Launch of LifeUp at 6 Derbyshire

(L-R) Michael Tan, Andrew Tan and Wang Lian at the launch of LifeUp at 6 Derbyshire, making it Southeast Asia’s first ever smart condominium
SINGAPORE, 23 February 2017 – Fantasia Investment Singapore launched LifeUp at 6 Derbyshire, making it Singapore and Southeast Asia’s first ever smart condominium, bringing a positive and disruptive change to how people and communities will live and interact. 
LifeUp @ 6 Derbyshire is the result of a strategic partnership between Fantasia Investment and Smart Gateway which has been in the making for two years. The application uses enhanced, disruptive technology that boast a comprehensive suite of features that connects the whole ecosystem, which includes the residents, Managing Agent (MA) and the accounting system.
Andrew Tan, Director of Business Development and Sales, Smart Gateway said: “While the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and smart home living are not new in Singapore, what differentiates the LifeUp application is that we are the first to offer a wide-ranging solution that integrates smart homes, smart communities and a smart payment system. The app is aimed at making lives more convenient, which is why 100 per cent of its features are dedicated to serving residents’ basic needs.” 
Booking facilities 24/7 
No more walking to the management office to check the availability of the BBQ pits or function space for your party. You can book any facilities online 24/7.
Interact with facility managers
With just a simple tap on the phone, you are able to report any maintenance issue or even report noise nuisance or visitors parking at residence lot. 
SG Wallet feature 
Convenient and friendly application that saves you time when paying for your maintenance fees or facilities bookings. 
“What’s also new is our very unique SG Wallet feature, which is a mobile payment solution for users to top up their virtual wallet from major banks to pay their maintenance fees and other facilities. SG Wallet is full-fledged and trademarked, and offers top-up, transfer, and payment functions. Best of all, it is free of charge for residents and has the capacity to serve the entire residential market.” said Andrew Tan, Director of Business Development and Sales, Smart Gateway Pte Ltd. 
Car plate recognition feature
The Car plate recognition camera welcomes you into the condo and help you to locate where you last park.
Inviting guests over for a party at home?  Register guests using the car plate recognition feature for easy entry into the condominium. You can even track if they have entered the condo in at home while you are preparing for your party. 
Facial recognition feature 
Enjoy the ease of entry via Facial Recognition throughout the entire condominium, from entering the condo to unlocking the doors of the facilities. 
Entry and invite via one time acoustic invite. Save the hassle of walking to the gate to fetch your guests. Every unit will have its unique acoustic invite for your guest to enter the condominium. 
The smartest, prime freehold condo available on the market
6 Derbyshire is a District 11 prime freehold development with an estimated vacant possession date in March, with more than 40% of the 168 units sold to date. Andrew Tan, Director of Business Development and Sales, Smart Gateway Pte Ltd, when interviewed, highlighted that the 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units were sold to a majority of local buyers who were looking for sizeable condo conveniently located for own stay. 
In the same district and sharing the Singapore’s main shopping belt and Novena medical hub, buyers are comparing 6 Derbyshire with 26 Newton and Suites @ Newton. Here are some findings to speed up your decision-making process. 
The estimated price per square feet only differs slightly when you compare the three freehold developments, Suites @ Newton, 26 Newton and 6 Derbyshire; $1,919 psf,  $2,200 psf and $2,300 psf respectively. However, with the incorporation of the smart technology that adds a world of convenience to you and your family, 6 Derbyshire just edges it for us, especially with the recent boom in home smart automation interest that will surely add that ‘wow’ factor whenever you have guests over.

About Fantasia Investment (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Established in Singapore in 2012, Fantasia Investment (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Limited. It has grown to become a reputable property developer and managing agent (MA) company in Southeast Asia with 200 employees in its Singapore regional hub. 6 Derbyshire, its first development, which received its TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) in 2016, is the first smart condominium in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Fantasia Investment currently manages nearly 150 condominiums in Singapore. With the disruptive launch of [email protected] rbyshire, Fantasia Investment (Singapore) Pte Ltd is poised to become a game changer in the MA industry in Singapore.
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About Smart Gateway
Established in 2015 in Singapore, Smart Gateway Pte Ltd is a leader in providing innovative solutions of smart home and smart community for the residential and commercial markets, based on its branded (“SMAVO”) product portfolio of IoT devices and its proprietary LifeUp mobile App platform. Smart Gateway pioneered the smart living transformation by delivering Singapore’s first smart condominium at 6 Derbyshire. The LifeUp platform was integrated into the “Smart City in a Box”, unveiled at the World City Summit 2016, to extend smart living and community services at city level. Pushing the versatility of the LifeUp platform, Smart Gateway participated in a URA-NTU research project to conceptualize age-friendly neighborhoods in Singapore. Smart Gateway strives to innovate on cutting edge technology solutions and new business models, leveraging its LifeUp platform to enhance people’s quality of life by delivering value-added services to their fingertips.
About LifeUp
LifeUp is an integrated digital platform that achieves lifestyle transformation by bringing benefits of convenience, efficiency, better services quality, and various savings to residents and management offices. Users can book facilities via the LifeUp App and pay deposits and fees through the embedded digital payment gateway (trademarked “SG Wallet”). Users are also able to report facility breakdown and repairs with the APP and rate the service quality online. The APP integrates smart home and smart community features. Users can turn their dream home into a smart living environment at their fingertips, and enjoy a streamlined and elegant living experience in your community.