement. “We didn’t want a common craftstone wall,” she explains, “so we came up with this design that has a textured, faux worn look to it.”
Design by Home Journal